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461 The Demon King Walks Among Us!

 In Erangel, the river started from the reservoir in Yasyana Polyana. The stream would flow pass Rozhok, Water Town, and Ruins. It would eventually flow to Downtown and Uptown before it connected with the sea.

The river was always busy but it had never acted up once. It would just keep on flowing smoothly.

However, the river was acting up as it seemed unstable because it had encountered two naughty boats.

\"Da da da!\"

Intense gunshots reverberated the entire river as the two speedboats left two streaks of white lines on the surface of the river.

\"Ding ding clank clank ding clank!\"

Sparks could be seen everywhere on Liu Zilang's speedboat. The sound of metal resonating could be heard and it made everyone rather nervous.

Since he was in the boat and the surface of the water was unstable, the enemies were having a hard time aiming properly.

Furthermore, the two parties were moving in the river as well.

Although the firepower from three weapons was intimidating, they were unable to take down Liu Zilang who was moving like a snake.

Since the enemy was at full speed and Liu Zilang had wasted some time to accelerate the boat, their distance was getting closer and closer!

It was not hard to imagine that by the time the enemies had used up a whole magazine of ammo, the boat would be on the verge of exploding even if they had not taken Liu Zilang down...

\"This fight... All I can say is that BDG came at the perfect time. Looks like it isn't going to end well for Vic.\"

\"Indeed. Although there are more than half the players left, it's currently the massacre phase. I really believe that Vic had the chance of pulling up 4AM's ranking a little bit further. It's really unfortunate...\"

\"It can't be helped. Now that I think about it, Vic hasn't been that lucky in this match. You can't blame society for being ugly yourself.\"

Although Liu Zilang had taken two shots on the back and heard that his enemies had stopped firing at him, he did not let down his guard.

Instead, he heightened his senses to a new level.

That was because he understood very well that he might be dead after the battle.

As he drove his boat, he noticed the boat and the beach in Downtown behind him from the corner of his vision.

Then, an idea flashed across his mind.

Liu Zilang gritted his teeth and decided on the spot!

'It's time to go all out!'

He took the opportunity to turn around his speedboat, drifting the boat's tail while his enemies were reloading their weapons!

The speedboat turned around and went straight toward BDG's speedboat without any restriction!

The engine's power was at its maximum and this had startled all four BDG players who were chasing after him from behind!

'What's going on... Has he given up?'

Just as they were thinking of the possibilities, the two boats crashed into each other!


The sound of metal grinding against each other could be heard.

The engines roared as the two speedboats kept ramming into each other until the hull of the boats started slanting uncontrollably!

Just as the three BDG players had finished reloading their weapons and were about to open fire, they were shocked to realize that there was a giant \"shield\" in front of them.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the keel of Liu Zilang's boat had surfaced due to the crash...

\"Attack the boat! Blast him to death!\" BDG's boat driver, Kendesu said furiously.

The three who had finished reloading raised their weapons and fired at Liu Zilang's boat!

\"Ding ding ding ding!\"

The keel of the boat kept sounding without a stop!

Sparksflew everywhere and the entire scene looked like a Hollywood film.

However, the four BDG members were prepared to abandon ship at any given moment. After all, they were quite close to each other. It would be bad if the enemy's boat killed them as well.

\"Contestant Vic has done something totally unexpected! He was daring enough to crash head-on into the enemy's speedboat. I must say that this is the best choice he had in that situation.\"

\"However, Vic is still in grave danger! His boat's endurance is almost depleted. Do you think he has a chance to turn things around?\"

The viewers in the stadium were getting nervous as they listened to the casters.

At the front seat in the stadium.

Zhang Xiaotong raised her tiny head up in her seat as she did not know where to place her hands.

No one knew when it began, but cold beads of sweat had been forming on her tiny nose.

It was not only Zhang Xiaotong who felt that way. The calm and elegant Wang Qianqian who was sitting beside her had her heart racing the entire time as well.

The vibe was extremely intense but that did not affect Liu Zilang at all.

His eyes were glued onto his screen as his left hand was on his keyboard, controlling the boat's direction. Subsequently, he held onto the shift key tightly to increase its speed!

Although GodV, Aluka, and Cpt did not understand why Liu Zilang was still trying so hard, they were surprisingly silent as they had faith in their teammate.

However, they stared at the screen anxiously together with Liu Zilang.

As guns rattled intensely, the two boats had shifted toward the beach due to the interaction between the two boats.

Liu Zilang's boat was on the outside whereas the enemy's speedboat was on the inside.

If it kept on, BDG's boat would be forced ashore.

All four BDG members understood that very well but they were not worried at all.

That was because they could hop out of the boat and open fire the instant they landed.

Then, Liu Zilang's speedboat started smoking...

The crowd gasped shockingly!

In the big screen behind the stage.

The instant BDG's boat was pushed to the land sideways, the four players did not manage to jump out of the boat in time as the boat toppled from the side. It toppled over and ultimately covered all four BDG players as it trapped them underneath it.

The viewers in the live stream fell into silence the instant they saw such an uncommon scene.

The four BDG players were in a panic as they did not know what to do!

Liu Zilang jumped down from the boat and ran toward them slowly as he recalled a certain poem in his head.

'Ultimately, the boat has turned into a tomb.

'You're in it while I'm on the other side.'

He looked at the four players that were trapped underneath the boat. Instead of taking out a Frag Grenade, he took out his M16.

'So I heard you like firing at boats, right?

'What a coincidence!

'Me too!'

He then depleted a whole magazine at the toppled boat before taking a few steps back. He then reloaded his weapon and started firing again.

Soon, black smoke started oozing out from the speedboat and a small flame ignited.

'Have you, ever experienced despair?'

All four BDG players trapped underneath the speedboat then experienced what true despair was...

There was an explosion after that!

The small flames on the boat expanded suddenly as a scorching hot shockwave spread out!

A chain of Kill Notifications appeared on the screen.

As the speedboat was in flames and black smoke, the caster pointed at Liu Zilang's face.

On the big screen, Liu Zilang's face could be clearly seen and the edge of his lips curled up.

He was the Demon King that walked among humans!