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460 How Can We Lose A Four Against One?

 The blue radiation behind him was just around the corner, it gave off a strange fluctuating luster.

Everyone was worried about Liu Zilang as he was stuck in Uptown.

However, when the two shots were fired, the crowd in the stadium opened their jaws in shock as they could not believe what they saw.

The tournament was being shown on the big screen.

A sniper bullet pierced through the sky and shattered the Level Two Military Helmet on Misaka Mikoto's head.

Meanwhile, Misaka Mikoto's shot toward Liu Zilang had flown over his head the instant he crouched down.

The three casters in the venue were completely startled when the camera passed by the two players.

\"Oh my god! What was that? Wasn't Vic aiming at Molis?\"

\"It's the shoulder aim. It's the shoulder aim earlier! I see it now... Vic had no intention of attacking Molis at all. He was just giving SST the illusion that he was!\"

\"Gasp! That act... He really is an experienced actor from the theatre!\"

\"Indeed. His vision is much wider when he aims with his shoulder. What Vic was waiting for was Menhera-chan's ambush.\"

\"Looks like our Menhera-chan is still too inexperienced when she's up against Vic.\"

\"What's noteworthy is that Vic's stunt was simply perfect. I don't think many would dare do that.\"

One must realize that Liu Zilang had revealed his entire body to Misaka Mikoto.

It was the equivalent to giving the enemy an opening at the side.

While SST was using their teammate as a bait, Liu Zilang was using himself as bait!

The risk it carried and his mountainous confidence was simply breathtaking!

However, the battle had yet to end.

On the other side of the short enclosure wall, Molis revealed himself and supported Misaka Mikoto when he realized that she had been ambushed!

\"Boom boom boom!\"

The soft sound of a suppressed SKS came from behind the wall as 7.62mm bullets flew toward Liu Zilang one after the other!

Liu Zilang who had fully replenished his boost did not continue to crouch down. Instead, he pulled his gun's bolt and immediately headed toward the river.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Bullets whizzed past his body.

One landed on his knee and blood was drawn.

Liu ZIlang raised his eyebrow.

There was a click as he placed a sniper bullet into his gun's barrel.

He then stopped running and turned to the side!

His 98K's muzzle was pulled out and put away in an instant!

While the camera expanded out, there was a loud bang!

Liu Zilang had put away his weapon and continued running along the river bank by then.

Meanwhile, blood erupted from behind the wall enclosure and a Kill Notification appeared on the screen.

The viewers in the live stream and venue were completely flabbergasted when they saw Liu Zilang's most casual instant snipe!

\"What just happened? Why do I feel like I saw nothing.\"

\"The legendary human implant hack truly lives up to his name! He was already aimed at his head when he scoped in. That pre-aim was incredible!\"

\"His hand speed is incredibly quick as well! If I had that kind of hand speed, I'd be willing to be single for twenty years!\"

\"2333, you speak as if you're not single at all...\"

\"Emmm, I'm fine. My heart is made of steel!\"

Behind the enclosure wall in Uptown.

Two SST members had been knocked out in an instant.

Wesker had just finished consuming a first aid kit and he had to immediately run toward Molis and pull him up for the second time.

Misaka Mikoto was shocked too as she kneeled on the ground!

She stared at her screen as she kept replaying the scene in her mind...

Misaka Mikoto wrinkled her nose and her eyes teared up as she muttered with her crying voice, \"Shifu! You lied to me!\"


Liu Zilang looked at the speedboat in front of him by the riverbank and the edge of his lips curled up.

The reason he had moved the battle to the riverbank was not because of SST.

The main reason he was there was that he had realized that there were other squads entering the Safe Zone. They would probably not ignore him if they occupied a better spot.

Hence, Liu Zilang had no choice but to take a head start.

If he did not start running, one buggy would not be enough to cover him if he were to be ambushed by two squads.

Ms-Joy was skeptical on the commentary platform. \"What's Vic doing? Is he trying to enter the Safe Zone from the river?\"

\"Hmm... That doesn't seem right! I think there's a speedboat at the river!\" Sy guessed. \"Perhaps Vic is going to enter the Safe Zone with the speedboat?\"

\"That's possible.\" Su Changming nodded. Then, he shouted in shock, \"Huh? There's another boat behind him! Oh! It's the Japanese squad BDG!\"

In the game, the sound of the speedboat's engine revved the instant Liu Zilang jumped into the speedboat.

He turned his head around and realized that there was another speedboat chasing after him from behind at the same speed.

The only difference was that there were four players in that speedboat.

Liu Zilang's eyes twitched as he realized this.

He had just gotten out from a wolf's den and had entered a tiger's den!

It was too late for him to abandon ship again.

Since the enemy had spotted him, he would most likely turn into fish food before he could swim to shore after abandoning his ship.

Liu Zilang gritted his teeth and held down onto the shift key to increase the speedboat's speed!

The four BDG players in the speedboat were shocked when they spotted Liu Zilang.

They started out from Rozhok in that match, and they were fortunate since no one had landed there with them. Hence, they were able to develop steadily early in the game.

After they had finished scouring the area, they kept moving toward the Safe Zone as it spawned. Squad BDG was ambitious to get a ranking in that match so they had used an \"amphibious\" strategy. In other words, they would move toward the Safe Zone from the river. They would then attack anyone they encountered and jump into the river if they were overpowered.

Evidently, they had not encountered anything too troublesome thus far.

The only problem they were facing was that the Safe Zone was getting further and further away...

BDG did not care about their safety when the third Safe Zone spawned at the estuary.

They had been moving along the river the entire time and jumped into the boat the instant they spotted one.

The river was peaceful thus far during their journey.

However, they did not dare let down their guard.

They had finally encountered their first enemy when they arrived at the outskirts of Downtown.

'Wait a minute.'

'It seems that there's only one person inside that boat!'

\"It's a lone wolf!\"

The squad's sniper, Rapiacta said excitedly.

\"Hehehe...\" Kendesu and the other two let out a strange laugh in the boat.

Japan's FPS skill had always been slightly below average in Asia. Squad BDG seemed to be interested in getting in the ranks and killing the others in the tournament.

Evidently, it was impossible for them to achieve both with their strength at that time.

However, it was different since they had encountered a lone wolf such as Liu Zilang.

'It's a four against one, how's it possible for them to lose? Huh?'

That was the reason they were so excited when they encountered Liu Zilang.

If they were to find out that he was the man who had eliminated their entire squad by killing three of them in the fishing village in Sosnovka Island. Furthermore, he had killed their very last hope by flattening their tires, effectively killing their last surviving member in the previous match, it would not be as simple as just being excited...