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459 Mutual Deception And The Shoulder-Aiming Rambo?

 He had taken out one of their sources of firepower.

Liu Zilang was not that brave that he would continue to attack his opponent with the very little health he had left. He would die if he were to take a bullet the instant he stood up.

However, no one could guarantee that they were the only squad hiding in Downtown.

Liu Zilang was consuming a med kit as he laid prone on the ground. He had to heal himself first no matter what before doing anything else.

'Wait a minute... Is that SST?'

As Liu Zilang was halfway through healing himself, he was stunned as he recalled the Kill Notification...

It looked like his idiotic disciple's squad, right?

Liu Zilang was suddenly frustrated as he pondered...

\"Oh my God! Vic's attack was too quick! SST didn't have the time to react before one of them was taken out!\"

\"Vic's sniping speed is off the charts! He isn't just quick in sniping, he made those small gestures when he opened fire and he was still incredibly quick!\"

\"Ah, this reminds me of Vic and master Ze's snipe off on the hill during Douyu's PUBG Golden Legends. Master Ze was holding him off normally but Vic showed off his prone jump before pulling the trigger. It looked like he was performing a freestyle for everyone to see.\"

\"Hehe. That kid sure loves such fancy details. However, Zeyan's style isn't firm but sort of indifferent.\"

\"I understand now. It must be that watching-you-quietly kind of cool right?\"

\"Uhh... Now that you mention it, it seems to be that way...\"

\"Hehe. What should we make out of this? We can see that the battle is surprisingly intense since Menhera-chan has realized that her opponent his Vic!\"

In the game, Liu Zilang consumed an energy drink after he had finished using the med kit.

A head would occasionally pop out from the short enclosure wall for a while before it dug down again. It looked like it was an extremely cautious mole rat from afar.

Liu Zilang's eyes twitched as he watched.

He did not need to think further as that player was more or less Misaka Mikoto.

He sighed as he pondered on.

'Oh well. I guess it's time for shifu to teach you a lesson... Ahem, I mean to give you a lesson.'

Liu Zilang then took out the 98K from behind his back.

He stood up and scoped in!

A sniper bullet exploded out from its muzzle as it whizzed through the battlefield at supersonic speed.

Blood could be seen erupting behind the short enclosure wall as the player behind it was shot in the head by Liu Zilang the instant he stood up!

\"4AM-Vic knocked out SST-Wesker by headshot with Kar98K!\"


Liu Zilang was startled when he saw the Kill Notification!

Then, all he heard was a whistle.

His head sunk as if he had a concussion. His vision started shaking badly!

'What the f*ck!'

Liu ZIlang laid prone on the ground out of habit.

He was shocked when he saw his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet's endurance drop by nearly half and his health plunge down!

'What the h*ll?'

He pondered for a moment before realizing what had happened.

It seemed like the enemy had revealed himself as bait. The real killer had been hiding behind the wall.

Liu Zilang had unconsciously assumed that the enemy was Misaka Mikoto when he saw the head at the other end popping out stupidly.

He had let down of his guard because of that.

He did not expect the enemy to exploit that fact and ambush him.

If it was not for his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet and him using his med kit to fully restore his health, he might have perished right there and then.


Behind the short enclosure wall in Downtown.

\"Beautifully done Menhera-chan!\" Molis could not help but clench his fist as he healed himself.

Since the two exchanged hands twice, how could they not know what kind of a legend they were facing!

The two were originally planning to retreat but they did not expect Misaka Mikoto to welcome the hardship open-heartedly.

Furthermore, Misaka Mikoto's strategy seemed to have had a good result as she had almost killed the demon king!

The two SST members were extremely excited!

'People make mistakes and demons are no better...'

They were incredibly hopeful of the entire ordeal!

Misaka Mikoto was blushing as she said excitedly, \"Quickly! Pull him up!\"

She carefully peeked behind the wall at the buggy on the plain field as she clenched her fist.


'I've done it!'

Behind the buggy, Liu Zilang who no longer had a med kit could only heal himself by consuming a first aid kit and chugging down a bottle of painkillers made in the year 1982.

The blue circle behind him was fast approaching and he was still outside the Safe Zone.

He did not have much time left.

The viewers in the live stream and stadium started discussing among themselves when they saw that scene.

\"Holysh*t. Is Vic really going to be oppressed by SST here?\"

\"Hahaha. The boat is finally sinking down in the sewer. Why do I feel slightly excited when I think about it!\"

\"Hehe. I think that's because he's been too playful for the past two games. It's time to face the axe.\"

\"Speaking of which, Menhera-chan's shot was incredibly accurate! Looks like she can start teaching as a master now.\"

\"2333. Does their faction require them to kill their master when they graduate?\"


In the game, Liu Zilang crawled to the back after he had healed himself. He then started firing at the buggy in front of him with his M16 until it exploded.

That was because the buggy would not be able to last any longer. If he did not destroy it himself, it would most likely be exploited by the enemy to forc him to make a move.

The three SST members were disappointed when they saw Liu Zilang destroy the buggy.

They did have the intention to focus their fire on the buggy in hopes of blasting Liu Zilang to death...

Soon, a shiny naked head popped up from the short enclosure wall. It then kept going up and down as if that person was started exercising.

Liu Zilang looked extremely irritated when he saw this.

\"Hehe. Looks like SST has tasted victory and is planning to reenact the scene.\"

\"I think this is nothing to be amazed of but it simply works. After all, who could resist themselves when there's a naked head moving about freely in front of them?\"

\"Vic is playing passive right now. The blue circle is fast approaching and he has to break through this!\"

\"Indeed. Menhera-chan has made her preparations. Vic's health is not fully restored and he'll be killed in one shot even if he has a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet when he reveals himself!\"

As the three casters spoke on the commentary platform, the camera showed Liu Zilang and his hardships.

Then, Liu Zilang suddenly stood up behind the buggy.

Has he really caved in?

The viewers in the live stream and stadium watched the tournament nervously.

Soon, the crowd looked rather confused.

The camera showed Liu Zilang's perspective and the latter did not even scope in when took aim at the naked head. He shot at it while aiming with his shoulder!

'What the h*ll?'

'Is he pulling a shoulder-aim rambo at this time?'

'He's not going easy on them, right?'

As the crowd was guessing what his intention was, they watched Liu Zilang fire freely as he aimed with his shoulder.

A player then appeared on the left side of the short enclosure wall!

In the blink of an eye, he crouched down, turned around and then scoped in with his 98K which was equipped with an 8x Scope!

The entire process was done in one go without any delay in between.



Two clear gunshots reverberated in the audience's ears as they watched!