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458 That Vehicle Won’t Block My Sight!

 It was not just the sniper rifle that had taken aim!

It was not just Misaka Mikoto who was aiming, the other two SST members had taken our their SKS and assault rifle respectively. They had scoped in and aimed at the buggy as well.

There was a loud bang!

It sounded like a signal as the other two SST members started going all out at Liu Zilang!

\"Pew pew pew!\"

In the blink of an eye, bullets rained heavily on Liu Zilang!

\"Oh no! Vic's going to die!\"

\"Yes. I mentioned it earlier that driving the buggy is simply too risky. He isn't able to stop his vehicle the instant he's attacked on the road.\"

Meanwhile in the game.

Liu Zilang reacted almost instantaneously the instant he heard the shot from the 98K.

Unfortunately, the speed of the bullet far surpassed the speed of sound at such a distance.

Blood erupted from Liu Zilang's chest the moment he heard the gunshot and his health dropped slightly.


'Luckily, it wasn't a headshot.'

Liu Zilang let out a long sigh of relief!

Then, he heard clanks everywhere as the buggy's metal frames ignited with sparks.


Blood erupted once again from Liu Zilang's collarbone and his health plunged further down into the red.

The viewers in the stadium could not hold in their gasps as they watched such a nerve-wracking scene!

However, Liu Zilang did not seem nervous at all.

\"Attacking me?\"

He raised his eyebrow and immediately stepped on the brakes!

However, if he were to stop his vehicle in such a situation, he would require a long time to crawl in between the front and back tires of it like what he did previously.

Furthermore, it would be impossible for the buggy to stop immediately the instant he jumped out of it. This meant that he would require more time as he needed to run toward the vehicle.

In such a critical situation where every second mattered, the duration was long enough to determine his fate...

While everyone thought that Misaka Mikoto, the disciple was about to kill her master, Liu Zilang, Liu Zilang immediately switched his seating position to the buggy's backseat.

Since it no longer had a driver, the buggy's speed started declining. It looked even more apparent compared to using the handbrake.

This could only be done with the best physics engine!

However, that was not the point.

The point was that Liu Zilang did not keep sitting behind the backseat as he instantly jumped off the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the buggy had come to a stop as well.

Liu Zilang moved forward and went prone on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, he had perfectly merged himself together with the buggy from behind!

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Bullets flew past his head while some landed on the buggy.

Without a proper line of sight, they would not be able to threaten Liu Zilang who was hiding behind the buggy no matter how they tried.

\"Using a buggy as cover?\"

Ms-Joy was at a loss for words on the commentatory platform!

Su Changming and Sy who were at the side and all the viewers in the stadium did not look any better than him as well.

Anyone who had played PUBG had driven the buggy before. However, none of them would have used the buggy as cover when they were under attack while they were driving it.

When players were shot twice while driving a buggy, most of them would panic while adjusting their angle when they got down from the vehicle. At most, they would franctically try to cover themselves behind the short, tiny buggy...

However, most of them would be shot at the collarbone or legs and died before they were able to hide properly...

A stunt similar to Liu Zilang hiding behind the vehicle the instant he got out of it was so rare that the viewers in the live stream and stadium had only seen it a few times.

\"Tsk tsk! Vic has really done something interesting with the buggy!\"

\"Indeed, but SST seems to have realized this as well. They've switched their target to the car and are attempting to take both of them out at the same time!\"

As the battle progressed, the audience in the stadium started sweating cold sweat as they were worried for Liu Zilang who was prone behind the vehicle.

Although many viewers were excited to see Misaka Mikoto kill her master earlier, what was happening right before their eyes was a three against one.

Since Liu Zilang had unconsciously done something that was noteworthy to countless people, most of the audience members had their hope placed on Liu Zilang.

Naturally, if Misaka Mikoto and Liu Zilang were to engage in a 1 vs 1, Liu Zilang would not be able to preserve half of his supporting votes...

However, it was only natural that Liu Zilang who was in the game did not know of the crowd's supports toward him.

'Ding ding clank clank ding ding!'

Liu Zilang raised his eyebrow as he healed himself while listening to the sound of the buggy in front of him!

He looked over the vehicle from behind and swiftly found the source of the attack!

Liu Zilang had decided on the spot in an instant!

He stood up, scoped in and opened fire!

The audience in the stadium did not have the time to see clearly if he had taken aim as Liu Zilang scoped out and laid prone on the ground once more.

His actions were extremely quick!

Behind the wall in Downtown.

When the three players from SST saw Liu Zilang hiding behind the vehicle like a turtle, they had guessed that he was healing himself.

However, they did not expect Liu Zilang to interrupt his healing, stand up and then attack them when they had switched to attacking his buggy.


When Molis who was firing happily with his M4 heard the gunshot, his vision jolted intensely as he revealed his naked head before he fell to the ground uncontrollably.

This head shocked Wesker and Misaka Mikoto who were beside him!

'What just happened?'

Liu Zilang's actions were so quick that they only saw him appear behind the vehicle for an instant before he vanished again. He did all of this while they were firing at him happily.

If they had not been paying attention, they might have thought that it was all an illusion.

However, their fallen teammate beside them was a sign that it was not an illusion...

'It's an expert!'

Misaka Mikoto wrinkled her tiny nose as she wanted to revive her teammate.

However, she finally realized who she was facing when she saw the Kill Notification on the top right of her screen before she went toward her teammate!

'4AM... Vic?'

'It's Shifu!'

Misaka's eyes shone brightly as her entire body trembled!


'It's really Shifu!'

She regained her focus and said calmly, \"Kondo-kun! Ono-kun shall be in your care!\"


When the squad heard their \"lucky charm\" spew out something unfathomable, Wesker was stunned as he occasionally fired a shot at the buggy from behind the wall!

Molis who was laying at the side was beyond anxious when he saw Misaka Mikoto stop reviving him halfway through while saving him...