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457 The Disciple Kills The Master And Takes Over His Seat?

 Since the car was slow having accelerated from a stationary position, the enemy did not fly away even though Liu Zilang had run over him.

However, the guy was stuck above the buggy as it continued to head toward the man behind him like a bulldozer.

Sikill who was at the back pulled out his weapon and aimed at Liu Zilang who was in the buggy.

The instant Sikill opened fire, he realized that he was forcefully aiming at his teammate Arc!

'To hit or not to hit?'

'That's the question.'

However, Sikill soon realized a problem that was more serious. Liu Zilang was rushing toward him with a meat shield!

'What the f*ck!'

Sikill scolded within himself with Mandarin he had learned in recently Jianghai before he jumped to the side so that he could counterattack from another angle.

Liu Zilang curled up his lips slightly as he immediately turned around and made a sharp drift.

Due to the sudden change in directions, Arc was thrown toward Sikill from the top of the buggy.

Sikill was about to feel proud of his quick thinking the instant he jumped to the side.

However, Sikill was shocked when he turned around to see that his teammate had once again blocked his line of sight!

'What a traitor!

'You've become a traitor!

'We can't continue play if this keeps on.'

\"Vroom vroom vroom!\"

On the road, Liu Zilang drifted the vehicle horizontally while its engine roared. He was headed toward Sikill once more!

While Sikill was deciding if he should sacrifice his teammate for the greater good, his eyes widened when he saw the buggy heading toward him again.


The sound of the body hitting the vehicle was soft, and a smooth sensation slid across Liu Zilang's body.

Sikill widened his eyes as he was blasted away like a kite with a broken thread.

The two rolled on the ground a few times before turning into crates...

\"4AM-Vic ran over TD-Arc with vehicle!\"

\"4AM-Vic ran over TD-Sikill with vehicle!\"

The viewers in the live stream and stadium were shocked after watching such a shocking play!

They had cracked their skulls and pulled all their hairs off their heads before it happened.

They had never imagined that Liu Zilang would use such a direct and violent matter to run over the players with a buggy...

The stadium fell into an eerie silence in an instant.

On the commentary platform, Su Changming clenched his fist as he let out a dry cough. \"Ahem... About this fight... All I can say is that squad TD was too careless. Hmm... Perhaps it would have been better for them to run with weapons in their hands.\"

\"I think it doesn't have to do with them holding their weapons.\" Ms-Joy shook his head as he rubbed his chin. \"Vic wouldn't have driven the bumper car if they had their weapons in their hands. He would've stood up and opened fire while they were coming over. I'm sure the two players from Squad TD would've met the same fate in that situation as well.\"

\"I understand your point.\"

Sy snapped his fingers and smiled. \"This assault doesn't really have much to do with Squad TD's decision because Vic is simply too cunning. I've played the game for quite some time but I've never heard of baiting players with a buggy.\"

The viewers in the stadium seemed to have understood what Sy was trying to convey.

'It's not that my armies are too weak. It's just that the enemies are simply too cunning!\"


Afte Liu Zilang had successfully baited them, he looked at the crates on the ground and then looted them happily.

No one really knew where the two from Squad TD had landed when the game began but they were very loaded as they had a set of Level Three Equipment each.

Liu Zilang might have had to face an uphill battle even though he had the upper hand to sneak in an attack if the two parties were to really fight.

However, everyone was equal in front of a vehicle!

Even if it was just a buggy, it was still be able to triumph over a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet or Level Three Military Vest.

Naturally, the key was that the endurance of the equipment would not drop when the players were run over.

Liu Zilang looked at his brand new Level Three Equipment after he finished looting and was once again impressed by his own play!

However, one could not tank the blue zone even with the best equipment. He had spent quite some time to bait someone there and killed the two players from squad TD who were planning to camp by the edge of the Safe Zone.

He had no reason to stay any longer after killing them so he hopped into the buggy and drove toward Uptown where the Safe Zone was.


On the commentary platform.

\"We can see that the third blue circle has started shrinking and I have a feeling that this is when conflicts will peak in the match.\"

\"Indeed. There are 58 players and 18 squads left in the game. There's a high chance that these squads will encounter each other or stop just outside the Safe Zone when they start moving around. This is the most crucial time to challenge every squad's strategy, location choice, and their ability to adapt to the situation.\"

\"You're right. Oh! The camera is looking at 4AM's Vic again. It looks like the camera has taken a liking to this player.\"

\"Hehe. I think that's because Vic has given us too many surprises. I wouldn't have missed out a contestant like him if I were the director.\"

\"Vic is reaching Uptown soon. Is he not planning to stop driving?\"

\"I would recommend Vic to stop driving now because there's a high chance that players are camping at the edge of the blue circle in this situation. He would probably be fine if he were driving a UAZ or sedan. However, the buggy is more stable and he won't be able to stop his car and fight back if an enemy were to appear.\"

\"Indeed. He might get shot down from the car.\"

Then, the camera shifted toward a player aiming with a scope.

\"Oh! Speak of the devil. Oh! They're from the Japanese squad, SST!\"

\"Which is also known as Menhera-chan's squad. What do you think? All three of them have noticed Liu Zilang who's enetering the Safe Zone with his vehicle!\"

\"Hehe, is Menhera-chan going to kill her master and take over his seat?\"

The viewers in the stadium were getting excited as they started cheering for Misaka Mikoto.

It seemed that it was good news to them.


At the border of Uptown, the three were hiding behind the wall of the housing area.

Their squad's sniper had died and Misaka Mikoto had filled in this role as she was a flexible player.

She raised up the 98K in her hand and held her breath.

The expression on her round and tender face was extremely serious as she recalled the words Liu Zilang had said to her.

'It's important to have a gist of it!'

She believed that she had found this gist two days ago in the Solos match.

When she saw the buggy heading toward them, Misaka Mikoto's crosshair in the 8x Scope moved along slowly as well.

She kept aiming slightly in front of the car.

Then, she took a deep breath and pulled the trigger!


The thunderous sound of the 98K clapped clearly.

In the blink of an eye, a sniper bullet was released from its muzzle!