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456 Ultimate Skill: Unification Between Man And Vehicle!

 Liu Zilang was quite a distance away from the Safe Zone. It was a better choice for him to enter the Safe Zone from the river by taking a detour at the edge of the blue circle and crossing the bridge.

However, was he the type of person who would do so?


When Liu Zilang crossed the bridge, he realized that there was not a single vehicle on the road. He then realized that there were probably other players running toward the Safe Zone helplessly.

He could not put down the thought in his mind.

Hence, when Liu Zilang crossed the bridge, he slowed down and eventually stopped beside the blue circle.

A caster that was paying attention at a conflicting battle in Uptown from a bird's eye view noticed the lonely Liu Zilang who was outside the Safe Zone.

Ms-Joy sounded rather confused on the commentary platform.

\"Huh? Why is Vic not entering the Safe Zone? I believe it would be better for him to enter the Safe Zone as soon as possible.\"

As the casters spoke, the camera then shifted its attention toward Liu Zilang who was by the roadside.

On the big screen behind the stage.

Liu Zilang could be seen jumping down from the buggy to the bushes beside the road as he stood there and surveyed his surroundings.

He seemed to be unsatisfied with what he saw as he jumped into the buggy and moved it to the other side.

When the viewers from the live stream and stadium saw the familiar scene, they started laughing out loud!

'Are you serious?'

Even Sy took in a deep breath on the commentary platform as he could not believe what he was seeing. \"Is Vic... trying to ambush someone?\"

Ms-Joy looked at the side of the vehicle and started laughing. \"Hehe. This guy has some wishful thinking. The buggy's surface area is too small and there isn't a single bush nearby. How's he going to fish for someone? Does he take the participants as oblivious players?\"

The viewers in the stadium nodded upon hearing Ms-Joy's words. They believed that Liu Zilang would die if he were to fail to ambush someone successfully.

Ms-Joy was about to analyze further on the commentary platform but he froze!

The viewers in the stadium looked in disbelief at the big screen with their eyes wide open.

On the big screen.

After Liu Zilang had parked his car, he jumped down and looked at the car again before he went prone beside the buggy.

He then slowly squeezed himself into it...

'What the f*ck... are you serious?'

Even the three casters on the commentary platform were in disbelief.

Ms-Joy cleared his throat as he tried to swallow his saliva. \"Is that... even possible?\"

\"Uhh... I think... It is... right?\"

Sy was uncertain as well.

Su Changming pondered for a long time before he started speaking slowly, \"I think... Experimenting is the only thing we need to prove its legitimacy.\"

Fine. No one could argue with that.

The camera shifted its attention to the buggy's side. However, the buggy looked like it had \"spawned\" by the roadside from another perspective and he had completely concealed himself.

Liu Zilang had completely merged himself together with the buggy.

'What the f*ck...'


The audience gasped in the venue as those who were long-time campers shed tears when they saw it!


'This guy obviously has the skill to be the best in the world. Why's he trying to snatch our job away?'

What was worse was that they realized that they were truly no match for him!


Time starting passing by.

The camera had moved to other locations but after a while, it returned to the buggy that was parked at the side of the road.

The viewers in the live stream and stadium felt that something was about to happen soon.

When the camera returned to Liu Zilang again, a shock came from the commentary platform!

\"Someone's coming! Someone's coming! Someone's coming!\"

The audience members in the stadium jolted when they heard the scream!

On the big screen.

Two players appeared on top of the hill located at the other end of the river.

\"Oh! It's the two players from Japan's squad TD!\"

\"Indeed. They're the only two left and they seem to be traveling at the edge of the blue circle as well. Will they spot the buggy and decide to drive it?\"

\"Oh! Wait a minute! The two players from squad TD are making a run for it. They don't seem to have noticed the buggy.\"

The viewers in the live stream and stadium were speechless as they watched.

'Is it... not going to work out?'

Just as everyone started to calm down, TD's sniper, Arc looked to the left.

The smile on his face was so wide that he was like a traveler who had spotted an oasis in the desert!

The audience in the stadium clenched their fists as the camera captured everything!

'It's a success!'

'They took the bait!'

Arc scoped in and observed the buggy beside the road not far away from him. Naturally, he did not see anything abnormal from his location.

Truthfully, Arc had never thought that there was a possibility of someone hiding behind the buggy since it had such a small surface area. The reason he scoped in was because he wanted to check if a lunatic had flattened its tires.

It seemed that Liu Zilang's buggy that was parked at the side of the road was as good as it looked as it was in mint condition.

\"Let's go! Let's go drive that vehicle!\"

Arc immediately put away his weapon and waved at Sikill.

Sikill scoped in as well before he put away his weapon and ran toward the buggy alongside Arc.

The scene they were waiting for had arrived...

The viewers in the stadium and live stream started getting nervous!

\"What do you think Vic is going to do?\"

\"B*llshit. He's definitely going to jump out and say \"Surprise Motherf*cker\" when the two TD players arrive!\"

\"He will then be killed by those two?\"

\"Uhh... I don't think we can exempt that possibility...\"


The audience started guessing among themselves.

The two players from squad TD were fast approaching the buggy.

They would be able to drive the buggy as soon as they crossed the road.

Then, something shocking happened!

Liu Zilang who was originally prone on the ground beside the buggy appeared inside the driver's seat!

\"Vroom vroom!\"

The buggy's rear exhaust pipe emitted fire and black smoke.


The two players from squad TD were so shocked that their jaws dropped at his sudden appearance!

'Where did this guy pop out from?'

They did not have much time to think as the buggy right in front of them was heading toward them.

Many players had the habit of putting away their weapons inside the blue zone if they deemed their surroundings were safe.

That was because they could run faster that way.

Meanwhile, the two players from squad TD were shocked!

They took out their weapons and aimed panicky but Liu Zilang was right in front of Arc's face by then.


Arc had his body bent into an arch before could open fire, and he vomited blood from it.

The viewers in the live stream and stadium were at a loss for words!

They did not imagine that Liu Zilang could be so violent.

He was so boorish!

However, why were they getting excited over it?