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455 Ill Live On With Your Share!

 It was a battle between the M16 and UMP9!

Under normal circumstance, the two weapons had their own advantages and disadvantages. It would be hard to determine a victor and it would depend on who was lucky enough to land a headshot!

Since Evermore was rushing out when he opened fire, his aim was rather off and naturally did not have any accuracy.

However, it was different for Liu Zilang!

The instant Liu Zilang raised his weapon, the enemy rushed out and the former's gun muzzle got caught in his mouth.... Mmpf...

It would have been a headshot even if he did not want it to be one!

The victor had been decided the instant the gunshot rang.

\"4AM-Vic killed KD-Evermore by headshot with M16A4!\"

Evermore's knees weakened as he was shot in the face. He fell to the ground and died on the spot.

It seemed that he was KD's lone wolf and had been carrying the entire squad's hope.

Then, a hissing sound could be heard.

The Smoke Grenade inside the toilet started releasing white smoke.

Evermore lowered his head as he reflected on his own mistake in front of his computer since he had been countered by Liu Zilang.

Before he exited his death cam, he raised his head with his eyes widened the instant he heard the sound!

Evermore's expression turned pale as he immediately realized what had happened when he recalled the enemy throwing something into the toilet...

The viewers in the stadium burst into laughter as they watched everything. It was simply too funny!

He, the Korean Pig Emperor, one of the Top Five Asian Players had been frightened by a Smoke Grenade. He had even run out of the toilet and delivered himself to his enemy. His reputation had truly gone down the hill!

Meanwhile, in the game, Liu Zilang had killed two birds with one stone as he was able to loot his enemy and friend's crates safely inside the smokescreen. He laughed his socks off as he did so...

\"What should... we make of this... Perhaps it was fate.\" Ms-Joy was at a loss for words on the commentary platform.

Su Changming laughed as he heard Ms-Joy's words. \"You don't say. It really was fate.\"

He pondered for a while before he continued speaking with a smile on his face, \"I believe many viewers still remember the Duos match yesterday. 4AM's GodV and Liu Zilang had formed a team then. They were also hiding inside the toilet at the edge of the blue circle and had encountered the Korean Happily Poisoned Squad, Emperor Pig and Style.\"

\"Oh! I remember it now.\"

Sy at the side seemed to have an image in his head as he clapped and smiled. \"That's when Vic used a Pan to smack a Frag Grenade out of the toilet. That match is still fresh in my mind. However, in this match, Emperor Pig is the one in the toilet whereas Vic is outside. It seems that their roles have been reversed!\"

Ms-Joy caved in and started laughing. \"I think GodV is the most unfortunate one in this battle. I've taken a closer look at the situation. He would've been fine if he had been saved outside of the toilet where he was out of his enemy's line of fire. However, he insisted to crawl into the toilet. Tsk tsk... I wonder whose idea was it...\"

Su Changming shook his head. \"Vic is now 4AM's only hope! We're only at the second Safe Zone. I have a strong feeling that 4AM's going to underperform in this match.\"

In the game, GodV looked at the crying Liu Zilang sadly as the latter looted the crates.

They had gone through a mountain of hardships trying to leave Pochinki. A+'s cunning suicide bomb had not managed to kill him and he did not expect himself to be killed by a lone wolf hiding in the toilet...

GodV was jealous of his talent!

\"Don't you worry GodV. I'll live on with whatever you have left for me,\" Liu Zilang stood up and said sincerely after he finished looting the two crates.

GodV finally regained his composure as he overcame his sadness. Upon hearing Liu Zilang's words, he might have teased him for a second or two if they were in a public game.

However, they were in a tournament match that would determine whether they would participate in the international tournament that was going to be held in California, America.

He did not have the same risk-seeking appetite as Liu Zilang. He recollected himself and then said to Liu Zilang, \"You're the only one left. You should play as safe as possible and try your best to avoid driving a vehicle if the next Safe Zone isn't far from you...\"

Before GodV could finish speaking, the second blue circle had merged with the Safe Zone and the third Safe Zone had spawned.

The instant the Safe Zone spawned, Aluka and Cpt turned their heads to the side and looked at GodV who was giving out orders.

Inside the game, it was very clear that the next Safe Zone had leaped across the land and the river. It was at the other end of the circle relative to Liu Zilang.

'Don't drive?'

'There really isn't a choice here!'

GodV had been voicing out his heavenly plan. As he picked up his mineral bottle on the table to have a sip, he spat all the water out onto his keyboard when he lowered his head to look at the screen...

He had said so much but none of it was useful at all!

He was so furious that he wanted to beat someone up when he turned around to see the helpless Liu Zilang and Aluka laughing alongside with Cpt.


Since GodV's plan A was not viable, they had no choice but to use Liu Zilang's plan B.

Liu Zilang and GodV had driven a UAZ and a buggy respectively when they entered the blue circle. When GodV was knocked out after he had stopped his vehicle, Kim Doohwan had taken his anger out on the UAZ's tires that GodV was driving when he realized he had lost the opportunity to kill him.

To be specific, while they were fighting against Evermore in the toilet, Kim Doohwan had taken out the UAZ's two front tires.

The distance between Georgopol's Duga and them was at least five hundred meters away, and this was a calculation that neglected the height of Duga. The trajectory of a 98K's bullet would start to move downward after three hundred meters.

After Kim Doohwan had shot GodV in the head, he used his remaining four bullets to flatten the two tires.

It basically meant that he did not miss a single shot.

Although the target was stationary, one would require an incredibly high skillset to be able to hit so accurately at such a distance!

When Liu Zilang noticed that the two front tires of the UAZ had been flattened, he could not help but to be impressed. \"That b*stard is quite accurate!\"

He took out his 98K from his back as he decided to avenge GodV by attacking the opponent.

However, Liu Zilang put away his weapon after pondering for a while.

He suddenly felt that fighting against the enemy at such a distance was pointless.

Ignoring whether or not the enemy had a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, he would not be able to kill the enemy after landing a headshot and knocking out the enemy. After all, his teammates would surely revive him as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang was a lone wolf since GodV had died. If he were careless and got knocked out by the enemy, he would not have a second chance to stand up.

As Liu Zilang's chain of thoughts reached here, he stopped struggling. He immediately headed toward the perfectly functional buggy in front of the toilet and drove toward the Safe Zone, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

The players at Georgopol's Duga had attempted to fire a few shots but to no avail. They did not manage to hit the vehicle.

It was manageable if it was a stationary target. After all, anyone could land a shot if they were lucky.

However, one would need to rely solely on luck to hit a moving target and it would be a miracle if they were able to hit it.

Hence, the players at Georgopol stopped firing after attempting a few shots as they were afraid of exposing themselves.

Liu Zilang originally planned to drive the buggy straight into the Safe Zone but an interesting idea popped in his head when he looked around halfway through his journey...