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454 Oh No. Is This What It Feels Like To Catch A Feeling?

 In Erangel.

The blue circle was shrinking slowly.

The ever-expanding blue zone engulfed the area, forming a deserted area where no one lived.

However, it would be inaccurate to describe it as so.

This is because, technically speaking, there were two vehicles on the wheatfield and grassy field speeding in the supposed to be deserted area.

\"The second blue circle has started shrinking and the first Safe Zone includes South Georgopol, North Georgopol, and the sea leading to the two regions. One could say that it's a Safe Zone centered around Georgopol but whether it'll move toward Uptown or Downtown will depend on the Safe Zone after the second blue circle has finished shrinking.\"

\"Indeed. There are around twenty squads or sixty-seven players left. We can see that the majority of the squads have entered and occupied a place in the Safe Zone. The situation doesn't look intense at the moment but it might be completely different when the next blue circle starts shrinking.\"

\"Oh! The remaining two 4AM players, Vic and GodV have finally entered the Safe Zone but it may be too late for them. All the good spots in the Safe Zone have been occupied by other squads and they'll have to bear the risk if they wish to occupy a spot since only the two of them are alive in their squad.\"

\"You're right but 4AM doesn't seem to think that way. They seem to be planning to stop their car at the edge of the Safe Zone and wait it out.\"

\"Hmm... I think that's a good idea. After all, they have to be extra careful among the other players since they're the only ones left in 4AM. Furthermore, the next Safe Zone will spawn the moment the blue circle finishes shrinking. Hence, it's a good decision for them to camp at the edge of the Safe Zone until the next Safe Zone appears.\"

As the casters were analyzing the situation, GodV and Liu Zilang had driven into the blue circle.

They then stopped at a toilet beside the road east of Georgopol.

\"Phew! We finally made it out.\"

GodV looked at the blue zone behind him and let out a sigh of relief. He then got down the car and healed himself.

'It's impossible for us to die in the blue zone as long as we have enough consumables.'

Although this was the personality and outlook of the \"happily poisoned man\", in truth, the two would not last long inside the blue zone. Furthermore, the two would have to stop their vehicle once in a while to heal up as they could not heal up while traveling inside the vehicle.

Just as GodV laid prone on the ground, he heard a soft pew!

A sniper bullet had been shot at them from afar!


The Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet GodV was wearing shattered since it did not have much durability left. In the blink of an eye, he changed his posture from crawling to kneeling on the ground.

\"Royad-Azeael knocked out 4AM-GodV by headshot with Kar98K!\"

GodV was flabbergasted when he saw the Kill Notification. \"F*ck! Where is that b*stard attacking me from?\"

As the distance between them was very far apart, he could only hear the bullet break the sound barrier, and he was not able to determine the source of the gunshot.

Liu Zilang raised an eyebrow when he heard GodV's words.

It was only natural that he did not dare save GodV in such a situation as he might be shot in the head the instant he crouched down.

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Then, the sound of an assault rifle's bullets breaking the sound barrier was heard from the distance.

It seemed like the enemy's teammate wanted to kill GodV while he was knocked out.

Although Liu Zilang was not able to determine the origin of the gunshot by ear, he was able to swiftly deduce it by the trajectory of the bullets.

\"They're at Georgopol. You should crawl toward the toilet.\"

GodV crawled to the side of the toilet as quickly as possible upon hearing Liu Zilang's words.

As expected, the bullets stop raining at him the instant he reached the side of the toilet.

\"Attack attack attack! Attack me as much as you please! I'll kill all of you when I'm revived!\" GodV muttered as he vented out.

Although Liu Zilang wanted to go over and revive GodV, the latter was extremely cautious as he warned the former, \"Don't revive me outside. Open the door for me so I can enter it. You can pull me up inside.\"

GodV was incredibly cautious in the situation.

Although the enemies at Georgopol were not able to hit him, he was afraid of attracting the attention of others to their area. They would both die if Liu Zilang was to be shot while trying to save him.

Liu Zilang thought it was sound reasoning as well as he went to open the toilet's door.

GodV then crawled toward the toilet as soon as the door was opened.

'Home sweet home.

'Here I come!'

GodV was flabbergasted the instant he crawled into the toilet!

Inside the peaceful and quiet toilet, there was a man crouching with his weapon in hand. The enemy and GodV made eye contact as the latter was crawling inside...

The scene... was incredibly hard to imagine.

Regardless, it was not a touching scene.

Not only was it not touching at all, GodV felt rather disappointed!

'What have I done wrong that I have to enter the toilet. Wouldn't it be fine to revive me outside of it as well?'

However, it was not the time to think of it.

GodV screamed in a high-pitched tone the instant he saw the enemy. \"F*ck! There's someone in the toilet!\"

\"Du du du!\"

The enemy crouching in the toilet had his weapon spit out bright flashes of light as a chain of bullets headed straight toward GodV's head that was inside the narrow space.

GodV did not have much health left by the time he crawled inside the toilet as he had fallen twice.

His body tilted to the side, and he died on the spot the instant he was shot in the head...

\"KD-Evermore killed 4AM-GodV with UMP9!\"

However, he had revealed intel regarding the enemy before he died.


Liu Zilang was stunned the instant he saw the Kill Notification but he regained his senses immediately.

The enemy must have been observing his movements by exploiting the TPP even though he was inside the toilet. Since the enemy obviously had the perspective advantage, it was only obvious that Liu Zilang would not rush in.

He put away his weapon as his eyes twitched.

That was because he had a Smoke Grenade in his hand.

He had finished all of his Frag Grenades when he was battling in Pochinki, and he did not have the opportunity to replenish them before he started running against the blue circle.

'Oh well. Smoke Grenade it is then.'

Liu Zilang was not picky at all.

He immediately threw the Smoke Grenade into the small toilet window the instant he had it in his hand.

Out of the four throwables in PUBG, the Smoke Grenade's sound effect when landing on the ground was the closest to the Frag Grenade.


The Smoke Grenade seemed to have deflected off the toilet's wall from the inside.

While Liu Zilang knew that it was a Smoke Grenade, the Pig Emperor who had been hiding in the toilet was unaware.

After taking out GodV, he was extremely nervous inside the toilet, and he was fully prepared to spring into action at any given moment.

He had concluded that Liu Zilang only had two choices.

He could either charge in or throw a Frag Grenade!

Evermore was shocked the instant he heard the sound of a grenade as the opponent had obviously decided on the latter!

He gritted his teeth and decided to charge out as he opened fire with his UMP9.

However, Liu Zilang had taken out his black M16 from his back by the time Evermore rushed out.

He raised his weapon and shoved it into his enemy's mouth.

\"Da da da!

\"Da da da!\"

The two gunshot sounds had mixed among themselves!