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453 Spawn Area’s Gun Kata!


'Don't move baby, I'm coming for you!'

When he approached the door, GodV kept repeating those words in his mind as he smiled like a pervert.

He entered the house.

The scene of his enemy panicking and running around anxiously he had imagined in his head did not happen.

Instead, he found himself staring indifferently at A+ at the door.

GodV felt a shiver down his spine...

That was because A+ seemed to be telling him something him through his gaze.

'You're here.'

It was the same vibe as him opening up to death.

'That's not right!

'Shouldn't he be firing at me with his weapon?'

GodV did not have the time to ponder on.


His hand flashed brightly as a scorching shockwave expanded!

The two were blasted away simultaneously as smoke spread out.

However, for someone who had opened up to death, A+ looked rather anxious...

That was because GodV's Frag Grenade had blasted A+ to the corner of the corridor whereas GodV was blasted to the entrance of the toilet.

The two had been separated!

A+'s heart sank...

'This isn't in the script!'

GodV was kneeling at the entrance of the toilet as he recalled A+'s gaze.

He then realized what his intention was.

'Is that guy trying to...'

As he pondered, there was another explosion at the other end of the corridor!

'Holy f*ck!'

GodV shivered in fear as he saw thick smoke and sparks come from the other end of the corridor.

'What the f*ck...'

'Since when have people become so cunning?'

The viewers in the live stream and stream were so startled that they almost burst into laughter when they saw the horrendous scene in the room.

Big brother A+ gave off a steady and firm vibe. He usually did things straightforwardly but he had ended his own playstyle by playing cunningly for the first time.

How tragic was that!

\"Puhaha! Poor Big Brother. Can I know if it's easy to be mischievous for the very first time?\"

\"Big Brother: Why can't my suicide be the same as yours? (Confused Nick Young)[1]\"

\"2333. Perhaps it's because of the actions from spam clicking the mouse. Don't you know what's a parting gift?\"

\"Don't panic Big Brother. Just take it as a lesson fee. You'll succeed next time.\"

\"The buddy above me is quite a good man. Big Brother will lose the Qualifier if he pulls a similar stunt again!\"

\"Speaking of which, GodV has survived a great catastrophe. He'll definitely be very lucky in the future. I thought that it was about time to kill a pig and sacrifice it to heaven.\"

\"Vic will be playing a one-man squad if there's a dead pig... We can play the song Coolness [2]to 4AM.\"

The viewers in the live stream started teasing the players and the three casters wanted to say something as well.

Ms-Joy slapped his head and said, \"Huh? That's right! We've been looking at GodV and Big Brother and we forgot about how Vic landed a double kill with one shot.\"

The viewers in the stadium realized it as well upon listening to him.

'That's right'

The viewers had a bad feeling when Liu Zilang entered the smokescreen with an S1897.

It was certain that he would be dead the instant he opened fire.

How did that guy kill two IFTY players with one shot?

It does not make sense!

The caster seemed to have expected this. As soon as Ms-Joy opened his mouth, the caster had started replaying the scene.

Many players did not blink as they watched the big screen behind the stage curiously.

Inside the game,

The two parties in the smokescreen encountered each other.

Liu Zilang was originally in front of SOSO and it was impossible for his shotgun to hit VK from the back.

However, what happened next shocked the viewers in the live stream and stadium!

The instant Liu Zilang raised his shotgun, he tilted his body to the right.

It looked like a comical dance similar to the one the Spawn Island's Line Dance players did in the spawn area.

Although it looked like a comical dance, he managed to evade SOSO's M4 attack while firing his shotgun at an angle in retaliation.


There was a gunshot!

The entire clip was replayed in slow motion. The instant the S1897's black muzzle exploded in fire, countless shrapnel spread out from it!

In the blink of an eye, blood erupted from SOSO's body!

As VK was about to double down after taking aim, he lost his balance. His leg gave way out of the blue, and he fell to the ground...

Everyone was flabbergasted and they gasped below the stage.

The viewers then focused their attention toward a certain direction on the stage as if they were looking at a monster.

Ms-Joy cleared his throat and said, \"Did Vic... just show off his Gun Kata?\"

\"No!\" Sy at the side said sincerely, \"It's obviously Kata Gun!\"

Su Changming who sat in the middle of the two smiled wryly as he let out a dry cough. \"Stop fooling around and explain what's going on in the tournament.\"

\"What should we make of this. All we can say is that this kid Ah Lang is rather quick-witted. His playstyle is extremely cunning. We know that the S1897 is able to shoot ten shrapnels in a shot and each shrapnel is able to incur twenty-four damage. Hence, it's expected that it would be overkill if all of the shrapnel landed only on one person.\"

Ms-Joy at the side added, \"Boss Su is right but all of us are afraid of not being able to kill the enemy in one shot and we'd rarely make use of how much damage it can incur. Hence, we can say that Vic is willing to take risks that many people won't.\"

\"Perhaps his talent is willing to take higher risks. Perhaps this is the difference between a world-class player and a typical player,\" Sy started saying emotionally.

\"There were quite a few audience members that thought it was a bad idea to charge in with the S1897. I think wielding the S686 is similar to wielding a dagger. Your attack moves forward with indomitable will. However, you're vulnerable to all attacks for the next two seconds when you're reloading your double-barrel shotgun.\"

\"On the other hand, the S1897 is more like a sword. It's agile and lethal. Vic's previous attack pushed the agile aspect of the weapon to its fullest potential!\"

Su Changming started smiling as he listened to Sy's description. \"What about the S12K?\"

Ms-Joy immediately snatched the opportunity to answer, \"Eh! I have some experience with that weapon. In short, it's incredibly quick! All you need to do is spam your left mouse button the instant you're loaded.\"

\"Indeed, that gun is boorish,\" Sy added.

Ms-Joy was speechless...

Meanwhile inside the game.

Liu Zilang consumed a bandage as he only had a thread of health left. He was shocked when he heard two explosions come from inside the building. He was so shocked that he hesitated at the entrance of the door to the building.

He refusing to enter as he looked at GodV kneeling on the ground. The latter started prompting him, \"Come and pull me up quickly. We still have to run into the blue circle!\"

Liu Zilang acknowledged him verbally but he did not move at all. He then casually asked, \"All of your Frag Grenades... have been set off, right?\"



[2] Coolness is a Chinese song. It's used as a meme to represent gg.