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452 Weapon Drawing And The Death Whisperer!

 It was without a doubt that Liu Zilang was facing a tough battle.

No matter how much confidence he had in his 98K, the S1897 was without a doubt much more practical than the 98K in close-range combat.

Although Liu Zilang loved to show-off his submachine gun and sniper rifle build in public games all the time, one mistake would result in their elimination from the tournament...

Not only did he have to be responsible for himself but he had to take responsibility for his teammates as well. Hence, Liu Zilang could not continue to be mischievous. He had to play safe and be mischievous at the same time!

\"Big Brother's shot was beautiful. He truly lives up to be an all-rounder!\"

\"I think Cpt was too careless. He had let his guard down when he critically injured Big Brother before the latter hid in the building. He had forgotten that a sniper could turn the tides even if he had very little health left!\"

\"Hehe. You can't fully blame Cpt for that. After all, VK should be IFTY's sniper. All we can say is that Big Brother truly excels in every role.\"

As the casters were talking among themselves, Liu Zilang had rushed down and headed straight into the smokescreen that was in the middle of the road.

In the smokescreen, SOSO had yet finished pulling his teammate up behind the car and A+ did not have the time to use a first aid kit inside the house. He had simply used a bandage to wrap his shoulder up.

A+ came out without any hesitation the instant he saw Liu Zilang as he raised his AK up and fired at the latter!

However, his pupils shrunk as he began firing!

\"Thud thud thud!\"

Although the footsteps that came from the short wall opposite of the street were very vague, A+ was still able to pick them up due to his sharp senses.

In the blink of an eye, A+ retreated behind the door!

What came right after was a series of clanks!

Similar to raindrops landing on banana leaves, bullets rained heavily toward the doorframe.

'That's a close one!'

A+ let out a long sigh of relief when he retreated, suppressing the anxiety and fear that was deep within him.

He would have been knocked out at the door if he were to react just a second later!

However, A+'s heart sunk as he froze!

'Not good!'

He stayed behind the door and looked at Liu Zilang only to realize that the latter was near the smokescreen at the middle of the road.

Hence, A+ reminded his teammate through his team's voice chat, \"Be careful! Vic has entered the smokescreen!\"

SOSO and VK did not require A+'s reminder as they had heard the footsteps on the road.

SOSO listened to the footsteps as he took in a deep breath because he only had a second left to complete the channel bar.

Soon, the channel bar was filled!

VK had been revived!

It was a success!

SOSO immediately took out his weapon and looked around the white fog cautiously as he did not know when someone would rush in with a weapon in his hand.

VK who was at the side did not dare use a first aid kit the moment he got up. Instead, he only used a bandage as its channeling duration was relatively shorter than that of the first aid kit.

He did so because the footsteps were very nearby and he would have to stop healing himself at any given moment. It was more practical to heal himself with a bandage.

Before the smokescreen dispersed, both parties could only hear each other instead of seeing each other but the entire process was incredibly suspenseful.

Naturally, the smokescreen was ineffective toward the caster's camera.

Inside the big screen behind the stage.

The crowd in the stadium could clearly see the three of them sneaking about inside the smokescreen. They were circling around the vehicles in the middle of the road.

The crowd in the stadium started discussing among themselves as they watched the nerve-wracking scene.

\"GG! This is too reckless of him. Vic's about to fight two players at once!\"

\"I think he didn't expect SOSO to revive VK this quickly. It would be fine if Vic was holding an S686 but I think he's going to die with the S1897.\"

\"I have the same feeling too. IFTY has two members in the smokescreen currently. If the three are to bump into each other, Vic will be killed by the second enemy even if he knocks out the first one. I'm fairly certain he won't make it in time to reload or swap weapons.\"

\"Huh? Is Vic really not considering to switch to an assault rifle?\"

From the caster's perspective, the distance between the two parties in the smokescreen became closer. The crowd in the stadium was anxious for Liu Zilang!

'How could he make such a mistake at the most crucial moment?'

After searching blindly inside the smokescreen, the three finally encountered each other!

\"Da da da!\"

\"Du du du!\"


In an instant, gunshots reverberated in everybody's ears!

As the gunshots stopped, everything became extremely quiet in the smokescreen.

'What's going on?'

The viewers widened their eyes in shock as their mouths opened slightly.

Their chins were almost on the ground.

Meanwhile, two Kill Notifications appeared on the big screen one after the other.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out IFTY-SOSO with S1897!\"

\"4AM-Vic knocked out IFTY-VK with S1897!\"

One shot, two kills!

It was not just the viewers in the live stream and stadium who were startled by this. SOSO and VK who were in the smokescreen felt the exact same thing too!

When they finally met each other inside the smokescreen, SOSO and VK were incredibly happy when they realized that their enemy was holding an S1897.

That was because they were a team of two and the S1897 was of no threat to them at all as it had to be reloaded after a shot was fired.

However, the reality was that both of them fell to their knees the instant Liu Zilang fired.

'What the f*ck... One must follow the basics even if it's a miracle!!!\"

The game waited for no man as GodV and A+ started their fight as well.

A+ was camping behind the door while GodV was about to charge in.

One did not see GodV behaving mischievously most of the time. As the core member of 4AM, he was the most down to earth player in the tournament.

Upon realizing that Liu Zilang had taken care of the two players in the smokescreen, GodV reacted by putting away his weapon. He then took out a Frag Grenade and cooked it in his hand.

He had transformed into Canada's suicide squad as he rushed straight into the entrance.

The viewers in the stadium gasped uncontrollably!

\"Holysh*t. Is GodV going all out? 4AM is filled with people who love to cook Frag Grenades in their hands!\"

\"It's the Suicide Boss! Can't touch this!\"

\"2333 I think 4AM has been led astray by Vic...\"

Inside the house just beside the door, A+ saw GodV rushing inside empty-handedly when he was trying to focus with the AK in his hands. He was preparing himself to go all out.

His heart sunk once again!

There was always a hidden motive behind every irregularity!

A+ instantly realized what GodV was trying to pull and his face turned pale!

It was obviously too late for him to run or return fire!

In such a critical situation, A+ gritted his teeth!

He put away his weapon and held a Frag Grenade in his hand as well...