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451 The Battle Between Men!

 Liu Zilang's reaction speed was incredibly quick and he pushed it to its very limit out of instinct.

It was so normal that it was like eating rice with chopsticks and picking a cup up to drink water for him.

No one would think that eating was something incredibly remarkable.

Then, there was a gunshot.

A sniper bullet whizzed past his ears!

At the same time, blood was drawn behind the car on the road at the center of Pochinki!

IFTY's sniper, VK did not have the time to react before his helmet was shattered by Liu Zilang's long-range attack.

He took down the enemy even though he was the last to open fire!

Many viewers in the stadium gasped in astonishment when they saw the exciting comeback. 'This guy's reaction speed is way too fast!'

The caster's camera had captured the scene and the viewers in the live stream and stadium clearly witnessed Liu Zilang's inhumanly quick reaction!

\"Nice! That's beautiful! Vic's definitely a contestant that can rival Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods. That shot simply pushed the game to its limit!\"

\"It's rather unfortunate for VK. I really thought he could win earlier but he was so close.\"

\"He would've succeeded if VK was slightly quicker when he opened fire. When you're up against Vic, you really can't give him an opportunity to react at all. Perhaps VK thought that he had the upper hand and that's why it took him longer to open fire.\"

\"Yes. When it comes to a battle between top tier snipers, one can no longer rely solely on the crossfire to take aim. They have to rely on instinct and prediction.\"

The three casters on the commentary platform started talking emotionally.

On the church west of Pochinki, Liu Zilang backed off and reloaded his sniper rifle after landing a lethal shot.

A+ and SOSO initially planned to help cover VK when the latter had knocked out the enemy.

However, the sudden change in the event had shocked them as they immediately hid behind their vehicles.

\"F*ck. it's Vic again!\" SOSO scolded within himself when he saw the Kill Notification.

They could be considered a victim of 4AM in the previous match. Early on in the previous round, 4AM had gone to gank the Georgopol bridge. They had disrupted the match so much that they had to run the entire journey to the Safe Zone with IG.

Naturally, what made them even more furious was that when they were fighting to the death with IG on the bridge in the final circle, they were wiped out by 4AM's artificial red zone.\"

Those two encounters were more than enough for them to see 4AM as an enemy!

However, IFTY was not able to muster up their anger. Instead, they looked incredibly pale and frightened.

That was because two of them had died and had been knocked out respectively.

At that very moment, IFTY's biggest concern was to get out of the blue zone alive instead of executing their revenge on 4AM...

\"Smoke up! Smoke up!\" A+ frowned as he quickly gave his orders, \"I'll attract their attention while you go and save SOSO.\"

A+'s mind, strategy, and judgment were very clear.

If they really thought that they could save their teammates without any worry after smoking the area up, they would suffer a second wave of the artificial red zone and be blasted away along with their vehicles.

They needed someone to tank all the incoming attacks in such a situation. Hence, it was a that the all-rounder, A+ would take on the role.


Two Smoke Grenades were thrown from A+ and SOSO's hands as they bounced off the car before rolling on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, a white smokescreen started engulfing the entire accident scene from head to toe.

Liu Zilang had finished reloading on top of the church and was about to fire his next shot when he was left in shock. He spoke, \"Tsk tsk. These people are trying to destroy the evidence in the scene.\"

Then, the sharp Cpt shouted immediately, \"Someone's running out from the smokescreen.\"

\"Da da da!\"

He spoke as he started firing at the enemy with his SCAR-L.

When GodV saw the smokescreen, he wanted to take a detour and get closer to it. However, a building had coincidentally blocked his view and he missed the opportunity to open fire together with Cpt.

\"That guy is there to gather our aggro,\"[1] Liu Zilang immediately realized the enemy's intention. \"I killed someone in the smokescreen earlier and I'm sure they're desperately trying to save him.\"

Cpt who was about to chase after the enemy realized it as well upon hearing his words. He was rather frustrated as the opponent had moved in a zigzagged manner. This caused him to waste a clip of ammo.

How could he not understand what Liu Zilang was saying since the latter had voiced out?

'If I can't kill you, can't I just kill your teammates instead?'

Cpt took out a Frag Grenade without any hesitation and cooked it in his hand.

However, he had forgotten something important. Although A+ had come out to attract their attention, he was also taking note of what was behind him as well.

He realized Cpt had opened fire for a short while before taking out a Frag Grenade...

A+ who was left with a thread of health life immediately took out his 98K from behind his back and turned around before opening fire!

One must realize that A+ was different from any usual all-rounder.

A typical all-rounder often had no weapon they were extremely good at. However, A+ was able to use every weapon to a level that was way beyond an average player, be it a sniper rifle or a shotgun.

What happened then was the best example.

From the caster's perspective, A+ had pulled out his 98K. He pre-aimed, scoped in and then opened fire!

The entire process was so eerie that it sent chills down everyone's spine!

Then, there was a loud bang!

Cpt who was about to swing his hand and throw a Frag Grenade was shot in the head. His Level Two Military Helmet shattered as his head tilted and he fell to the ground.

Many viewers who were anticipating Cpt's Frag Grenade gasped at the unexpected attack. That snipe was too fast!

GodV who had made a detour realized Cpt had been knocked out. He raised his eyebrow and asked, \"What's going on? Can I revive you there?\"

Cpt was in great remorse as he kneeled on the ground. When he turned around and saw GodV, he immediately shook his head and screamed, \"No! I can't... be saved.\"

\"Can't be saved?\" GodV was confused.

Then, there was an ear-deafening explosion!

GodV's eye twitched anxiously as he saw Cpt being blasted into the sky. Cpt then fell to the ground right before his very eyes.

\"4AM-Cpt accidentally killed himself with Frag Grenade!\"

The situation in the battlefield turned around instantly as it had become a 2 against three.

There were three enemies left alive whereas there were only two of them.

\"Hold on GodV. Wait for me.\" Liu Zilang saw what happened and immediately jumped down from the church west of Pochinki.

As he landed, he saw an S1897 at the entrance of the church and casually swapped it with his 98K.


[1] Aggro is often seen in MMORPG where monsters would attack the player with the highest Aggro in a raid or dungeon. It's very often that a tanker's skill is based on gaining as much Aggro as possible from the monsters.