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450 The Happily Poisoned Boy!

 IFTY's strategy in that match was to steal a car the instant they landed and scour the rural area around Pochinki.

The most exaggerating part was that they had increased their squad's efficiency while not giving anyone a vehicle in Pochinki.

IFTY had driven four vehicles out of the place. They literally looked like a fleet of luxurious vehicles.

\"Vroom vroom vroom!\"

4AM was stunned the instant they heard the sound of an engine revving in the city. They were scouring around the church in Pochinki while tanking the damage for being in the blue zone at that time.

\"I think there are cars outside? Did you guys hear that?\" Cpt asked.

GodV nodded. \"Indeed. There's more than one too.\"

\"I think they've come from the east.\"

Liu Zilang listened as he spoke, \"Do you think... that they're the bunch that stole all the vehicles in Pochinki the instant they landed?\"

Liu Zilang, Cpt and GodV pondered.

Now that they thought about it, the chances were very high!

\"Stop searching and let's ambush them at the entrance of the city.\" GodV had decided in an instant. \"They have a lot of cars, and we'll win as long as we can get a vehicle.\"

In truth, GodV did not have to say anything else.

Liu Zilang and Cpt had jumped down from the building simultaneously and headed toward the west of the city before he said those words.

\"They're coming! Remember to focus fire on that yellow sedan leading the rest!\" GodV said excitedly as he caressed his weapon.


Their guns rattled as he screamed!

\"Da da da!\"

Their weapons rattled intensely as countless bullets headed straight toward the yellow sedan.

The enemies were being ambushed. However, TK who was driving the yellow sedan was not the only one surprised by the ambush, the remaining three IFTY members were shocked by it as well.

The reason they chose to pass through Pochinki was not only because it was obviously the shortest route toward the safe zone but it was also because they believed that no one would be in Pochinki at that hour.

Now that the truth had been placed right before their face, IFTY was beyond astonished!

\"Holysh*t, someone's still outside of the blue circle. Are these people crazy?\" TK was shocked.

Then, they heard a pop!

The sedan at the very front jolted intensely as the car visibly slowed down!

Liu Zilang had attacked the vehicle before attacking the driver. The first few shots he fired were directed toward the vehicle's tires.

Since the car had been slowed down significantly, their precision had naturally increased.

Blood started erupting from TK's body as he drove the yellow sedan. He panicked and jumped out of the car before it came to a complete halt.

Players would not die when they jumped off a car that was travelling at such a speed.

However, TK took two shots from the front and half of his health had been taken away. Furthermore, they were planning to rush out of the city before returning fire since they could threaten their enemies with the sheer number of vehicles they had. That was the reason why they were driving so incredibly quickly!

Pochinki's geography was quite complex and they would not be able to determine how many players were there by listening to the gunshots. If they were to stop in the middle of the road and use their vehicles as cover, they would be able to block their enemy's attacks in one direction but they would be open at the sides and the back.

That thought was definitely correct.

However, when the first car was forcefully stopped out of the blue, its two flattened tires screeched on the ground as sparks flew everywhere. It then moved horizontally on the road.

The vehicles following tightly behind could not turn in time and started ramming into each other one after another.

The scene looked like a large-scale accident in an instant.

What was even more tragic was that TK was not able to climb up in time and was run over by the car behind him. It sent him flying in the distance!

By the time he landed on the ground, he was dead and his limbs went soft!

The viewers in the live stream and stadium were nervous when they saw such a horrifying scene.

\"2333, poor TK. he managed to escape his enemy's bullets but he died in his teammate's hands!\"

\"I don't think I understand what IFTY is trying to do. Can't they just take a detour outside of the city? I don't get why they dared to enter Pochinki.\"

\"F*cking hell. Just look at the time. Who would have imagined that someone would be sadistic enough to stay inside Pochinki.\"

\"They're dead now! 4AM has officially transformed into the kings of poison since they've been bathing in it for such a long time.\"

\"Hahaha, do you want to know more about the happily poisoned man?\"

Meanwhile, the viewers in the live stream were impressed with 4AM for bathing in poison for such a long time. They thought that 4AM would scour the area and leave when the casters shifted their camera to the other locations.

They did not expect the casters to pay any attention there.

The second Safe Zone was about to spawn but 4AM was still outside the blue circle.

They had the true spirit of endurance!

They even encountered someone at the most crucial moment. Hence, many viewers in the stadium had started praying for IFTY.

Inside the game, when Liu Zilang saw the man jump out of the vehicle, he wanted to move to a different spot to kill him. Much to his surprise, IFTY themselves ran over him instead!

\"Holysh*t! They've killed their own kind instead,\" Liu Zilang said with a strange tone as he took a deep breath.

GodV and Cpt twitched their eyes when they heard him. This guy was literally rubbing salt into someone's wound!

However, it was not the time to talk about such things.

Since they had held them off, it was only natural that they had to see it to the very end.

Cpt and GodV swiftly moved to the side. Although Liu Zilang kept muttering about what had happened, he was also moving toward the church that was west of Pochinki. He moved along the staircase outside and climbed up to the top.

However, what Liu Zilang did not expect was to be spotted by the remaining three IFTY members hiding behind their vehicles on the road while he was ascending to the top.

IFTY's sniper, VK immediately reported to his squad, \"Don't attack the player on the church for now. I'll blow his head off when he aims at me later.

SOSO put away his M16 that was equipped with a 4x Scope as he was about to open fire but heard VK speak with confidence...

A+ had calmed down as well as he ordered calmly, \"There are at least three of them. Let VK initiate the battle and when the player at the church has died, SOSO will drive straight toward the church while VK and I cover him.\"

A+ showed remarkable leadership as he was able to come up with a countermeasure instantaneously!

As VK looked at the church with his 98K that was equipped with a 4x Scope and saw a figure there.

In an instant, the two looked at each other in the eye!


The clear gunshot of the 98K sounded!

Liu Zilang was seen casually moving to the side and tilting his head to the left and right as he aligned his aim, pulled the bolt and then opened fire!