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449 Liu Zilang Thinks Ten Steps Ahead!

 Inside the narrow corridor.

\"A Ssi! This d*mned fire is still burning.\"

\"What now? Should we charge in?\"

\"Let's do it. If we drag this out the enemy may heal themselves.\"

SexyPIG hesitated for a moment but he charged in anyway when his teammates urged him.

However just as he took a step forward, he heard a \"click\"!

It was a Frag Grenade!

\"Not good. The enemy is going to throw a grenade!\" SexyPIG turned pale as he screamed, \"Retreat! Retreat for now!\"

The other three Anarchy members at the staircase reacted swiftly and ran downstairs.

The enemy had obviously pulled a frag pin so they would definitely have enough time if they retreated.

In the middle of the crisis, SexyPIG who was last in line realized that he could no longer retreat.

He turned around to glance at his teammates before heading back to the front. He said anxiously, \"Quickly! Back down quickly!\"

Yureka who was just in front of him shouted, \"I can't move! He's blocking me!\"

\"I'm being blocked too!\" ESTH3R looked in front and screamed to the guy behind him. \"Suk, stop blocking the road and get moving!\"

\"A Ssi! I'm trying to move too,\" Suk shouted back furiously. \"D*mn it, Who the f*ck is blocking me.\"

As the four of them were stuck together and their icons had overlapped each other in the minimap, they could not see who was in front of each of them.

Since Suk had voiced out, the entire staircase became quiet...

'If it's not him and it's not me...'

'It's not the two of them either...'

SexyPIG at the very end was confused and started a headcount.

One, two, three, four...


SexyPIG was shocked as he immediately screamed out loud, \"A Ssi! We have a traitor among us. Kill him!\"

The remaining three Anarchy members reacted swiftly and Suk raised his weapon up since he was in front of the other two.

Then, they heard something flying toward them.

SexyPIG turned around and his face was as pale as ash.

What came next was a huge explosion!

The staircase flashed brightly as smoke and sparks spread across the staircase simultaneously...

In the blink of an eye, four Kill Notifications appeared on the top right corner of the screen.

\"4AM-Cpt killed Anarchy-SexyPIG with Frag Grenade!\"

\"4AM-Cpt killed Anarchy-Yureka with Frag Grenade!\"


\"4AM-Cpt killed Anarchy-Suk with Frag Grenade!\"

He killed four players... with a grenade?


As the smoke cleared up, everyone was stunned when they saw Liu Zilang crawling on the ground along with four crates beside him...

It was a total of five kills with a single grenade!

The crowd in the stadium cheered in total chaos!

\"Holysh*t... that stunt really blew my mind!\"

\"When I saw Vic jump down from the building, I thought he was planning to commit suicide with a grenade in his palm. Who would've thought that he's such a sadist.\"

\"Looks like we're still too young. I've now learned this new trick!\"

\"Puhaha. I can almost imagine the Korean squad's faces right now... They must be devastated.\"

\"2333. Anyone in their shoes would've been devastated. They didn't that they were being blocked by their enemy at the staircase when their enemy threw a Frag Grenade at them...\"

\"4AM almost died there. GG! Vic's a really cunning man!\"

On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy was incredibly impressed when he saw the comeback.

\"I've got to admit here. No matter how fortunate Cpt is, how unfortunate Aluka is, how cornered GodV is, the end result still depends entirely on Vic!\"

The viewers in the live stream and stadium deeply understood what he was saying.

Inside the game, Liu Zilang was revived by Cpt after falling for the second time. He recalled when Liu Zilang shouted at him, \"Throw your grenade!\"

He felt that he had turned into Li Yunlong...

Cpt then started smiling again as he looked at the crates at the staircase.

It was obvious that such an outcome would make anyone happy.

After pulling Liu Zilang up, the two started looting the crates at the staircase with GodV.

'These smell amazing!'

Although Anarchy did not have a lot of time to develop, all four of them had all the necessary equipment needed.

That was the truth when it came to healing consumables. The three were drooling when they looted a first aid kit, five bandages, and one energy drink.

After they had looted the crates, GodV and Cpt then realized something incredibly important!

If their enemy had chosen to contain them instead of raid them, how long could they last... if the two parties were to endure outside the blue circle?

The answer was very apparent.

However, no one knew if Liu Zilang's screwed-up grenade was intentional or unintentional, it had broken the stalemate!

Wait a minute... Was this within his plans?

Cpt and GodV stared at each other before turning their heads to look at Liu Zilang in shock!

The strategic Liu Zilang who was using bandages while crouching down did not realize that his mistake had GodV and Cpt pondering for so long...

If he knew of it, he would have most likely smiled. \"That's right. Everything was within my calculations.\"

After clearing up the battlefield, Liu Zilang and the other two looted Aluka before continuing to scour Pochinki.

The first blue circle was not painful at all and they could sustain themselves with energy drinks.

It would be unreasonable for 4AM to not scour the rest of Pochinki since Anarchy had given them what they needed.

Although they did not have a vehicle, the distance to the Safe Zone was not far since it had spawned at the top left of the map. All they had to do after they left the city was travel northwest toward the wooden house beside the Ruins and they would enter the Safe Zone.

They had more than enough time.

Since they were the only ones left in Pochinki, the three decided to split up and search the entire area.

Seeing that the battle in Pochinki at the beginning of the game had ended, the caster shifted his attention toward the other locations.

\"Hmm... We can see that the majority of the squads have started running away from the blue circle. If we take a closer look, we can see that many squads are entering the Safe Zone from the bottom left of the Safe Zone.\"

\"In this match where the Safe Zone goes against the flight route, it's without a doubt that the squads on the other side are at a disadvantage.

\"Oh! Royad at Sosnovka Military Base has chosen to head toward Georgopol via the sea.\"

\"Hehe. They seem to be mimicking 4AM's grand cruise from the previous match.\"

\"Huh? Wait a minute, why's there a car heading toward Pochinki right now?\"

\"It's Big Brother A+ and his squad! They stole a car from Pochinki so that they could scour the rural areas. They probably thought that no one's in Pochinki since Pochinki has been outside of the blue circle for some time.\"

\"It'll be quite interesting if that's the case. Everything depends on 4AM if they're able to discover them in time. IFTY may have come to return the car they stole earlier back to them.\"

\"It's hard to say for now. IFTY is a very cautious squad and we can see that they have healed up before entering the city. 4AM may not have the high ground if the two are to fight since IFTY has a full four-man squad.\"