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448 Did You Seriously Just Take Half A Step Back?

 'Aren't they a little bit too sneaky!'

GodV and Cpt looked extremely irritated the moment they saw the black muzzle.

Since they knew that the enemy had yet to leave and they knew of their current location as well, they knew what their next step had to be.

Although Liu Zilang and Aluka had exhausted all of their Frag Grenades earlier, they had replenished their stock after blasting the two enemies to death.

While GodV and Cpt observed the weapon that was protruding out from the wall, Liu Zilang took out a Frag Grenade.

He pulled its pin!

He let it cooked!

\"Make way!\"

Liu Zilang said at the top of his lungs.

GodV and Cpt immediately made way for him the instant they turned around.

They found the click familiar and realized that Liu Zilang had activated a Frag Grenade before he had said so.

The window right in front of them was extremely narrow and it was obvious that Liu Zilang had cooked his Frag Grenade.


If Liu Zilang were to miss!

The consequences were unimaginable.

Hence, GodV and Cpt rationally decided to stay further away from Liu Zilang and took a step back.

'Did you guys seriously just take a step back?

'Why are you exaggerating over such a small act...'

Liu Zilang crooked his mouth as he realized what they had done. \"Are you guys worried about me throwing a grenade?\"

GodV and Cpt felt bad the moment they heard Liu Zilang.

That was because Liu Zilang's Frag Grenade had never disappointed them in a tournament before.

GodV and Cpt then took two steps forward to show their trust toward him.

However, Liu Zilang had made his move by then.

As he counted to three, he started running, raised his right hand and then threw the Frag Grenade into the distance!

\"Oh! Vic has thrown a Frag Grenade!\"

\"Hehe. Ah Lang, this kid sure loves to fool around but his grenades are pretty good.\"

As the two discussed on the commentary platform, they heard a clank!

'Uhh... What was that?'

The viewers in the live stream and stadium were startled by the sound!

'That can't be right!'

When a Frag Grenade is thrown out of the window, should it not go kaboom on the other side of the wall?

Why was there a clank instead?

Inside the game, Cpt and GodV lost it the instant they saw the Frag Grenade deflect back...

The two immediately jumped to the back as quickly as rabbits.

As Liu Zilang landed with his feet on the ground, he saw the Frag Grenade roll back to his feet as it hit the window frame.

He did not move a single muscle as he knew better than anyone else when the grenade would explode...

After the Frag Grenade rolled on the ground for a brief moment, it exploded!

An ear-deafening explosion blasted and Liu Zilang was knocked out as smoke spread while a bright light flashed. He fell to the ground as he covered his abdomen with his hand.

Cpt and GodV who managed to escape in time were traumatized as they looked at the sorry state Liu Zilang was in.

The words that came out of Liu Zilang's mouth were reverberating in their ears...

'Are you guys... worried about me throwing a grenade?'

The three casters on the commentary platform looked at each other and were at a loss for words.

Ms-Joy and Sy looked at Su Changming who had teased Liu Zilang strangely... They were thinking as to why he loved teasing his old teammate all the time.

The viewers in the stadium fell to their knees in disappointment when they saw Liu Zilang throw his Frag Grenade confidently a short while ago.

They were on the verge of bursting into laughter.

Nothing more could be expected from the viewers watching the official stream from all sorts of streaming platforms.

The bullet screens were bombarded.

\"Hahaha! You have your bad days too!\"

\"Think about what you've done in the past.\"

\"Vic's really too playful. I almost believed that he would succeed.\"

\"It would be really funny if he did succeed in throwing the ball at low altitude!\"

\"Unfortunately, Vic couldn't escape from his fate. What must come will eventually come.\"

\"Wait a minute! Why do I feel that Vic is trying to kill 4AM instead!\"

Meanwhile inside the game.

All four Anarchy members were startled when they heard a huge explosion come from the building as they hid behind the wall.

They then looked at the Kill Notification on the top right of their screens. \"4AM-Vic accidentally knocked out himself with Frag Grenade!\"

They were delighted after they regained their senses!

The person they were worried about the most had injured himself.

That was it!

SexyPIG did not need to say a word as all four of them immediately got out from their cover.

\"Two at the front and back. Throw a Frag Grenade when we head upstairs and charge in directly afterward!\"


SexyPIG gave simple instructions and the four split into groups of two as they raided the building from the front and back.

As two of them entered the building from the rear, they cautiously checked the rooms and toilet on the ground floor.

\"Ground floor clear!\"

\"They're on the first floor. I'll throw a grenade.\"

SexyPIG entered the building from the front as he looked up the staircase from the side.

He then cooked a grenade in his hand and threw it up.

SexyPIG's Frag Grenade did not explode the instant it landed. It did not bounce off the wall as well.

His Frag Grenade had boringly reached the entrance of the staircase on the first floor.

\"SexyPIG's throw is quite traditional!\"

\"Yes. His intention of throwing this Frag Grenade isn't to bomb someone. He's just trying to scare his enemy.\"

\"He really is a cunning pig from Korea. Cpt is currently reviving his teammate and GodV isn't able to camp by the staircase even if he wanted to.\"

On the first floor, Cpt crouched down while he pulled Liu Zilang up. The channeling bar was only halfway through.

GodV was planning to camp by the staircase but the Frag Grenade had forced him to retreat to the other side.

GodV did not have any grenades on him. He anxiously took out a Molotov Cocktail from his backpack and threw it before firing rapidly at the door!

\"Da da da!\"


The Molotov Cocktail started spreading in the corridor as bullets were fired at the wall just beside it!

As Anarchy faced such a double-layered attack, the four-man squad was stuck at the staircase even though they were extremely confident a second ago.

\"Nice! GodV's counterattack is extremely effective! He's managed to block Anarchy's first wave of attack!\"

\"However, there'll be a period where they'll be left defenseless the instant he runs out of ammo. The Molotov Cocktail doesn't last long as well and Anarchy doesn't seem to plan to back down from this.\"

\"Everything will depend on Cpt of he's able to pull Vic up in time.\"

At the side of the corridor on the first floor.

Three seconds!

Two seconds!

One second!

\"Heal up while I cover you.\"

Cpt immediately took out his M4 the instant he revived Liu Zilang.

He then took GodV's place and exhausted half of his magazine's ammo.

However, Liu Zilang had disappeared behind him when he turned around again.