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447 A Weapon Protruding Through The Wall!


Aluka was expecting to land with a hand supporting himself on the ground the instant he jumped out of the balcony.

However, he fell to his knee the instant he landed...

Aluka was stunned as he immediately screamed, \"F*ck. A squad is sneaking toward us from Pochinki...\"

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Before he finished speaking, a chain of bullets came from the side of the wall!

What came after was the sound of bullets entering his body.

Aluka tilted his head as he turned into a crate.

\"Anarchy-SexyPIG killed 4AM-Aluka with SCAR-L\"

Everything happened so quickly that Aluka had been sacrificed to the Gods before Liu Zilang and the rest were able to come out and save him...

GodV said when he realized what was going on, \"F*ck. It's that stupid pig from Korea.\"

\"Do you mean SexyPIG?\" Liu Zilang looked at the ID.

\"What should we do? Should we fight it out?\" Cpt asked.

\"They killed Aluka. We need to avenge him!\" Liu Zilang said.

Aluka who was the victim of the incident became really calm out of the blue.

He caved in and spoke up, \"The enemy should be a full four-man squad. I'm fine, you guys should leave if you can.\"

\"Oh. Let's hurry on then.\" Liu Zilang changed his decision immediately. \"We won't be able to get onto public transport at the entrance of the city in time if we're late.\"

Aluka was speechless as he heard his words...

\"Stop joking around. We should just play by ear for the time being.\" GodV listened carefully to the footsteps outside as he frowned. \"We'll fight them if they wish to fight us and we'll ignore them if they choose to retreat. We can avenge Aluka at the end of the game.\"

GodV had his eyes on the big picture when he took command.

However, Liu Zilang raised his own concerns after GodV gave the order. \"What if they can't last until the very end?\"

\"Can't last until the very end... Huh?\"

GodV stuttered as he glanced at Liu Zilang confusingly...

Outside of the building just behind the wall.

\"The rest of the enemy squad should still be inside the building. What should we do? Should we raid them?\" ESTH3R looked worried as he asked.

\"Raid? On what basis can we raid them?\" SexyPIG was extremely straightforward. \"I've been taking note of the Kill Notifications all this while. Although they fought a war earlier, none of them died except for the one we killed. The three of them are definitely inside the building.\"

\"Not a single one of them died?\"

The remaining three Anarchy members were shocked as they did not realize it at all.

\"They've managed to eliminate the entire squad MITH. Looks like 4AM has some serious skill,\" Yureka praised.

SexyPIG turned his head, looked at him and added on, \"Technically, all of them had been dealt with by Vic alone.\"

\"Him alone?\"

The lot inhaled deeply upon hearing his words.

When they heard the name Vic, they recalled Liu Zilang's every move near the end of the game in the previous match. This included his ridiculous stunt of jumping into the ocean alone and then delivering a Frag Grenade, eliminating Royad in the boat.

Everything clicked instantly in their heads as they were extremely hyped to fight against him.

In the Korean PUBG community, Royad and Anarchy had been rivals with each other.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Anarchy had been oppressed by Royad most of the time.

Nothing could be done about it. Royad was a very powerful squad.

Their squad consisted of one of Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods, Kim Doohwan, and three of Asia's Top Five Players, Brother Benz, ruliweb, and TaPel. Although the last two were not that well known, they were FPS players from another game and possessed an incredibly strong foundation as well as skill.

On the other hand, even though Anarchy was a very famous squad in Korea, the three players other than SexyPIG were basically \"newbies\".

Hence, Anarchy who had always been oppressed by Royad felt very motivated before the Qualifiers in Jianghai.

They wanted to prove themselves to the world that they were better than Royad.

The opportunity was right in front of them.

When Royad had been eliminated single-handedly by Liu Zilang, the Korean viewers were extremely frustrated!

The winners cheered while the losers vented!

The Korean flamers were no worse than those in China. After flaming for a while, they returned back to supporting Royad.

If Anarchy were to eliminate 4AM in the second match, at the very beginning of the game, after Royad had lost...

Anarchy would without a doubt be supported and cheered on by Korean viewers.

The Anarchy members looked at each other in the eye in their seats. They could feel each other's motivation burning in their eyes!

SexyPIG opened the map and looked at the Safe Zone.

The first Safe Zone had spawned and It was located around Georgopol while Pochinki was not within the Safe Zone.

SexyPIG took a deep breath as he stared at the building in front of him. \"All of you stay in your current positions. We won't raid them but we'll guard this house to the very end.\"

The rest of the Anarchy members knew SexyPIG's intentions the instant they heard his words and they were extremely pumped up!

'Let's do this!'

'We'll swim back home together with Royad if we lose anyway!'

However, how could they lose based on the situation they were in?

On the commentary platform.

Su Changming started churning his brain and understood the situation as he watched the game.

He raised his eyebrow slightly. \"Anarchy seems to be trying to restrict their movements. This is bad news for 4AM.\"

Sy nodded at the side as he analyzed the situation in detail. \"Now that Pochinki is not within the Safe Zone, 4AM will be at a great disadvantage if the two parties are to hold it out.\"

\"Indeed.\" Ms-Joy had noticed it as well and spoke to the viewers in the live stream and venue, \"Perhaps some viewers have not caught on yet but I'm sure everyone has noticed it. In this match, 4AM engaged in a battle with MiTH when they landed and found guns. This means that they don't have any healing consumables and only have guns and bullets in their hands.\"

\"However, Anarchy isn't in the same situation.\" Su Changming butted in and continued the explanation, \"While the two squads were busy dyeing the sky red, Anarchy had snuck toward them while scouring the houses they passed by. Technically speaking, they arrived after developing themselves.\"

\"Correct. If the two are to compete against each other to see who can last longer in the blue circle, 4AM will definitely be fighting an uphill battle.\"

Meanwhile in the game.

The remaining three 4AM members quickly realized this as well when they looked at the map.

They waited for a while before Cpt camped beside the wall on the first floor and looked out of the window. He then asked curiously, \"Do you think they've left?\"

\"I don't know.\" GodV shrugged as he smiled. \"Why don't you head out and find out?\"

\"Stop fooling around!\" Liu Zilang said sternly. \"I'll do a handstand and take a sh*t if they've left.\"

\"How do you know they're here?\"

Cpt was shocked by Liu Zilang's deadly promise.

Liu Zilang walked toward him and pointed at the wall outside. \"Do you see that wall over there?\"

\"Yes.\" Cpt nodded, thinking as if the guy had X-ray vision.

\"Take a closer look.\" Liu Zilang gave him a friendly reminder.

GodV came over curiously as well as he listened at the side.

The two scanned the wall from left to right and their mouths crooked.

They could see a long, black muzzle protruding out sneakily from the wall...