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446 An Unimaginable Level of Instincts!

 Seeing both Liu Zilang and Aluka toss nades at the same time, in order not to miss any action, the observer chose to display the POVs of both sides.

At that point, the giant electronic screen on the stage was split into two screens, showing the viewers a clear shot of Aluka tossing the grenade up the stairwell and the grenade landing right at the upstairs door of the stairwell.

At the same time, the two MITH players swiftly dodged away toward the right.

At that time, it was obvious that the nade would not be able to hit them.

In the commentary booth, Su Changming sighed when he saw that. \"How unfortunate. The last nade by Aluka didn't go far enough.\"

\"Yep, but I feel like this was one of the few situations where he should not have missed this badly. After all, playing nades still require a certain amount of understanding of game physics.\"

Ms-Joy also nodded. \"That's right, though sometimes, it's useless no matter how well you throw your nade. However, there are other times where blindly throwing a nade will show miraculous results.\"

Ms-Joy's second line had no doubt explained the \"great profoundness\" of nade-tossing.

Just as water retains no shape, there are no constants in war.[1]

Hence, against an opponent that was prepared, a player should go for an unorthodox nade-tossing tactic - the \"Blind Toss\".

If it succeeds, it would be a God-tier professor-level \"no-look nade\", used in countless montages and highlight reels.

If it fails, it is no big deal.

They could even claim that it was a pre-fire nade, only that the pre-fire angle was a bit off.

However, for Aluka's perfectly aimed nade, even without thinking of its success, the lack of hope and expectations were unsatisfying enough.

At that time, Sy who was also looking at the screen shook his head. \"Sigh, there's no point mentioning the nade that Vic tossed from the side. He might not have known that the door on the second floor was closed.\"

Su Changming turned around and continued to look at the screen before saying softly, \"Yep, that nade was tossed in from the side through the anti-burglary windows. It was blocked inside the room by the door, that's a missed nade.\"

Hearing Su Changming's words, the originally hyped-up audience died down.

Although Su Changming was infamously known for having the Artosis Curse[2], often giving wrong predictions in his commentary. Even the crowd could see that it was nothing the Artosis Curse could salvage...

The next moment, the nade that Aluka tossed exploded.

With a loud bang, a ball of flame erupted as smoke filled the entire stairwell.

However, no one would have expected what happened next.

At that time, something suddenly flew through the smoke along with the wooden fragmentation that flew everywhere. It then stopped as it hit the ceiling of the building with a \"clunk\".

'What was that?'

Hearing the sudden sound, the two MITH players who were hiding around the corner were shell-shocked!

The next instance, they turned around to see a small Frag Grenade slowly rolling over on the ground.

The two MITH players were completely wide-eyed!


This notion popped up in their heads. However, before their nervous systems could transmit the message to their body...


Along with the familiar sound of an explosion, everything was shrouded in smoke and flames!

The only thing different this time was that there were two ragdolls flying out of this smoke. All of this overloaded the viewers' vision and hearing.

Then, two kill notifications popped up in the kill feed at the same time.

\"4AM-Vic killed MiTH-CigaretteS with Frag Grenade!\"

\"4AM-Vic killed MiTH-Ezqelusia with Frag Grenade!\"

It was without a doubt a \"Frag Grenade Double Kill\", leaving the three casters who seemed to have a lot to say earlier with their jaws dropped.

The livestream viewers were wide-eyed, and their brains felt numb from trying to process what had happened.


Suddenly, someone remembered about Su Changming's Artosis Curse. That person took a deep breath and shouted, \"All hail the mighty Artosis! Hip hip, hooray!\"

\"Holy sh*t! Vic is just showing off at this point!\"

\"What kind of f*cking combo nade is that?! Not gonna lie, the coordination they had just now was Godlike. This must be just as good, if not better, than those other 'Professor-level no-look nades', right?\"

\"Although it's a bit unsportsmanlike, I really wanna know how much PTSD the MITH crew is feeling right now.\"

\"MITH states that they will not go home sober tonight.\"

\"MITH: Let the four of us get drunk tonight, may the strong alcohol set our worries aside!\"

After everyone recovered from being awestruck, the roast session suddenly began.

However, over at the commentary booth, the three casters were basking in the aftermath of what Liu Zilang had done.

As casters, they were clear about the connotations the play suggested.

\"If I hadn't witnessed it myself, I wouldn't have believed that two Frag Grenades could be coordinated to such a degree!\"

\"How the hell did he even come up with that idea? Vic's instincts when it comes to combat is truly at an unimaginable level. This play literally just smashed through the problem in PUBG regarding 'how to attack a building' to pieces.\"

\"Hehe, I think you're overexaggerating a bit, this kind of thing isn't something anyone can pull off after all.\"

\"Boss Su had a point. In that last play, Vic based the trajectory of his nade purely based on his memory of the building before tossing it through the window and door. He had it bounce off the ceiling and finally land at their opponents' feet. This type of precision and accuracy is something not even most pro players can pull off, right? Then, why mention casual pubg players?\"

\"Alright, I admit that there's an entry barrier entry for that. However, it can't be denied that he's created a whole new viable option for attacking buildings - the \"Combo Nade\". If someone manages to pull off this level of coordination, I feel like there'll no longer be any 'super-campers' squatting inside a house all day in the near future.\"

'Yep, that's a fair point. Ehhh, wait a minute! The Anarchy squad has rotated over\"

As the three casters were doing what they did best - analyzing the \"Combo Nade\" hat Liu ZIlang and Aluka had pulled off, they suddenly saw Anarchy's movement from the minimap.

\"It seems like Anarchy is one step too late, or rather, I should say that they didn't expect the battle between 4AM and MITH to end so quickly.\"

\"I feel like you can't really say that they were too slow. By the time Anarchy reaches the place, if they manage to stealthily hide from sight, I feel like it isn't a bad time for them to make a move.\"

\"Oh! I get it now... You're trying to say that they can sit back and wait for their prey to deliver themselves[3]?\"

Then, the development of the next few moments went all according to the \"Prophet\" Sy's predictions.

Anarchy rotated over to a closer spot but did not continue to loot. They were spread out in the area, seemingly creating a \"pocket formation\" and surrounding the building that 4AM was in.

\"Ah Ssi! It's that guy after all.\"

SexyPig was so excited that his face was flushed red. \"At last, I found you.\"

On a serious note, in that tournament, SexyPig was as much of a victim to Liu Zilang's antics as Kim Doohwan.

If the two were to compete on how much suffering the \"Great Demon Lord\" Liu Zilang had caused them, they would most likely tie.

At that point in the game, Aluka who had finished looting jumped out of the building from the second-floor balcony.


Suddenly, gunshots rang out as blood spurted out of Aluka's body in mid-air!


[1] A line taken from Sun Tzu's Art of War, explaining the chaos and randomness in a battle.

[2] The original term here was \"Poisonous Milk\", which is a reference to the Poisonous Baby Milk Powder scandal in China. Both \"Poisonous Milk\" and \"Artosis Curse\" are used in the Starcraft community to describe the two Starcraft casters Xiaose and Artosis, with the former being the Chinese equivalent of the latter. The common similarity these two casters have is that they are both infamously bad at making predictions, hence the Chinese community referring to Xiaose as \"Poisonous Milk\" and the Western community coining the term \"Artosis Curse\" in his name. Read: and

[3] The Chinese saying is \"\", which literally means \"watching a tree whilst waiting for a rabbit\". It originates from a story where a hunter one day sees a rabbit knocking itself out at a tree, so he went to wait at the tree every single day hoping another rabbit would come and knock itself out. It is normally used to describe a person who is mindlessly waiting for good fortune to befall on them, but in this case, it is the literal meaning.