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445 A Certain Scientific Frag Grenade from Hell!

 Title Translator's Note: A reference to the Light Nove/Anime/Manga \"A Certain Scientific Railgun\".


The name of the game was simplicity.[1]


As the live audience and livestream viewers saw the scene, all of their eyes started to twitch. However, there was also quite a number of audience members who could not hold back their laughter.

\"666, And the Academy Award for Best Actor goes to... Vic!\"

\"Hahaha, I'm dying of laughter! That trick was too good!\"

\"What a mind-melting play! That bastard is definitely one of the old guards of gaming!\"

\"Not to be offensive or anything but in these two matches, Vic's plays completely shattered the definition of logic. I feel like the Thai Macho Men must be breaking down at this point!\"

\"I have a feeling that his play will be the new go-to counter for flashbangs! F*cking hell, no one's going to dare use it now!\"

Needless to say, Liu Zilang's tactic whereby he randomly sprayed at the wall had left everyone dumbstruck!

Even the best award-winning actors[2] would not have played like that, right?

In the game, Minoru who was kneeling at the stairwell finally realized what had happened.

Under the scrutiny of so many viewers and audience members, he was treated like a toy by Liu Zilang... Instantly, Minoru's facial expression changed into one that was similar to Tanx. The urge to slam his face through his keyboard had surfaced!

On the other hand, Liu Zilang did not look too much into it. What he had done was purely due to an idea that had suddenly popped up in his head. He wanted to see if the enemy would take the bait.

He had expected it to be \"rotten bait\", and he did not expect the opponent to get lured in so easily...

Since he had a gun, he was not eager for frags.

At that point, there were only two more MITH players left. GodV and the gang were also on their way there.

Naturally, Liu Zilang would not mind using the fish he had caught as bait to net the remaining fish all at once.

However, MITH would have learned from the two lessons earlier. They probably would not fall for the same thing all over again,

However, the main thing that stopped them from falling for the same thing again was that on their way there, the last two MITH players had coincidentally bumped into GodV and the gang.

When the two parties saw each other, they did not instantly go down in a fight to the death. Both sides quickly got behind cover and started having a proper duel. After a while, the two MITH players wanted to try tossing a few nades.

However, all of a sudden, they saw GodV rotating to the side to get a better angle.

They were down by two players...

With that in mind, the MITH players suddenly no longer dared to stand their ground against Aluka and company.

After frantically tossing a couple of nades, they quickly turned around and hightailed out of there. Seemingly panicking, they scurried into another building that looked similar to the one Liu Zilang was in.

Hearing the callouts from GodV, Aluka, and Cpt, he guessed that his aspiration to be the \"Fishing King\" would not come true.

With that out of the way, Liu Zilang finished off the kneeling Minoru who was waiting for his execution. After Liu Zilang looted his crate, he started rotating over toward GodV and the others to provide support.

However, after the two MITH members entered the building, they took a page from Liu Zilang's book and shut themselves upstairs. After charging upstairs, they camped there like a tortoise that was hiding in its shell, refusing to come out.

At that time, facing that cramped stairwell, the four of them knew that their advantage in numbers had been rendered useless.

Hence, they had no choice but to try tossing some nades from below.

In the commentary booth, the three casters were desperately trying to hold back their laughter as they gave an analysis of the situation.

\"This looks interesting, I never expected the Thai squad to know about the saying 'Do unto others what they did unto you.'[3]\"

\"Looks like the roles have been once again reversed. MITH is now defending whilst 4AM is attacking. If they're just going to be tossing nades, 4AM won't be able to finish their siege in time.\"

\"That seems to be the case but on a side note, I need to remind everyone that there are more than just these two teams that dropped in Pochinki this round. As we can see, after hearing all the gunshots and nades, Anarchy seems to be moving over to check out the situation.\"

\"That's definitely something the 4AM players have to take note off. If they focus too much on attacking the building and get ambushed by Anarchy, they would be prone to being sandwiched between MITH and Anarchy within the building.\"

\"Mmhmm, so I suggest 4AM pick up the pace. If they can't finish off their prey, they should just leave them be. After all, Vic has made a small killing from the two frags he got earlier. There's no need to fight MITH to the bitter end here.\"

\"That's right, in a building like this, as long as players hide behind a wall or inside the room on the left, they can not only hold an angle down the stairwell but also prevent themselves from getting fragged by grenades.\"

\"I agree with that point. Furthermore, Vic, in a sense, managed to get both his counter-kills precisely due to this positional advantage. Who would've thought that it was now time for them to taste their own medicine? I feel like attacking the second floor within this short amount of time will be excessively difficult.\"

Just as the two casters were analyzing the situation, Liu Zilang had made his way over to the small building.

Being the very survivor from the same type of building, he undoubtedly had a much deeper and better understanding of the structure of the building.

Aluka pulled out the last grenade that had been \"shared\" between him, GodV and Cpt. However, when he was about to throw the nade, Liu Zilang opened his mouth, \"Alu, you can't get them from that angle. They probably went behind the wall by the corner.\"

Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Aluka was a little displeased.

However, seeing how his first two nades had missed, he could not help but sigh as he angrily said, \"Who the hell was the architect of this building? This is literally custom-made for f*cking campers...\"

Liu Zilang wanted to nod in agreement but he suddenly felt a bit weird agreeing with those words. It was as if those words were bouncing back straight at him like a self-deprecating insult.

He could not help but cough out wryly before saying seriously, \"Everything exists for a reason, let's objectively look and treat these things. There's always a way, no need for personal attacks.\"

Hearing that, Aluka was stunned. It was as if it was the first time he had heard Liu Zilang say such wise words.

GodV and Cpt had realized the meaning behind Liu Zilang's words as they tried their best to muffle their laughter.

However, after Liu Zilang finished speaking, he fell silent.

It was almost as if he was deep in thought.

Well, in reality, he was technically deep in thought.

Liu Zilang thought back to the situation he was in back on the second floor previously. Suddenly, something linked in his head as an idea popped up.

'No time to delay, let's just try it.'

Liu Zilang walked over to the side of the building and said to Aluka, \"When you throw your nade later, try to throw it nearer to the entrance of the stairwell.\"

\"Aim at the entrance of the stairwell?\" Aluka who had tried everything asked suspiciously, \"Then wouldn't it be even worse?

He had tossed two \"No-look Nades\" previously but neither of them hit.

\"Yep, you toss one first, I'll cook mine a bit before throwing it.\" Liu Zilang did not bother explaining.

Hearing him, Aluka who was still dubious questioned, \"That place... Can you really get it in?\"

Liu Zilang was not fully confident in his words but he let out a small smile and said, \"I'll try.\"

Aluka was stunned but he nodded.

Then, being watched by countless viewers and audience members, Aluka tossed his nade up the stairwell with all his might.


As soon as the grenade hit the floor, Liu Zilang aimed at the anti-burglary window and tossed a single Frag Grenade inside...


[1] It's a parody of the song lyrics from Joker Xue's() song \"Actor\"(), the original lyrics were \",\", which translates to \"A bit simpler, make the way you talk a bit simpler\", whereas the author changes (talking), into (game).

[2] The term used here in Chinese is \"Film Emperor\", which is a term used to call the actors who have gotten one of the various prestigious acting awards like the Oscars, the Golden Globe Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards, etc.

[3] It is a line from the famous Chinese Wuxia novel \"Tian Long Ba Bu\", or as it is known in the West, \"Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils\". It has no relation to the Bible quote 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'