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444 I Should Cooperate With Your Performance…

 Outside the building, MiTH support had arrived though albeit too late. The MiTH rifler, Minoru found an M16 as soon as he dropped and was originally planning on charging into his opponents face to gun him down before he could grab a gun.

However, by the time he reached the building, he noticed that his squadmate had been finished off.

Obviously, the enemy had gotten a gun.

With that in mind, Minoru's footsteps slowed down right in front of the building.

After all, \"Duplex\" type buildings had a special characteristic. The second-floor hallway at the stairwell was notoriously hard to attack whilst it was extremely easy to defend.

As long as the enemy held an angle down the stairwell, even if the remaining players of his squad charged up together with him, they would not be able to do much. With that being said, Minoru could not do anything alone.

The stairway of such types of buildings was just too cramped, it could only fit a single person.

If two people charged up at once, they would body-block each other, causing a difficult situation at the stairwell.

On the other hand, if it was only a single person with TPP as an option, the player on the second floor had the natural vision advantage. If the defender had a gun, as long as they were fast enough, they had an eighty percent chance of winning the battle. Such staircases were also the place where countless Top 10 \"Shotgun Spreadshots\" highlight montages got their material from.

Naturally, when it comes to speed, it would not be a problem for a professional player. Hence, it was a given for the miracle FPS prodigy player - Liu Zilang.

Hence, when Minoru looked in at the empty stairwell from outside the building, he started to feel like he was entering a lion's den.

\"Be careful, he's got a gun now!\" Tanx, who had been killed by Liu Zilang, said as he gritted his teeth.

Originally, he was extremely confident about killing him but never would he have imagined that he would be countered and killed, much less to a \"logic-defying\" play.

At that point, thinking back at the countless audience and viewers who witnessed it, Tanx had the sudden urge to smash his head through his keyboard on the spot and die.

On the other hand, Minoru had no intention to storm into the building at that point. Tanx's words had no doubt turned into the perfect excuse for him to avoid going on a suicide mission.

At that time, the smartest choice for him was to sit downstairs and wait for the cavalry to arrive. However, the thought of enemy reinforcements arriving also popped up in his head.

Hence, his plan was no longer a smart choice.

With that in mind, Minoru who was still outside the building started to use the TPP vision exploit to survey the stairwell as much as he could.

Although it looked absolutely empty and completely silent, he knew for sure that there was someone right above the stairwell.

The next moment, he pulled out a Stun Grenade that he had picked up earlier.

'Win or lose...

'Everything comes down to this Stun Grenade.'

Seeing this from the observer's camera on the big screen, the casters were absolutely stunned.

\"Tsk tsk, looks like the Thai Macho Men squad isn't just no brains and all brawn. Minoru pulling out a Stun Grenade is a good choice.\"

\"Yeah, I feel like in these kinds of situations, the Stun Grenade's effects are much more desirable than the Frag Grenade. This is because there's cover on both sides of the hallway above the stairwell. A Frag Grenade would be easily dodged in such circumstances. However, so long as the enemy even accidentally looks at the Stun Grenade, they would be hit by its blinding effects.\"

\"That's right, there's also an issue with the Frag Grenade whereby it's not fast enough to kill anyone without pre-cooking it. If you were to cook the Frag Grenade, the sound of pulling its pin and aiming it would be too obvious at such a distance. In terms of stealth, it's much worse off than a Stun Grenade...\"


Before the casters could finish, Minoru could be seen cooking the Stun Grenade in his hand for a single second before tossing it upstairs through the stairwell.


A loud and dull explosion rang out from upstairs!

Needless to say, as a Rifler, Minoru had an accurate grasp on the timings of \"entry weapons\" like the Stun Grenade.

However, the real question was...

Did the flash hit?

Minoru who was standing at the entrance hesitated slightly.

However, the next moment, almost as if replying to his suspicions, a series of random gunshots rang out from the stairwell coming from upstairs.

Minoru was briefly stunned before he let out a wide grin!

At the same time, watching in Spectator Mode, Tanx cheered!

\"NAISU[1]! That bastard has been blinded! Quick! Go now! Go f*ck him up!\"

Tanx shouted with intense emotions.

After all, seeing that he was about to be avenged, how could he not be excited at that moment?

'Wanna play with stupid tricks?

'Two can play at that game!'

Minoru quickly charged into the building, taking big steps as he ran up the stairs.

In that version of the game, the blinding effect of the Stun Grenade had been nerfed down to around four to five seconds.

Hence, he had to grasp the opportunity quickly.

At that time, the sound of a gun reloading could be heard from upstairs.

The enemy had obviously emptied his entire magazine from spraying randomly due to being blind.

Hearing that sound, Minoru's confidence grew bigger.

With that in mind, Minoru tightened his grip on the M16 as a smile appeared on his face.

'Let me send you off right now!'

As he held up his gun, he rapidly charged up the stairwell.

Never would Minoru have expected that halfway through his charge, right when he reached the second flight of stairs, half a silhouette of a man peeking out from a room would be pointing a pitch-black muzzle at his face.

It was almost as if the homeowner had peeked out to greet his guest.

'Hey brother, have you eaten yet?

'Wait a minute!

'Who the hell would ask that question whilst carrying a gun?

'And wasn't he blind just a moment ago?

'Only two seconds have passed, did he really recover that quickly?'

At that point, before Minoru could even think about defending himself, his instincts kicked in as he ADS'd on his gun.

\"Pew pew pew!\"


As a professional rifler, Minoru's reflexes were definitely not slow. Furthermore, with an M16 in hand, he had the advantage over Liu Zilang who was only using a UMP9.

However, Liu Zilang had cover!

In comparison to Liu Zilang, Minoru who was standing right in the middle of the stairway looked no different than a target practice dummy. He was so exposed that it looked like what he was doing was something only a newbie would do when attacking a building.

From the second floor, Liu Zilang held down the angle at the stairwell and started spraying rapidly!

Having the high ground and attacking someone without cover. He instantly annihilated the enemy!

\"4AM-Vic knocked out MiTH-Minoru with UMP9!\"

Seeing this scene on the screen, the audience members and livestream viewers were left wide-eyed...

SInce Minoru was the attacking party, the observer naturally showed everything from his perspective.

Hence, almost everyone who heard the frantic shooting upstairs after the Stun Grenade exploded made the same judgment as the two MiTH players did. Some of them had started paying their respects to Liu Zilang at that time!

However, the unforeseeable 180° turn in tides left everyone completely dumbstruck!

What the f*ck happened?

Then, the observer on duty gave everyone a replay of what happened.

However, this time, it was from Liu Zilang's point of view.

On the big screen, Liu Zilang noticed the incoming Stun Grenade and reflexively turned around to dodge it.

However, what happened next left everyone watching in shock.

Despite being completely fine, he started looking at the wall without any person in sight and started rapidly spraying as if he had a seizure...

[1] Transliteration of \"Nice\" written in Chinese text, changed slightly for flair.