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443 An Immature Thought!

 \"I see someone over there.\"

\"How many?\"

\"Only one! Doesn't look like he has a gun.\"

\"Check if there's anyone else. Be cautious, try and stall till we arrive.\"

The Thai Macho Men MiTH communicated in their voice chat as the UMP9-wielding rifler Tanx confirmed Liu Zilang's position.

As soon as Tanx confirmed that Liu Zilang did not have any backup within range, he followed him and moved closer.

As for Liu Zilang, as soon as he entered the room, he was ecstatic when he saw an 8x Scope lying on the floor.

He instantly ran over and grabbed it.

Out of the blue, he heard footsteps coming from outside.

Of course, since Liu Zilang had jumped over from the roof previously, his position had strayed a bit too far from GodV and the others. There were literally no squadmates around him.

Hence, footsteps appearing at such a time were definitely suspicious.

Especially since he only had a Red Dot Sight pistol equipped, the sounds coming from outside the building were even more frightening.

Thinking back to the 8x Scope he had just looted, Liu Zilang instantly steeled his resolve.

He stopped searching for loot in the building and ran through the room once more, this time jumping out of the building from the open-air balcony.

\"Someone's chasing me!\"

Liu Zilang yelled out in his voice chat.

Based on what he could remember, Aluka quickly answered, \"Might be that team that dropped near us that's rotating over. Be careful, they're a four-man squad.\"

At that time, Cpt, who had finished looting his building, shouted from the window on the second floor, \"I see him, there's another person behind him.\"

Hearing that, Liu Zilang who originally wanted to make a last stand with his little pistol in the building, abandoned that thought.

Under the presence of backup, the enemy would not rush in rashly.

When the enemy's squadmates arrived, Liu Zilang would be a sitting duck. It would be a lot more difficult for him to escape if it came to that.

With that in mind, Liu Zilang, who was originally camping behind the door ran up to the second floor. He once again leaped out of the building.

At that time, GodV was holding a Frying Pan in his hand. He speedily added, \"Persevere a little longer, I'll come save you as soon as I get a gun.\"

Hearing that, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched.

'By the time that happens, you'll be saving nothing but my cold dead corpse!'

At that same time, Tanx who was in hot pursuit of Liu Zilang heard the sound of glass shattering. He reported it to his squadmates as he continued on his chase.

After making his way around the corner, he saw Liu Zilang who had once again run into another building. Seeing him, he could not resist but let out a cold chuckle.

'This game of cat and mouse...

'It's time to end it!'

In the commentary booth, the casters looked intently at the development of the situation.

\"Oh no! It looks like this MiTH player has got Vic by the ropes!\"

\"That's right, 4AM's current problem now is that Vic's position is too far away from them. GodV and the other's won't be able to make it in time.\"

\"Oh! But it looks like backup has arrived for MiTH. Vic only has a tiny pistol right now, maybe he can force his way by knocking out one of them with this P1911. However, two would be out of the question.\"

\"Furthermore, Tanx seems to be sick of playing this cat and mouse game with Vic. He has just stormed into the building!\"

\"That seems to be the case. I feel like this will be an early GG for Vic...\"

Watching the development of the situation, a huge majority of the audience could not help but hold their breath!

However, there were also quite a few players that felt excited by those developments

Under normal circumstances, the first few minutes of a professional PUBG game usually provided boring content for the viewers. Some would even consider it as \"Smartphone Time\" for them.

However, as it goes to show, with Liu Zilang in the tournament, there would never be a dull moment.

'Every single time, he was the one pulling some sh*t on others...

'Mmm... Or getting sh*t pulled on him.'

On the other hand, hearing the stomping of a firing crew headed straight to his way, Liu Zilang could only lament over how helpless he was!

He was in despair!

The building he entered was a \"duplex\" style two-story building.

After he entered, the first thing he did was charge toward the stairwell opposite of the entrance before stomping his way upstairs.

The next moment, the guy also charged in. He was sticking onto Liu Zilang like a dogskin plaster.

Up against a UMP9, Liu Zilang merely had a single P1911 pistol to defend himself.

No matter how good Liu Zilang was, human beings were still prone to mistakes.

In such a situation, if he were to make the slightest mistake, his squadmates would not have the chance to save him.

In the midst of danger, a light bulb appeared in Liu Zilang's head. He had an immature thought!

As he was climbing up the stairs, he opened the door to his right.

The next moment, after he got to the second floor, he turned around.

However, he went left instead.

Tanx who was following closely behind Liu Zilang, opened the door at the first floor of the stairwell.

Coincidentally, after seeing Liu Zilang's silhouette disappear upstairs, he heard the sound of a door opening.

Without any hesitation, Tanx instantly switched over to FPP, as he ADS'd on his UMP9 whilst charging up the stairs.

'I'll strike you while you're down!'

After pursuing the guy for ages, Tanx was confident that Liu Zilang only had a pistol on him.

Under such circumstances, he had resolved himself to finish off Liu Zilang as soon as possible. He could not afford to let his prey get the opportunity to find a gun.

With FPP on, he could see everything ahead of him at the stairwell clearly without having to worry about his own player model blocking his vision.

Hence, Tanx strode up along the stairwell in pursuit of his prey.

The moment he saw the second-floor hallway, he noticed that the door on his right had been left ajar.

An important thing to note was that all the Duplex buildings in the area had their windows barred with iron grills. The windows inside the bathroom were also too small.

There was no more escaping!

Instantly, Tanx licked his lips as he let out a cold grin.

'No where left to run, kiddo!'

As soon as he got to the second floor, he instinctively turned right, before rapidly switching back from FPP. He was trying to exploit the TPP to take a look around the corner of the door.

Unexpectedly, before he could get a good look, a rapid series of gunshots rang out from behind him!


The moment Tanx heard the gunshots, he felt a spine-curling chill jolt through his body.

The next moment...

\"4AM-Vic knocked out MiTH-Tanx by headshot with P1911!\"

The hunter and the hunted, their roles had suddenly been reversed!

Seeing this, both the live audience and the livestream viewers went wild!

\"What the flying f*ck... What did I just witness?\"

\"666, GG man! That bastard Vic is really intelli... Ah pfft! I mean really evil and sly!\"

\"I pity Tanx, the Thai Macho Man had been extremely macho this round but it seems like brawn really can't beat brains after all.\"

\"The key here is that Vic is too sly. Under such circumstances, who in the right mind would go upstairs and open a door instead of going inside to find a gun and run behind the door?\"

\"What are these logical decisions and fundamentals you speak off? Hasn't this always been Vic's style?\"

Everyone watching was awestruck by Liu Zilang's amazing counter-attack...

In the game, Liu Zilang pointed his pistol at the guy's head before firing a few execution shots, instantly finishing off his enemy.

It was not that he had never thought about \"humiliating\" his enemy a little by leaving him alive as bait.

However, the problem was that he did not have a gun.

Furthermore, based on Cpt's information previously, there was at least another enemy coming over to gun him down. Hence, he chose the option that allowed him to get a gun as soon as possible.

Just as expected!

As soon as Liu Zilang picked up the UMP9 and reloaded it, footsteps could be heard from outside once more.

However, at the same time, GodV and his crew had found a few weapons and were on their way to provide support.