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442 A Perverse Player?

 Title Translator's Note: See the TN below for the translation of \"Perverse\".

After sending off Misaka Mikoto, the surrounding mummers slowly quietened down.

Seeing the GodV trio sneaking a few peeks at him, Liu Zilang helplessly asked, \"What are you looking at? We were together the entire time just now.\"

\"Oh, that's right!\" Aluka playfully smacked his head.

\"No, didn't you head out to the washroom for a while just now?\" GodV also smacked his head.

\"Hmm? You've got a point.\" Cpt smacked his head as well.

As if falling to peer pressure, Liu Zilang also smacked his head. However, his face started to frown. \"I was out for one bloody minute, what the hell do you think I could do?\"

With that one line, the faces of the three revealed an even more dubious expression.

Liu Zilang was utterly speechless.

Suddenly, the strobe lights above the stage started to flash once more as intense music started to play.

Once the melody faded, the three casters over at the commentary booth went to their seats.

\"Alright, welcome back everyone.\"

Su Changming who was seated in the middle of the commentary booth looked at the camera and said, \"You're watching the third day's second match for the PUBG Asia Qualifier. I'm your host, Su Changming.\"

\"I'm Ms-Joy.\"

\"And I'm Sy.\"

Ms-Joy and Sy followed along and introduced themselves.

\"We'll be having a total of three matches today. Just a moment ago, we completed the first match of the finals of the Squad Tournament. In the end, 4AM managed to get over their rough performance yesterday, coming out with a dominating victory. All four squad members were alive until the very end in the first round. In addition to that, they had a huge lead in terms of kill count.\"

\"That's right! Actually, if we think back to the first match that has just ended, we can see that 4AM made great decisions from start to finish. For example, their route toward the circle and where they held their positions. Their mindset going into today's matches is as clear as day.

\"That's definitely the case but this is especially true for the player Vic. His performance in the last match was absolutely amazing, pulling out various tricks and tactics whenever he could. I really want to ask, we all had our nine years of education but why is he so much more outstanding compared to us?\"

\"Hehe, maybe it's because he got special treatment from his teachers back in high school... But let's be real, when it comes to 'form', it really depends on multiple factors. This is especially true in a game like PUBG where there are lots of players in a single match. Now, the question is whether Vic is a consistent player or... Cough cough.\"

\"Err... A Perverse player[1]?\"

\"That's... Alright, we have received notification from the staff that the players have finished setting up their gear. Without further ado, let's look forward to another fantastic performance.\"

As the casters' voice faded, lights flashed on the stage that was decorated like a plane's cargo compartment. Then, the sound of a plane taking off could be heard.

The second match of the Squad Tournament Finals for the Asian Qualifiers had officially begun!

At the center of the stage's big screen, a single plane slowly moved in from the edge of the map.

\"Let's take a look at the flight path in this match. The plane is coming in from 8 o' clock from the bottom left corner of the map and it's moving from the Southwest to Northeast. It will pass directly over Gatka, Pochinki, Rozhak, and Yasnaya Polyana. Judging from this flight path, it will give players access to the major urban areas of the map. Ultimately, the plane will reach slightly North of Stabler before leaving Erangel.\"

\"That's right, in contrast with the last round, the early fights in this match will most likely be concentrated in the urban areas on the map. This will test the players' listening skills and close-range combat reaction speeds.\"

\"That definitely seems to be the case. Hence, under such circumstances, to the teams who are more reliant on sniping, this without a doubt spells trouble for them. Snipers can only utilize their potential at long distances.\"

\"Oh! Some squads have jumped. We can see that IG and Tyloo have dropped slightly above Gatka but based on the direction they're headed in, they seem to be moving over to either Hospital or Lower Georgopol.\"

\"Yep, at this point, we can see the plane reaching Pochinki. This time... Eh? 4AM and IFTY have jumped but it seems like IFTY's goal is grand theft auto. Their entire squad is headed straight for the garage over at the west side of Pochinki.\"

\"However, it looks like 4AM has other plans. They're currently displaying a marvelous square formation as they each drop into their respective areas.\"

\"Yep, excluding IFTY who seem to be making a run for it as soon as they drop, there seems to only be three squads that dropped in Pochinki this round - 4AM, Anarchy, and our old friends, the Thai Macho Men MiTH.\"

\"Now that the plane is reaching the end of its journey, we can see Guru Qiu leading Se7en as they drop over in Yasnaya Polyana; whereas Pig Emperor's KD squad was aiming for Guang Ming Peak. Other than Pig Emperor's KD squad, it seems like most of the other teams have given up on their usual drop spots this round.\"

As the casters were busy analyzing the various team drops, Liu Zilang and company landed on the ground.

The lurker of the squad, Aluka, remained in the sky to scout as usual. He was the last to land.

Pochinki was right in the middle of the entire map. It had bountiful loot and was a convenient location for any circle. However, the tradeoff was that the battles there were much more intense.

Normally, the only people who could survive in areas with such complicated topography would be squads who regularly hotdropped at Pochinki. For example, Squad Douyu17.

Overall, 4AM did not drop in those places too much but as professional players, they were definitely not unfamiliar with an area like Pochinki.

Furthermore, the reason they picked Pochinki in that match was simply because it was the most advantageous location they could put themselves in with that match's flight path.

After all, if they jumped too far to the side, even Liu Zilang was not confident in starting another \"Great Voyage\" in the match.

In addition, the most important part of surviving Pochinki was one's drop spots. They decided whether one became a recipient or a deliveryman[2].

At that time, 4AM had spread out in a square formation, dropping at the East side of Pochinki. Once Liu Zilang landed, he went for the three-story building where he could jump over to the roof of other buildings.

In the scenario where there were enemies in Pochinki, Aluka could scout out the situation before he landed. However, as a sniper, Liu Zilang had to quickly get a grasp of their enemies movements as soon as possible after he landed, giving accurate information to his squadmates. That was the key deciding factor for their success in Pochinki.

After he grabbed a backpack from the first floor, as he entered the second floor, he heard the sound of a car coming from the other side of Pochinki.

'A car!'

Aluka opened his mouth as he said, \"It should be that team over at the garage just now. Those bastards dropped in Pochinki just so they could steal a ride.\"

Hearing Aluka's words, the 4AM crew calmed down slightly. However, there was still an issue looming over their heads.

Whilst they were busy looting, those bastards would definitely not be satisfied with a single car. After they drove off in the car over at the garage, they would no doubt go over and pick up the vehicles that spawned around Pochinki.

That would not be a problem if the next circle was at Pochinki but if it was not, then even if Pochinki was at the middle of the map, they would have to make their way on foot for a long distance.

However, Liu ZIlang did not need to worry about that yet.

When he entered the building, he found a Red Dot Sight.

Then, he got a Level Two Helmet, Level Two Armor, and a Level-One Backpack.

However, by the time he reached the third-story balcony, the only weapon he had in his hands was a P1911.

'Taking a pistol to camp on the roof?

'Why does this image seem so wrong!?'

Hence, he jumped off the balcony onto the roof of another building to loot.

However, Liu Zilang failed to notice that as soon as he entered the room, in a far corner, there was a guy who was rotating over with a UMP9 in his hand.


[1] It's a play on words. The word \"consistent\" earlier was \"\", which means literally means \"normal state\"; whereas the word used here is \"\", which literally means \"changing state\". However, whilst the original intent of \"\" here is \"inconsistent\", the joke here is that it can also mean \"pervert/perverse\"  or more specifically, the Japanese term \"Hentai\".

[2] There have been many \"delivery\"-based references in the past but it is usually localized or left unexplained, so I'll take this opportunity to explain. In Chinese gaming culture, calling someone a \"deliveryman\" or something similar would mean that a player is \"delivering their life to another player\", though less intentional than feeding or INT-ing.