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441 Shifu, You Were Really Great!

 'Are they for real?'

Liu Zilang jolted as he took a small step backward. The smile on his face was still shining with bright confidence.

As the Royad members were getting closer, Kim Doohwan suddenly stopped in his tracks. Brother Benz who was standing right beside him was shocked. He began to hold his teammate back.

However, this time, Kim Doohwan was not as obedient as he was in the last match. Instead, he walked straight over to Liu Zilang.

He looked Liu Zilang in the eye with a complicated expression.

It was as if he was wondering how the shadow that he had finally blown past the day before had once again overtaken him in the previous match.

'Is the gap between us, really that inconceivably huge?'

With that in mind, Kim Doohwan could not help but speak in half-broken Chinese, \"The difference between us, really, how big is it?\"


Hearing Kim Doohwan's words, Liu Zilang was shocked.

To be honest, Liu Zilang knew that he was quite a gifted individual. However, he had never underestimated any professional players he faced.

Kim Doohwan gave off an aura of a young man that was similarly gifted like him.

In Liu Zilang's eyes, other than his looks and charisma being much better than the young man, he had never thought there was any difference between them.

However, seeing Kim Doohwan's shaken up expression, the corners of Liu Zilang's mouth arched up, revealing a cheeky grin.

Liu Zilang did not say a single word, he merely lifted up his hand and extended his thumb and index finger.

Seeing this, Kim Doohwan was shocked. He instantly replied softly, \"Only the gap between these two fingers? Hehe... Hehe...\"

Seeing Liu Zilang's humility, the other Royad members could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

However, at that time, Liu Zilang suddenly asked with a big grin, \"Lil' Kimmy, look between these two fingers. What do you see?\"

Kim Doohwan had turned around and was walking away by then. However, he turned around again. Ignoring how Liu Zilang called him, he glared at Liu Zilang's thumb and index finger.

After pondering for a while, he finally asked, \"What... do I see?\"

Liu Zilang suddenly snapped his fingers, as he said in a serious tone, \"The Universe.\"

Everyone else was speechless.

Hearing Liu Zilang's answer, Kim Doohwan frowned.

At first, his brain could not even process the statement. However, slowly, his body started to tense up on the spot!

His face turned red with rage as he clenched his fists tighter and tighter...

Seeing that, Liu Zilang was a little scared. He quickly waved his hands and said, \"It's a joke, it's a joke! What's that line... Friendship first, competition second! Let's meet again the next round! Fighting![1]\"

Hearing his words, GodV and the crew began cringing slightly...

'It was a complete knockout, not even leaving their opponents with a consolation prize!


'Fighting your motherf*cking *ss!'

\"Let's go, Longshen is waiting for us for the meeting.\"

Seeing the situation, GodV quickly urged.

Having had his fun, Liu Zilang stopped provoking Kim Doohwan who was about to blow. He followed GodV and the others to the waiting room.

'A universe in between two fingers?'

Looking at Liu Zilang's silhouette, Kim Doohwan grinded his teeth as his eyes started glowing red in rage.

'We'll see just how big your hands really are!'


After reviewing their tactics and strategies with Longshen in their waiting room, a brief moment later, a staff member knocked on their door. He was signaling to them that the next match was about to begin.

\"Then let's leave it at that, the randomness in PUBG is too high. I leave it up to your own judgments.\"

Longshen stood up as he put the lid back on his thermos. Looking over at Liu Zilang, he said, \"Vic's performing quite well today, you all should have him be the IGL in the upcoming matches.\"

Regarding that suggestion, GodV, Aluka, and Cpt did not have any objections.

Liu Zilang had fully proven that his instinct-heavy strats worked wonders, especially when coupled with his amazing game sense.

Back in the fourth last circle in the last match, if Liu Zilang had not ordered them to abandon the sea and get an early spot on land, snatching the turf over at the bridge, they probably would not have gotten the chicken dinner.

After the squad left the room, Liu Zilang unexpectedly bumped into a few acquaintances.

This time, it was his former teammates Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan. They had coincidentally died by his hand in the last match, and they had also just been notified about the next match. They were just making their way over to the stage.

As soon as Shen Zeyan saw Liu Zilang, he shot a glare at his opponent before continuing to walk toward the stage with a straight poker face.

Li Muqiu, on the other hand, just chuckled coldly as he took a long hard look at Liu Zilang. This sent a chill down Liu Zilang's spine.

Sneaking a peek at Shen Zeyan who was silent as usual, Liu Zilang started to relax.

Whilst being under the scrutinizing gaze of Li Muqiu, he jokingly shot, \"I ain't no hot chick[2], why the hell are you staring at me for?\"

\"Hehe, where are y'all planning to drop?\" Li Muqiu laughed as he asked.

\"Rain or shine, we'll be at the Military Base waiting!\" Liu Zilang said with a straight face.

\"Oh, so honest?\" Li Muqiu jokingly acted like he was suspicious.

\"A real man tells no lies!\" Liu Zilang shot back.

\"You? A real man?\" Hearing his words, Li Muqiu thought back to when Liu Zilang faked looting the crates as he pulled a peeping tom on him.

He could not help but retort, \"I can't. No one can compete with you when it comes to scumminess.\"

\"It's not that the enemies are to scummy, it's just that the home base is too stupid.\"

Liu Zilang chuckled as he replied, \"Now remember carefully. It's called ''. Haven't you heard of the Thirty-Six Strategems?\"

The two bantered as they slowly made their way over to their seats on the stage. Liu Zilang was one thing, anyone who watched him would have known what kind of person he was.

However, it was Li Muqiu they were talking about!

The First Generation Killer, God Li Muqiu, the one who was given the moniker, \"Thousands pf Young Girl's Dreams\" after he had jumped ship over to PUBG. He was undoubtedly an \"idol\" in the eyes of many. Seeing him not care about his image was quite a rare sight.

Hence, seeing this completely unfiltered Li Muqiu casually stroll past, a lot of the surrounding people could not help but laugh softly.

Shen Zeyan who was slightly in front of them heard the laughter surrounding them, and his eyes twitched.

The two once again repeated their \"duel proposal\" in the next match as they repeated the mantra \"The one who chickens out is a p*ssy\". However, no one took the nonsense to heart.

Hearing all that, he finally snapped and yelled, \"Shut up!\"

Instantly, Li Muqiu who was about to continue his trash-talking session shut his mouth.

However, Liu Zilang merely laughed as he said, \"Hear that? Even Master Ze is asking you to shut up!\"

Shen Zeyan's eyes began to twitch even more. However, he was a calm and collected dude. He was too lazy to repeat his words.

At that point, all he could do was hasten his footsteps. To him, as long as he could not hear them, it was equivalent to silence.

By the time they reached their seats, there were a few teams seated at their stations.

At that time, Misaka Mikoto also started to walk out from backstage.

Seeing Liu Zilang who was furiously setting up and fiddling with his setup, her eyes glimmered as she ran over. Her shoes loudly tapped on the floor.

\"Shifu~ You were really great just now!\"

As soon as she approached him, Misaka Mikoto excitedly shouted out loud.

The section 4AM was seated in was with the other Huaxia teams like IFTY and IG.

At that time, everyone was busy setting up their equipment. With Misaka Mikoto's sudden shout, the surrounding members were taken aback.

Then, they all started throwing weird looks at Liu Zilang.

'During the intermission time just now...

'Just what the hell did you two do?'


[1] It's a Korean phrase - \"Hwa Yi Ting\" based on the English word \"fighting\". It's used, similarly to its Chinese and Japanese counterparts as a sort of \"break a leg\" or \"good luck\" gesture.

[2] Chinese term here is \"Little Elder Sister\", used to describe beautiful women. However, it is also used as a euphemism for \"whore\".