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440 Brothers Unite, Brings Fearsome Might!

 \"Team Rank: #1!\"

\"Kills: 19!\"

\"Winner winner, Chicken Dinner!\"

Seeing the notification in front of him, Liu Zilang's body leaned back slightly as a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

It was almost as if he could not believe his eyes.

\"We just... won?\"

Cpt asked in a confused tone.

GodV even slammed the table loudly before suddenly leaping up. Then, he started hugging Aluka, who had did the exact same thing. They furiously patted each other's backs!


Liu Zilang also excitedly exchanged a high-five with Cpt.

Instantly, the observer cut over to the cameramen who were giving everyone a close-up on the 4AM players.

After a brief moment of silence from the crowd, the audience members erupted into a sea of indescribable cheering!

No matter how sudden joyous occasions drop at one's doorstep, even after they have reacted to it, the aftershock it brings would still be tremendous.

On the stage, after GodV let go off Aluka, he turned around to look at Liu Zilang who was seated whilst drinking water. In a serious voice, he asked, \"How... How did you pull it off just now?\"

In reality, when Liu Zilang voluntarily jumped down, accepting their enemies' challenge, not only GodV but even Aluka and Cpt were preparing themselves for the war of attrition that was to come.

There was no way they could have expected that Liu Zilang would be able to pull off a nade triple kill, instantly wiping out the three Royad players...

No matter how they looked at it, it was utterly ridiculous~

Hearing GodV's question, Liu Zilang opened his mouth, seemingly thinking off what he should say.

However, suddenly, the crowd evolved into another round of cheering and applause!

At that point, GodV and company had taken off their noise-isolating headphones. Hence, they could hear the roaring cheers of the audience as clear as day.

The next moment, GodV, Aluka, and Cpt all looked up, shifting their attention over to the giant screen that was replaying the final moments of the game.

It was not only GodV's trio but rather, all the other teams, including the Royad members who experienced a \"Dies Wide Open\" moment, were doing the same thing.

Every single eye in the arena was glaring unblinkingly straight at the replay screen.

At that moment, the big screen at the center of the stage started to replay the moment Liu Zilang started his voyage.

After he chugged down some meds, he swiftly leaped off the bridge without a moment of hesitation!

Then, he was seen waving his hands around at sea before rapidly kicking his legs, approaching the speedboat from underwater.

However, the moment he got on, the observer put on a slow-mo replay.

Only then did the audience members realize what Liu Zilang had done the instant he got on the boat...

He did not bother pulling out his gun. Instead, he grabbed a frag grenade.

However, the instance he pulled out the nade, he was instantly annihilated by the combined firepower of the three Royad players. He had been knocked out underwater.

However, his nade was still on the speedboat...

Seeing this, Kim Doohwan, Brother Benz, and the other Royad players' faces stiffened up!

'That f*cking son of a b*tch!'

On the other hand, after the audience members and livestream viewers recovered from the shock, they could not help but burst out laughing!

\"Holy sh*t! That was possible?\"

\"Yep, that's right! That WAS possible!\"

\"666, is that you Junkrat?\"

\"GGWP! Vic is showing off to the max!\"

\"This is what a real f*cking man looks like! Delivering a grenade at the cost of his life! No matter wind or rain, we live to deliver!\"

As the observer's replay ended, the gameplay window was cut out on the big screen. It then transitioned into the results of the match.

\"Chicken Dinner: 4AM; Team Kills: 29!\"

\"First Runner Up: Royad; Team Kills: 16!\"

\"Second Runner Up: SST; Team Kills: 1!\"


4AM that had performed somewhat badly in the duo matches the day before were the victors of the first match of the squad tournament. They had snagged a total of 29 kills altogether!

Although the number was not very auspicious, it still left the audience members and the livestream viewers utterly wide-eyed!

This was especially the case for Liu Zilang who was the kill leader with a whopping 19 frags!

His achievement was celebrated with deafening cheers from the audience members.

Legends never die!

Once a boss, always a boss...

\"Vic's performance in this match was definitely outstanding!\" In the commentary booth, Ms-Joy exclaimed emotionally.

\"I feel like ever since the circle went over to the Western bridge, the observers had their cameras stuck to him. To be frank, getting 19 frags in a squad game really gave me quite the shock.\"

Hearing Ms-Joy's words, Sy merely smiled as he shook his head. \"Actually, Vic didn't only get 19 kills. There were quite a few kills that were not factored into the game's kill count as well, such as the kills from popping the motorcycle's tires and the speedboat kamikaze triple kill...\"

\"Now that you mention it...\"

Su Changming nodded before continuing, \"However, that's how the game's mechanics work and there's nothing we can do about it. On a side note, the staff had just told us that the final tally of this rounds scores is out, then let's go ahead and take a look at the scoreboards.\"

\"In our first squad match, we have our Chicken Dinner Winners, 4AM coming up on top with 935 points. They are followed by Royad who are in second with 605 points, SST in third with 325 points, and IG in fourth with 395 points...\"

As Su Changming read out the points of the top ten teams in the first match, the rest of the teams' points were also revealed via the big screen on stage.

Seeing the points leaderboard, the live audience started chattering about the results.

\"Sweet baby Jesus, did they really get almost a thousand points in the first match? Is 4AM destined to win today?\"

\"Destined my b*tch *ss, have you forgotten how many Hellish Circles 4AM got at the start of the match?\"

\"Tsk tsk! The Mongolian Navy truly lives up to its name!\"

\"To be fair, Vic is no doubt the absolute MVP of this match! All his tactics and plays literally blew my mind!\"

\"That bastard's tricks are truly on a whole different level. I feel like his tricks were what paved 4AM's path to victory from start to finish!\"

\"Vic says: Tricks? They don't exist. My only trick is to f*ck it and roll with it. People get chicken dinners when they win!\"

\"2333, now I'm a little worried. I'm not sure if 4AM can manage to maintain this level of consistency in the upcoming matches.\"

In reality, the fans' worries were not unfounded. In a game like PUBG, especially in TPP(Third Person Perspective) Mode, there were too many variables in play.

In a lot of the tournaments in the past, the winners at the end of the day were not the ones who got a dominating chicken dinner early on but slowly withered off in the later rounds. On the contrary, the winners were often teams who could consistently perform, getting a consistent top rank in all their matches.

To those types of teams, their ultimate priority was to remain within the top five, and getting a chicken dinner was just icing on the cake.

The tournament then went into a brief intermission.

As the players left the stage one after another, they headed backstage to their respective waiting rooms.

As 4AM started to make their move, they coincidentally bumped into the same Royad team that they had dueled within the final circle.

They looked at each other in a daze.

GodV was not really acquainted with with the Royad gang. Seeing the awkward situation, he continued walking whilst chatting with his teammates.

However, Liu Zilang seemed to be on friendly terms with the Royad people. He nodded at the four Royad players, even smiling and happily waving at them.

GodV's eyes twitched, as he thought, 'Is this guy not afraid of getting beaten up...'

Almost as if they heard GodV's thoughts, the Royad members suddenly started to speed up their pace as they walked over.


Feeling that something was off, GodV, Aluka, and Cpt slowed down their footsteps, standing right next to Liu Zilang.

'Brothers unite, brings fearsome might.

'If it's a fight you want, then bring it on!'