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439 Winner And Loser Of The Final Circle! Part 3

 Countless notifications appeared on the top right corner of the spectator screen.

\"4AM-GodV knocked out IG-CuoJue with frag grenade!\"

\"4AM-GodV knocked out IFTY-APLUSVABLE with frag grenade!\"

\"4AM-Aluka killed IFTY-VK with frag grenade!\"

\"4AM-Vic killed IG-Wolves with M249!\"

In the blink of an eye, before the players from IG and IFTY could decide a winner, they were enveloped by 4AM's man-made red zone which killed them right away!

Speaking of which, Shen Zeyan was bombed by Aluka but he still had a little health left.

Hence, Liu Zilang who had charged forward with his M249 was the one who noticed Shen Zeyan in the air.

He subconsciously lifted his gun up to fire at Shen Zeyan and the latter collapsed to the ground not long after.

His dead body was quite an awful one to look at!

On the other hand, when Liu Zilang saw the ID of the player he had killed, he froze for a while before burrowing his neck a little.

In a trance, he felt as if a pair of eyes were glaring at him.

'Hehe, it's just an illusion!'

Liu Zilang shook his head and cleared his mind.

When the explosions on the bridge halted, the explosions under the bridge sounded more obvious.

\"What's going on under the bridge?\" Cpt was confused.

\"I don't know, explosive fish?\" Liu Zilang shrugged.

As he said that, he walked to the side of the bridge to see if he could sneak an attack.

At that moment, a pitiful player was bombed into the air.


Once he hit the water, he turned into a crate.

Upon seeing this \"miserable\" scene, Liu Zilang's mouth hung open.

\"Royad-Benz killed SST-Menhera with frag grenade!\"

The next second, when Liu Zilang saw the kill notification that appeared on the top right corner of his screen, his mouth twitched.

'Why's it my foolish apprentice again...'

At that moment, the live audience clamored as they were rather indignant!

\"Motherf*cker! Brother Benz is inhumane!\"

\"I feel sorry for Menhera. Have you felt hopeless before? 2333.\"

\"Brothers, once the competition ends, let's stop that player at the toilet, press him on the floor, and give him a good beating!\"

\"Speaking of which, isn't Vic Menhera-chan's Shifu? Is he going to take revenge for her?\"

On the commentary platform.

Once Ms-Joy witnessed what happened, he chuckled. \"There was nothing Menhera-chan could do. The safe zone is only as big as that, and she swam too slow. She was bound to be bombed.\"

\"Mmm.\" Sy nodded in agreement and then continued, \"In all truth, even if Menhera-chan wasn't bombed, she wouldn't be able to heal herself without a boat. She wouldn't have survived no matter what.\"

All of a sudden, Sy recalled something. He laughed as he said, \"Unless, she acted like Guru Qiu who forced himself on the boat to fight three other players. However, since her enemies are from a strong squad like Royad, that possibility can be neglected. Even if Guru Qiu was put in the same situation, I don't think he'd be able to pull it off.\"

\"That's right. Currently, there are only seven players left on the battleground. Four of them are from 4AM while the other three are from Royad. I can't believe the final battle of the first match is going to be between China and South Korea.\"

Su Changming looked at the screen as he analyzed, \"Undeniably, under normal circumstances, 4AM would have the upper hand since they have more players. However, right now, one party is on the bridge while the other is under the bridge. They aren't able to hit each other, and in all likeliness, it will depend on who has the most bandages and consumables.\"

As Su Changming explained, the second last safe zone refreshed.

Once again, the safe zone area around the bridge shrunk, thus the three players from Royad who were under the bridge shifted their boat as to be in the center of the safe zone.

It was obvious that Royad was unwilling to fight 4AM. Hence, their boat was parked right under the bridge.

That way, neither could they shoot 4AM nor could 4AM throw frag grenades at them.

Clearly, Royad decided to fight passively by seeing which one of their players could survive longer.

Subsequently, time kept ticking away, and it was roughly 30 seconds before the blue circle shrank.

At that point in time, the spectators along with the players who had been eliminated widened their eyes as they fixed their gaze on the screen.

Since the players were going to see who would last longer, it was impossible to predict the winner and the loser.

Until the last moment, nobody knew which squad would win the chicken dinner.

\"Shifu, all the best! You must win, you must win!\"

In the player seating area, Misaka Mikoto who had been cruelly bombed by a player from Royad clenched her fists together as she secretly cheered for Liu Zilang.

On the commentary platform, Su Changming said calmly, \"I think that the players can start to check their inventory now and plan out their medical resources.\"

\"Eh? Wait! Vic...what is Vic doing?\"

Out of the blue, Sy yelled as if he saw something shocking.

In actual fact, not only Sy but the spectators looked at the big screen in disbelief too.

In the game, by the West bridge's railing.

While the other three players from 4AM watched, Liu Zilang gulped down a can of Red Bull.

Afterward, he wiped his mouth and announced in a heroic manner, \"I shall take the lives of the petty beings under the bridge!\"

\"Brother, farewell!\" Aluka replied.

\"Take care!\" GodV responded.

\"Uh...we'll always love you!\" Cpt rejoined.

Upon hearing them, Liu Zilang commented snappily, \"Can't you guys encourage me with positive words?\"

Without further ado, while everyone watched him, he supported himself onto the railing and then jumped down!

\"Uh... do any of you know... what Vic is doing?\" On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy was confused.

Su Changming rubbed his chin as he said, \"I think 4AM is reluctant to see who will survive longer. Hence, they sent Ah Lang as a 'suicide bomber' to give it a try?\"

\"Mmm, I think you're right, Boss Su. Besides, one player doesn't make much of a difference anymore.\" Sy nodded.

Later on, he shook his head. \"But I think Vic's attempt isn't quite meaningful. Earlier, we mentioned that when there were three players on the boat, Guru Qiu was unable to pull off a play. Not to mention, he's an expert in close-range fights. It's not too much to say that it's simply beyond human capability, is it?\"

When the spectators heard Sy's remark, they agreed with him too.

'Royad has three players on the boat now!'

'They're not fools! They know of your presence, and if you're going to go 1v3 with them on the boat, you're just a fool in your own paradise!'

Nonetheless, Misaka Mikoto was not one of them.

The second Liu Zilang jumped, Misaka Mikoto's heart pumped so fast that she felt as if it was going to fall out.

Her face was completely flushed red.

There was only one voice in her head, 'Shifu is taking revenge for me!'

Thus, when she saw Liu Zilang jump into the water, her eyes glimmered with hope like never before!

At the same time, on the speedboat under the bridge.

Seeing the blue circle creeping in, the three players from Royad started counting their inventory.

Without warning, a figure fell from the sky.

Just as the three of them took their guns out, that figure fell into the water and dove deep.

Upon seeing this, the players from Royad were puzzled.

'What's going on?'

Brother Benz who was the commander of the squad pondered a while before he spoke, \"Be careful, I think he's planning a sneak attack.\"

\"A sneak attack?\" Ruliweb scoffed.

On the other hand, Kim Doohwan who was quite regretful that he was not able to fight Shen Zeyan grinned as he found it interesting.

Right then, the caster showed Liu Zilang who was underwater, on the screen.

Once he went underwater, he swam toward the speedboat without second thoughts.

\"Seriously? Is Vic going to fight three players by himself?\"

Some spectators gasped.

Followed by that, Liu Zilang who was near the bottom of the speedboat paused. In the blink of an eye, he appeared on seat number four on the boat.

Instantly, three gun muzzles were pointed at him!

\"Tu, tu, tu-!\"

When shots were fired, having been on the speedboat for less than one second, Liu Zilang went underwater again.

However, a miracle did not happen.

Even though it was an unexpected scene, the spectators were rather disappointed.

'Why do you bother!'

However, before the caster managed to zoom out, an explosion was heard.


The sound of an enormous explosion filled the air, followed by flames that engulfed the speedboat and heat waves that enveloped it!

Soon after, amidst the thick black smoke, the three players from Royad were seen scattered on the boat. Their eyes were widened as they had died in remaining grievances.

On the spur of the moment, as if swept by a hurricane, the spectators and commentators went dead silent...