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438 Winner And Loser Of The Final Circle! Part 2


Accompanied by the sound of a smoke grenade landing on the ground, \"tss\" sounds were heard as white smoke began filling the air.

As a result, the initially peaceful atmosphere suddenly intensified again.

The two players from IG who were currently less than a hundred meters away from the Royad players were extremely attentive to the smoke too.

\"What do you think? Did Royad throw the smoke grenade to settle IG first?\"

\"Tsk, tsk. I didn't think that Royad had the guts to, this is really out of my expectation.\"

\"That's right. Given the current situation, it requires a lot of courage and confidence for whichever squad that makes the move first!\"

Just as the commentators were praising the Royad players, Brother Benz from Royad did an unanticipated move.

He went to the side of the bridge, supported himself up with both hands on the railing, then took a leap down into the water.

The three commentators were totally speechless. \"...\"

Followed by that, Ruliweb from Royad followed after Brother Benz's footsteps.

Kim Doohwan was the only player who seemed to be unwilling to do something as embarrassing as that, as he kept scoping in to where Shen Zeyan from IG was at.

Right then, the players from Royad hurried him.

With his head lowered, though reluctant, Kim Doohwan jumped as well.

Under the West bridge.

When Misaka Mikoto who had been swimming all the way from Novorepnoye noticed the only boat left under the bridge, she was joyful. Clearly, she had an idea.

However, just as she was swimming over to it, a splash was heard.

Splashes of water could be seen as three players suddenly fell from the sky.

Misaka Mikoto was absolutely stunned. She gauged the distance between those players and the speedboat and was so frightened that she quickly escaped.

When the spectators saw this unexpected scene, they were dumbfounded too. Soon they began denouncing those players!

\"Motherf*cker! What happened to fighting head-on like a real man? You cheated our feelings!\"

\"Three of you are men! Instead of having the guts to stay on the bridge, you jumped to snatch the boat from Menhera-chan, you're shameless!\"

\"I feel sorry for Menhera, she'll have to keep floating in the water.\"

As compared to the spectators who were criticizing them out of dissatisfaction, Su Changming and the other commentators were baffled for some time before they realized what was going on.

\"Ahem...I can't believe that Royad's final choice was to jump into the ocean.\" Ms-Joy shook his head silently as he sighed. \"It didn't cross my mind at all.

\"Mmm...though it was quite a timid move from them, it's probably the most rational choice now.\"

Su Changming nodded as he analyzed. \"Right now, the three remaining squads on the bridge are strong front-line squads from Hua Xia. Even for players from another stronger squad, they can't be sure that they'll certainly survive from the 'tangled fight between four squads,' so repositioning to the ocean is considered to be an excellent choice. Looks like Brother Benz from Royad is quite smart.\"

Sy nodded as well and pointed out. \"Most importantly, one out of the three boats used by 4AM is still left under the bridge. If there isn't a boat at all, the players won't be able to heal themselves after jumping into the water, and in the end, the bridge is the only way out. Nonetheless, based on the current situation, the players in the water are momentarily free from chaos, and can observe the fights from afar.\"

\"Exactly. Besides, once the players from Royad get control of the only speedboat under the bridge, the players on the bridge will simply be walking into a tiger's den if they were to get off the bridge.\" Su Changming sighed. \"Looks like the three Hua Xia squads will have to fight it out on the bridge.\"

\"Mmm, but comparatively, I'm more worried about Menhera's current situation.\" Sy chuckled. \"Earlier, the three players from Royad have probably noticed her, so let's see if they'll get rid of her soon.\"


Unknowingly, time was ticking away.

Soon enough, the blue circle began shrinking again, and the safe zone on the bridge became smaller.

At this moment, among 4AM, IG, and IFTY, Shen Zeyan and CuoJue from IG were undeniably in the worst position.

This was because they were sandwiched by players from the two other squads.

It was just as expected.

When the players became closer to one another, just as IG exchanged fire with 4AM from a certain distance, the two players from IFTY sneaked closer to them.

\"F*ck! These players are so shameless!\"

CuoJue grit his teeth, then asked anxiously, \"Master Ze, what should we do now?\"

It was worth noting that Sheng Zeyan's 'poker face' was quite useful at moments like this.

At the very least, he could calm his teammates.

Even when having enemies on both sides, Shen Zeyan still remained expressionless. At once, he retrieved a smoke grenade, tossed it toward the players from 4AM, then commanded calmly, \"Block their line of fire.\"

Upon hearing him, CuoJue quickly reacted to the situation.

'That's right!'

Given the situation, their biggest enemy was unquestionably 4AM that had a full squad.

Therefore, as long as they blocked 4AM's line of fire, they still stood a chance to go \"2v2\" against IFTY, before they looked for another opportunity to fight 4AM.

Once CuoJue thought about it, he immediately threw another smoke grenade, then turned around to fire quick shots at the players from IFTY!

In response to that, A+ and VK from IFTY instantly hid behind a ruined car, so the bullets headed toward them only hit the car and ignited countless sparks.

\"Nice! IG made a wise choice. If they want to survive, they'll have to eliminate one of the squads first.\"

\"Exactly. Now, it depends on whether IG or IFTY will emerge as the victor. Only the ones who survive deserve to challenge the final boss - 4AM!\"

\"Eh? Wait up! Boss...uh, why are the players from 4AM here now? This isn't how the script is supposed to be!\"

On the big screen, the caster suddenly shifted the camera to the smoke where 4AM was at.

Evidently, 4AM was not a typical boss that would wait quietly for brave warriors to challenge them.

On the exact opposite, 4AM made their appearance right away!

'F*ck... are you guys even the boss?'

At the moment, Liu Zilang and the others were unaware that they had become the boss. When they dashed their way out of the smoke, Liu Zilang basically charged with his M249, while GodV and the others threw frag grenades to clear the path.


In a trice, deafening explosions filled the air.

On the other hand, players from IG and IFTY were getting closer to each other due to the constantly shrinking blue circle. They were about to fight head-on with their own skills.

Since it was already the final circle, the four players involved were also puzzled by the \"red zone\" that suddenly appeared.

'F*ck, they're too ruthless!'

Right now, even Shen Zeyan who had remained an expressionless face all along twitched his eyes too.

At the same time, but at a different place, on the water surface under the bridge.

The three players from Royad drove the boat around as they called for Misaka Mikoto while throwing \"explosive fishes\" into the water...