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437 Winner And Loser Of The Final Circle! Part 1

 Once Liu Zilang saw that the player in the ocean who had been fooling around was Li Muqiu, he was startled for a short while, then found it so funny that he wanted to burst out laughing.

'Brother, I'm sorry, this is life!'

He held back his laughter and mourned for Li Muqiu for a second.

Later, he picked up the resources from the crates for GodV and the others, then went up the slope.

Currently, the blue circle was shrinking halfway by which the blue radiation network was stretching toward the safe zone.

After a round of intense battle on the bridge, the remaining forces repositioned themselves in different areas and stopped fighting temporarily.

Nonetheless, from time to time, players peeked to sneak shots but some of them who peeked got shot instead.

Even so, the caster never focused on the bridge. Instead, the camera was focused on the water near the land.

On the big screen, the spectators could clearly see a few players swimming with all their might in the part of the ocean that was covered by blue radiation!

They must swim closer to below the middle of the bridge for them to get out of the blue circle, such that they would enter the next safe zone.

Unquestionably, it was a soundless race with death!

On the commentary platform.

\"I can't believe that Boss Su was right, the players near the land chose to swim their way into the safe zone.\"

\"Hehe, it isn't because I'm good at guessing, it's because the players from A+ on the bridge have pressured them into making this choice since they're at a dead end.\"

\"Looks like these players have consumed all their energy drinks before they started swimming, but they won't be able to consume any in the water. According to their health recovery speed and their distance away from the safe zone, Boss Su, do you think they'll able to get into the safe zone?\"

\"Uh...I think it shouldn't be a problem.\"

Upon hearing Su Changming's answer, the hearts of all the spectators sank.

'Oh my, if Boss Su says so, they're doomed for sure!'

If the players in the blue circle knew that Su Changming jinxed them, their supposedly impenetrable mental state would probably crumble right away!

Nevertheless, real knowledge came from practice.

Subsequently, the caster shifted the camera to the few players who were struggling to get out of the blue circle.

When the spectators witnessed this, many of them were touched by their effort and began flooding the bullet screen with kind encouragement.

\"All the best! You can do this!\"

\"Your spirit of never giving up is too touching, I pictured myself outrunning the blue circle...\"

\"It pricks my heart, why did you say that!\"

\"Wuuu, cry! All of you, cry!\"

\"Oh right, do you guys think they can make it?\"

\"If Boss Su hadn't said that, I think they can...\"

Eventually, the blue circle that had been shrinking reconnected with the safe zone and the third circle refreshed.

At the moment, the few players who were swimming out of the circle were about to make it.

However, their health was not looking good.

In the next second, just as the first player was about to reach the safe zone to enjoy his new life...a thump was heard!

All of a sudden, his health went rock bottom.

With that, his limbs were unable to push himself forward in the end.

His body froze right away as he looked in front of him with a hope to reach the safe zone, but sunk to the seabed helplessly...

\"GZZ-Para died outside the safe zone!\"

Death was not the end, it was only a beginning.

As if it sent out a signal, in less than ten seconds' time, five other system notifications appeared one after another on the top right corner of the screen.

\"GZZ-Chapelier died outside the safe zone!\"

\"BB-pine died outside the safe zone!\"

\"BB-somaz died outside the safe zone!\"


Through the caster's God's perspective, roughly a meter into the blue circle, a row of crates were neatly laid out on the ocean.

When the first-mover collapsed, the latecomers did not make it as well.

This was because they were down too...

None of them survived!

Instantly, the spectators felt sorry for them.

\"Ah, how unfortunate! They were so close.\" On the commentary platform, Su Changming could not help but shake his head and sighed.

When they heard him, Ms-Joy and Sy twitched their mouths.

'How can you still say that?'

Nevertheless, jinxes were similar to mysterious powers from the East, which were rather abstract. Thus, they could not openly blame it on Su Changming.

Hence, Ms-Joy and Sy could only suppress their urge to question Su Changming's ability to jinx those players of their death.

Right then, Su Changming who turned to look at the ocean suddenly shouted, \"Eh! Someone else is in the ocean?\"

When the spectators heard Su Changming, they were extremely surprised!

'Someone else?'

'No way?'

'Someone actually survived Boss Su's jinx?'

As soon as Ms-Joy saw the screen, he blurted, \"F*ck! Someone's actually there...\"

Sy took a close look at it and was shocked as well. \"Oh my god! It's the 'mascot' from Japan's SST Squad, Menhera-chan!\"

Upon hearing Sy, the spectators came to a sudden realization.

'Oh, it's Menhera-chan...'

'That makes sense.'

Perhaps a youthful lady like Menhera-chan was the only person who could escape Boss Su's jinx.

In actual fact, it was not how the spectators imagined it.

This was because Misaka Mikoto came from a different spot.

For this match, all players from SST jumped to Novorepnoye, which resulted in a fight with the Singaporean squad.

Three out of the four of them were killed, and they were almost exterminated, such that Misaka Mikoto who was the \"mascot\" was the only one who survived. As the hope of her squad, she went around Sosnovka Military Base to loot at less crowded spots.

Afterward, when the safe zone kept refreshing to the west, she arrived at the West Bridge through Novorepnoye.

Seeing as the situation was getting complicated and that she was weak alone, Misaka Mikoto decided to go underwater to fight for a better ranking for her squad!

This was also why she suddenly appeared in the safe zone in the ocean at this time.

\"We can see that there are currently 12 players alive. Speaking of which, the final safe zone of this match isn't what was expected, it didn't refresh to the land in Sosnovka Military Base.\"

\"That's right. We ignored the fact that the bridge deck is also a part of the land, so it's likely that the safe zone will refresh to the water.\"

\"Indeed. The current situation is quite clear. The remaining squads are 4AM, IF, Royad, and IFTY. Mmm, and Menhera-chan who's by herself in the water.\"

\"Hehe, based on the current situation, Menhera-chan has the biggest advantage because she's the only one in the water. In the end, she can even challenge it out with the players on the bridge to see who has more energy drinks to survive. In that case, she'll be able to even out their difference in numbers and strength.\"

Just as the three commentators were busy analyzing the situation, the caster suddenly shifted the camera to Royad on the bridge.

Right now, the three players from Royad suddenly threw smoke grenades, and appeared to be eager to attack the two players from IG who were not far away from them...