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436 Peeping Tom, One Deadly Shot!

 With flames that blasted into the sky, the stranded speedboat jolted into the air!

Later, it dropped back down similar to a bodyslam which crushed the three players mercilessly.

Everyone fell silent upon seeing this scene that was comparable to a blockbuster.

Three kills with one grenade!

On top of that, it was done in such an unbelievable way, which left all spectators in utter shock!

In actual fact, it would be better if Liu Zilang simply killed those players with his frag grenade.

At most, everyone would praise him for his accuracy.

After all, Liu Zilang had thrown a frag grenade to the bridge earlier, which killed three players as well.

However, his inconceivable method of bombing the boat to smash those players was somewhat unacceptable.

At this moment, spectators from the live streaming channels of all official platforms were absolutely stunned and began flooding the bullet screens.

\"F*ck... the three Singaporean players must've died with remaining grievance!\"

\"Motherf*ck! They were smashed even after escaping!\"

\"I learned it, I learned it! I didn't know that I can do this with a frag grenade too, what a terrific show!\"

\"Did you really learn it? Vic is the reincarnation of Thor!\"

\"It's alright if he's the reincarnation of Thor. I feel sorry for the brothers from 5Peaks, the smash from the speedboat was such an unbearable pain!\"

\"How can one not wet one's shoes from walking along the ocean? Now, what a show it is to be crushed by a boat! Hehehe!\"

\"2333, I suppose the three players are traumatized by this, such that they'll probably avoid getting close to speedboats in the future.\"

\"Vic doesn't want to say anything, he threw a speedboat at you! (Waving emoji)\"

In the end, from sympathizing with the three Singaporean players, the spectators began making fun of the situation.

After all, the case of a boat slamming onto three players was quite unusual in the game, which truly opened the eyes of all spectators!

Seeing as the three players were killed by the boat and all troubles on the coast were settled, Liu Zilang sighed a long breath of relief.

Now, he need not worry about 4AM having to face these squads on the bridge anymore.

Through their voice chat, as Liu Zilang was about to loot the crates, he asked GodV and the others if they lacked anything.

Who knew, right then, he spotted something in the ocean at the corner of his eye.

It felt like somebody was secretly staring at him.

'Is there someone else in the water?'

Liu Zilang raised his brow, then retrieved his 98K.

Nonetheless, the instant he turned around, the player in the water swiftly went back underwater.

Liu Zilang scoped in to look at the empty ocean surface then grinned.

'That was quite a fast reaction!'

Subsequently, he no longer looked for the player. Instead, he began looting the crates.

In the ocean, Li Muqiu observed secretly while being underwater and was relieved as it was a close call!

'This fella is still so observant!'

Since his lung capacity was decreasing and the lung symbol was turning red, he floated up to the surface anxiously.

It was at this time that through the rippling surface, Li Muqiu could clearly see Liu Zilang looting crates with his back facing him.

'Did I react too fast that the fella thought that he was seeing things?'

Right away, Li Muqiu giggled to himself.

Clearly, he became less worried, thus he slowly floated back up to the surface and inhaled some fresh air under the blue sky.

For all that, Li Muqiu did not notice that Liu Zilang who had been looting with his back facing him was reaching for his 98K discreetly.

It was worth noting that Asia's Qualifier adopted TPP (Third-Person's Perspective) for the competition.

The special feature of this mode was that when one pressed on one's ALT key to get free perspective, one could look at the surroundings without actually turning one's head.

For instance, the current situation between Li Muqiu and Liu Zilang.

While Li Muqiu was enjoying his time in the water, he was unaware that the player who was looting on the beach was watching him.

Once the caster noticed this and displayed it on the big screen, all the spectators were stunned.

\"F*ck... why do I have a bad feeling about this...\"

\"Mr. Police, I want to report this! There's a peeping tom!\"

\"Let's be reasonable. If Vic turns around now, I believe Guru Qiu can react fast enough to go underwater again?\"

\"'s hard to's all up to their reaction time.\"

With that, all the spectators clasped their hands together where their hearts began pounding.

Right then, the caster displayed a view in a view on the screen, showing the close-up view of one of the players.

The player who appeared on the screen had an attractive face and seemed to be very peaceful. Nonetheless, the smile on his face was becoming more obvious.

Visibly, the player was none other than Liu Zilang.

Later, his eyes sparkled for a brief moment before he turned around, then lifted his gun and scoped in at the same time!


Shifting the crosshair!


A loud 98K gunshot roared from the beach!

Although Li Muqiu had been inhaling to regain his lung capacity, he had always been keeping an eye on Liu Zilang.

The moment he saw Liu Zilang who turned around without warning, he got a fright but quickly went underwater again.

In spite of that, the instant he went back into the water, bright red blood could be seen coming out of his head, on the water surface!

At a stroke, his head tilted to one side as he sank to the bottom of the sea powerlessly.

On the surface, only a floating crate was left.

\"4AM-Vic killed Se7en-Lech by headshot with Kar98K!\"

As the spectators watched the quick moves of both players in that thrilling moment, they exclaimed!

'He went underwater already, it this possible?'

Presently, even the three commentators on the commentary platform shrieked.

Soon, the caster replayed the scene again.

Through the replay, the spectators could now get a clear view that when Li Muqiu's head was almost completely underwater, a sniper bullet hit the center of the small part of his head that was still above the surface.

Therefore, it resulted in the outcome...

At that moment, everyone was dead silent.


On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy let out a dry cough.

He then shook his head as he sighed. \"What an ill fate! I'm afraid that Vic has no idea that while he unintentionally saved his former teammate earlier, he killed him now...\"

\"Hehe, didn't this just prove the old saying?\"

\"Mmm? What's the old saying?\"

\"My teammate can only be killed by myself.\"