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435 On Behalf Of Heaven, Thor Descends?

 The extermination of a whole squad by a single player was not a rare scene at all.

Normally, this could be seen on live streaming channels.

However, one thing worth noting was that those were usually \"performances\" by streamers in random matchmaking matches.

In comparison, this was a real world-level competition!

It would be an understatement to say that all scenes of one player wiping out a whole squad should be shown as the top highlights of this competition.

Putting aside the solo and duo matches that took place two days ago and focusing solely on the first squad match today, even as many squads crossed paths in the first half, there was only an \"ultimate one-versus-three show\" by Liu Zilang.

The real extermination of a whole squad by one player had only begun with Liu Zilang.

Therefore, the spectators who were skeptical about Liu Zilang's head-on \"one-versus-four\" were absolutely dumbfounded!

As if it was not enough, the caster replayed the scene again.

The magnificent control of his 4x-scoped M249 that had such great momentum!

The accurate headshot by his 98K!

Then, it was his timely crouch where he avoided a headshot and his counterattack after pulling the bolt of his gun.

A headshot!

A body-shot!

Watching it again, the spectators could still feel the exquisiteness of the whole process.

To put it simply, there was not a single extra move used!


On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy could not help but gasp.

He exclaimed. \"What Vic performed was a legitimate FPS playstyle, which is simply obvious at a glance, but is something that is comprehensible yet unable to imitate.\"

Upon hearing Ms-Joy's comment, Sy who was also a sniper nodded. \"That's right, due to the mechanism of FPS games, though many moves from professional players look ordinary, normal players won't be able to pull them off at all.\"

\"Simply because those seemingly ordinary moves took years of hard work to achieve.

\"The more basic it is, the simpler it is.\"

Su Changming nodded lightly as well, then turned and said seriously, \"However, once a player advances foundations into different levels, it would be an insurmountable barrier for others, by which both talent and hard work are indispensable.

\"Besides, we must admit that more often than not, the former plays a more important role.\"

While being at a daze at the commentators' commentaries, the spectators began wondering.

Right then, after Liu Zilang got rid of the four-man squad, a three-man squad on the other side of the bridge were on guard by the shore.

Currently, they were using the speedboat left by their other teammate as their cover and fixated their eyes on Liu Zilang.

Evidently, faced with a strong opponent who was able to wipe out an entire squad by himself, they must pay attention to him even if Liu Zilang was all alone.

They would be content with nothing short of his death!

On the other hand, Liu Zilang's priority was to always eliminate a whole squad completely.

Initially, he was able to get on the bridge with GodV and the others.

The reason he stayed was to put an end to the hidden troubles from the ocean.

Since he had now settled two squads of players, he would certainly not let the last squad of players go.

Even if he was unable to kill them at the moment, he had to keep an eye on them lest they made their way around the bridge to GodV and the others.

Of course, killing them would be the best scenario.

When Liu Zilang thought about this, he threw another smoke grenade to where he just killed the squad of players earlier.

Afterward, he dashed over there while reloading his M249.

The three players behind the speedboat under the bridge were all irritated when they saw Liu Zilang moving forward instead of retreating.

After all, anyone would be irked at being \"belittled\".

Just as one of them was about to fire shots at the smoke, another player stopped him. \"Don't waste your bullets, do you have any frag grenades?\"

\"I have two,\" one of them replied.

\"Give one to me.\" The player was elated, then quickly declared angrily, \"Hmph! How dare you underestimate us, I'll kill you with the grenade!\"

Subsequently, the player with the frag grenade dropped one for the other player to pick up.

Later, the two of them took two steps back and pulled the pin of the frag grenade in their hand.

Next, they ran a few steps forward, leaped into the air and threw it out.


In an instant, two frag grenades were seen forming parabolas in the air and headed toward the smoke.

On the commentary platform, Ms-Joy raised his voice!

\"Oh my god! We can see that two players from Singapore have thrown frag grenades, what do you think?\"

All spectators followed the frag grenades with their eyes and were so anxious that they clasped their hands together.

Undoubtedly, every single move by Liu Zilang affected the spectators' minds!


Two frag grenades landed in the smoke, one after another.


Accompanied by the emerging fire, dust and bits of grass filled the air!

When the frag grenades exploded, the resulting black smoke blended with the white smoke too.

Nonetheless, since Liu Zilang was at the border of the smoke, the two frag grenades failed to cause any substantive damage to him.

Plainly, the grenades were thrown too short.

\"You guys threw too short, didn't you?\" Liu Zilang who had reloaded his M249 smirked.

\"Next, it's my turn.\"

With that, he put his M249 away.

He then retrieved a frag grenade and held it in his hand!

Liu Zilang took a few steps back, bent forward a little and dashed forward as fast as he could.

At the same time, he pulled the pin of his grenade!

Instead of stopping once he was out of the smoke, he took another two steps then leaped into the air to throw the grenade!

At the moment, the three players were disappointed that they failed to bomb Liu Zilang with their frag grenades.

It was then when they saw Liu Zilang who run out of the smoke which consequently made them elated at the fact that they were going to shoot him!

Nevertheless, once they saw Liu Zilang's hand movement and the frag grenade that curved toward them, their faces changed!


All of a sudden, the three of them quickly ran backward!

Next, the frag grenade landed on the ground but only hit the side of the speedboat instead of going over it.

It rolled on the ground for a while, then got stuck under it.

Su Changming shook his head when he saw this and sighed. \"Ah Lang's throw was too short too...\"

Who knew right after he said that, the audience expressed their astonishment. \"Wah!\"

'What's going on?'

When Su Changming looked up, his mouth hung open as he was totally stunned!

He then swallowed his saliva a few times as if his throat was getting dry...

On the competition screen, it could be seen that Liu Zilang's grenade bombed the speedboat, which sent it flying into the air.

Quickly after, a \"duang\" sound was heard as it landed on the three players who had just begun to flee...