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434 Graceful, Yet Accurate!

 On the commentary platform.

\"The blue circle is starting to shrink. We can see that the fight on the bridge is getting more intense and a few squads in the middle of the bridge have lost their teammates.\"

\"Mmm, in this battle that involves four squads, IG and Royad are the only two squads with two players alive each, whereas other players are dead. What an awful sight!\"

\"That's right. Right now, there are still squads at the bridgehead that aren't able to cross the bridge yet. Currently, IFTY remains at the border of the blue circle as the first line of defense. This means that on top of the blue circle, those who can't make it across the bridge in time will have a tough time to break through their defense.\"

\"Actually, in my opinion, instead of crossing the bridge now, I think that they'll stand a better chance by swimming across the ocean after consuming energy drinks.\"

\"Uhh...I'm not sure about that, I guess it's all up to them.\"

\"But below the bridge, eh? Looks like Vic is going to collect more kills.\"

As soon as the commentators mentioned that, the caster quickly switched the view to the beach area below the bridge.

It turned out that when the smoke was about to go out, Liu Zilang who had been lying prone on the grass near the beach had scoped in with his M249 without hesitation.

As he aimed at the smoke that was nearer to him and blasted countless shots!

\"Da, da, da, da-!\"

Once again, the Gatling gun let out blue sparks of fire.

Instantly, there was a downpour of bullets with great momentum!

\"Xiu, xiu, xiu-!\"

In a second, uncountable bullets zoomed right into the smoke.

With that, the four players from Southeast Asia were baffled.

'F*ck... that's like a whole army's worth of gunfire.\"

When the spectators in the live streaming channel witnessed this, there were taken aback by Liu Zilang's bold move, so they began discussing.

\"What the f*ck? A head-on, one versus four? Vic is taking a huge risk, isn't he?\"

\"Hehe, I guess you're clueless about an M249?\"

\"Let's be reasonable here, you can't just act as you wish even if you have an M249. I don't think Vic will get anything out of this.\"

\"Then take a look at the players who are getting hit, are they firing back at him? The gunfire is truly fierce!\"

\"Putting everything else aside, I'm not trying to exaggerate this, but Vic's really steady with controlling his gun's recoil even with a 4x scope!\"

\"Pccht, pccht-!\"

Under such an attack, two of them were already knocked out before the few players in the smoke could react.

There was nothing they could do.

Since those players did not get ashore in a boat, they had no cover.

It was even more tragic regarding the fact that not only were the two remaining players were unable to save their teammates, but they could only lay prone behind them to use them as human bunkers.

At the moment, they were already completely stupefied by Liu Zilang's aggressive fire, let alone countering the attack.

In that crucial moment...

\"It's an M249! It sounds like there's only one player\"!

\"Don't panic, don't panic! Once he finishes his bullets, go attack him!\"

After all, the professional players still had some professional standards, whereby the squad's commander was the first to notice this.

That player wondered, 'No matter how fierce your M249 is, you'll eventually finish your bullets. Once you're unable to suppress us with your gunfire, we'll be able to counterattack easily even if we're left with two players.'

Sure enough, there was nothing wrong with his thought.

While M249 was unquestionably a powerful gun, its reloading time was simply frustrating.

Especially for players with the itch to reload their guns after firing just one bullet, it was double torture on their mind and body.

This was also why the squad's commander was so confident.

As soon as he identified the gun as M249, he immediately thought about its reloading time.

For quite a long time, the gunshots showered continuously outside the smoke.

All of a sudden, it halted!

Upon seeing this, the two players who had been lying prone behind their teammates became energized, such that they took quick strides out of the smoke.

'Swindler, I'll take your life!'

However, at the next instant, the first player who dashed out of the smoke was dumbstruck!

This was because when he scoped in with his gun, he found that his opponent was no longer holding an M249 but a familiar Kar98K!

When their eyes met, that player suddenly recalled the ID of the player who killed his teammates earlier.

His name was Vic.

An old legendary professional player in this Asia's Qualifier, who was not at all inferior to \"Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods\"!

At the same time, he was also the sniper of 4AM!

'Looking into your eyes, I know I can't fight you.'

\"Don't come out, quick, go back!\" That player quickly yelled at his teammate who was behind him.

Before his voice even died away, and before he could avoid it, a \"bam!\" was heard.

The clear sound of a 98K gunshot pierced the air!

Followed by that, blood could be seen splattering out of the player's Level Two Military Helmet, who then collapsed to the ground.

As for the other player, the second he heard his teammate's call, he saw him being knocked out.

Both scenes happened almost at the same time that it was totally unbelievable!

That being said, he did not go back to where he came from.

Being the sniper in his squad, he could not be weak during a time like this.

Therefore, he took advantage of when Liu Zilang was pulling the bolt of his gun, by scoping in and fixing the crosshair of his scope at him!

He blasted a sniper bullet!

Who knew, as Liu Zilang was pulling the bolt of his gun, he crouched routinely, thus the sniper bullet flew past the top of his head.

When the spectators saw this, they could not help but gasp at the same time.

In actual fact, Liu Zilang's crouching movement was not spectacular at all because it was a common move for many snipers when they pulled the bolt of their gun.

Hence, it was only a conventional move.

Despite that, it was spine-chilling because of his timing.

By the looks of it, it was neither intentional nor unintentional but he happened to avoid the shot!

Or else, even if he were to have a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, he would be left with little health after a headshot. In that case, his opponent would only need to fire shots at him with a rifle, and he would be done for sure.

Unfortunately, the shot did not hit him, so none of the above statements were justifiable.


A sniper bullet was pushed into the barrel.


The instant Liu Zilang scoped in then out, a shot was fired!

An instant snipe!

Next, without any hesitation, he changed from his Kar98K to his M249.


A rather odd gunshot was heard.

For an M249 which was a Gatling gun, one would feel embarrassed to use it if one did not fire at least ten shots.

However, since Liu Zilang fired just one shot, which was short yet fast, it sounded strange.

Regardless, it was not the point.

From the caster's God's perspective, the key point was that both shots from Liu Zilang were continuous.

A headshot by his 98K bullet!

Followed by that was one shot from his M249, which happened to penetrate through his opponent's armor, and ended his life.

As compared to the intense firing from Liu Zilang's M249 earlier, this could be described with just two adjectives.

Graceful, yet accurate!

Upon seeing this, the spectators in the live streaming channel began flooding the bullet screen.

'Exterminates a whole squad by himself?'