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433 The Bulldozer By The Shore! Part 2

 Initially, Liu Zilang was right above the few of them.

If the smoke grenade had not been thrown, Liu Zilang who laid prone with his M249 could throw his opponents off guard once he went ashore, which would be a great idea.

However, now that a smoke grenade was thrown, if he were to suddenly appear above them and shoot them with his M249 while lying prone...the few squads that just went ashore need not communicate about it.

Since they were on the same coastline, they would naturally fight in unity by aligning their attack at their common enemy!

By then, the joint attack from his opponents would put him in a terrible situation even if he had an M249 with him...

Therefore, Liu Zilang quickly found an alternative. He made his way to the side, wormed his way into his enemies' side and remained on the same level as the players who just came out of the water.

With that, should Liu Zilang sneak an attack on one of the squads later, not only would the other squads on the coastline assist him but they would actually help him get rid of his enemies.

This was the tactical use on a psychological level.

Currently, on Bai Shaobin's side.

Once he noticed Li Muqiu who went back into the water again, he grit his teeth for a short while before he began grinning.

\"Monkey, help me check our surroundings.\" While Bai Shaobin said that, he retrieved a frag grenade.

Li Muqiu who was in the water was putting his utmost effort into swimming as far away from Bai Shaobin as he could.

When he turned to look, he was utterly shocked!


Through the water surface, Li Muqiu could clearly see Bai Shaobin holding a frag grenade in his hand and was already cooking it!

\"Tsk, tsk! Nighthawk is being too ruthless, I must exterminate him right away!\"

\"Mmm, Guru Qiu has poorer health now. As soon as he gets bombed by the frag grenade, he'll immediately turn into a crate.\"

\"Looking at the time taken by Nighthawk to cook the grenade and the distance between them, I think he'll definitely get hit. Oh no... I can only mourn for Guru Qiu this time.\"

Listening to the commentators on the platform, many fans who were present became extra attentive and began cheering for Li Muqiu who was contending with death.

Despite that, right then, the caster changed the view abruptly, showing a player who was holding an M249.

Who else could that player be if not Liu Zilang?

Regardless, it was currently a crucial moment where Bai Shaobin was about to throw the grenade.

Hence, once the caster changed the view, the spectators clamored!

'What the h*ll?'

'Do you want to get paid for your job?'

Nonetheless, the discussion was quickly brought to a halt by which everyone fell silent.

This was because everyone was suddenly so dumbfounded that they widened their eyes!

On the big screen, Liu Zilang who was holding an M249 was seen scoping in with his 4x scope and began firing shots at Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang!

\"Da, da, da-!\"

In an instant, intense gunshots were shot from his gun, whereby the bullets poured down at his enemies like a rainstorm!

In terms of accuracy, even though Liu Zilang had a 4x scope, he could not be sure that his shots would be accurate due to the distance. Thus, he could only maintain the crosshair of his scope in an approximate range.

That being said, the gun that he was using was M249.

A Gatling gun that sparked blue fire!

Even without accuracy, the bullets were sufficient!

In just the blink of an eye, Bai Shaobin who raised a frag grenade in the air was instantly knocked out because he was unable to move around.

\"F*ck! East, somebody sneaked an attack!\"

Almost the second Bai Shaobin was knocked out, he identified the source of the gunshots accurately.

\"Captain Bai don't worry, I'm here.\" Hou Dongfang assured him.

'Finally, it's my time to shine!'

Hou Dongfang who had always been living in Bai Shaobin's shadow was so full of confidence that he became thrilled!

This was because usually, whether it was a random matchmaking game or a competition, Bai Shaobin who was often the one to notice enemies would mostly have killed them right after he informed the others.

More often than not, Hou Dongfang could only respond with \"666\" and would loot the crates.

This time, it was different.

Once Bai Shaobin notified him, he was already knocked out.

This meant was a huge stage for him!

Once Hou Dongfang thought about this, he lifted his SKS, held his breath then scoped in to aim at Liu Zilang who was on the east side.

'It doesn't matter even if you fire a hundred bullets, I can take you down with just two shots!'

Who knew, right then, Bai Shaobin yelled frantically, 'F*ck! Leave now!\"


Hou Dongfang was startled. Soon enough, he widened his eyes as if he recalled something!

All of a sudden, he trembled!

' way?'

At the next second, fire could be seen emerging out of Bai Shaobin's hand, followed by a deafening explosion!

Accompanied by the dark smoke, the enormous airflow sent him flying away.

Instantly, Bai Shaobin's body formed a parabola in the air and with a \"duang\" sound, he fell to the ground.

Subsequently, he died with a remaining grievance with his body facing up!

\"Tyloo-Nighthawk killed Tyloo-DeadRunned with frag grenade!\"

\"Friendly fire!\"

Just like that, on the stage where players from Tyloo were seated, it was dead silent...

When the spectators witnessed this, they were all at a daze before they burst out laughing!

\"Pfft, haha, that was quite a show from Nighthawk!\"

\"66666...attack my teammate, protect my enemy!\"

\"Last words: I'll take a follower with me!\"

\"It pricks my heart to hear this, stop it!\"

\"I have a feeling that UC's shock department will have new material for tomorrow.\"

\"Shocking news: Tyloo's captain attacked teammate during the match, then this happened in the competition room after the match?\"

\"Oh my god, you're really something. Come report for work at Jinri Toutiao tomorrow?\"

\"Wait, Tencent will pay you double of what they offer!\"

\"Guys, enough! 23333.\"

At the moment, Li Muqiu who had been swimming with all his might heard the gunshots.

His first reaction was that he thought somebody was shooting at him.

Therefore, he immediately went underwater.

However, when Li Muqiu heard the explosion and saw the notification, he realized what happened!

Right away, he wanted to laugh out loud and shout, \"What goes around comes around\"!

In spite of that, his facial expression changed when he saw Liu Zilang reloading his gun.

As for Liu Zilang, he had no idea that he saved Li Muqiu by accident.

Liu Zilang chuckled seeing as Bai Shaobin unintentionally bombed his teammate.

'A Shao Bing indeed!'

Followed by that, he did not remain in his spot for long. Instead, after reloading his gun, he pickup up a hundred bullets from those two crates.

Next, he continued charging forward with his M249 like a bulldozer!