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432 The Bulldozer By The Shore! Part 1

 The beach underneath the West Bridge.

Li Muqiu became extremely cautious as he was about to reach the shore.

He kept looking back and observed the man tailing him in the sea.

Bai Shaobin was slightly behind him and Li Muqiu would without a doubt reach the shore before him.

However, he was not naive enough to believe that he was not discovered by him.

Li Muqiu would definitely attack him the instant he reached the shore.

The only advantage Bai Shaobin had was that he was in the dark while his enemy was in the light. He knew that it was Li Muqiu who was swimming towards the land but Li Muqiu did not know that it was him who was tailing from behind.

He was not in a rush to race Li Muqiu to land as he realized the other squads behind him had caught up.

All he had to do was to get to the shore with the other squads and find an opportunity to ambush him. He was confident that he would be able to shoot Li Muqiu in the head easily with his marksmanship.

On the commentary platform.

\"We can see that there are a total of six players competing against one another to reach the beach and Li Muqiu is currently in the lead.\"

\"Indeed. The situation looks dire for them. Vic is guarding the area with his M249 and anyone would die if they were to get on land now.\"

\"That seems to be the case. It depends on whether the players in the sea are able to discover him in time. They might be able to fight back if they see him sooner. After all, it's impossible for Vic to kill everyone even if he has an M249.\"

\"You're right, but as for Guru Qiu... Vic is about to engage with his old comrade. Since he's the first one to reach the land, he will definitely be aimed first.\"

The audience in the stadium was glued to the match as they listened to the casters.

Li Muqiu was very popular among the viewers in the stadium since everyone was incredibly impressed with his performance of killing three players alone at sea.

It would be very unfortunate if he were to be killed by Liu Zilang the instant he reached land...

Just as Li Muqiu was near the shore and was about to ascend from the sea, he threw a Smoke Grenade.

He then turned around and swam back into the sea.


The Smoke Grenade started spreading its smokescreen on the beach.

Liu Zilang was currently laying prone in a very discreet area, waiting to attack with his M249. However, he did not anticipate Li Muqiu to pull such a stunt.

He was extremely irritated the instant he saw the smokescreen on the beach.

'Who the h*ll is being such a pain in the *ss!'

Liu Zilang had obviously forgotten that Li Muqiu's learned that action from Liu Zilang himself.

If it was not for him for throwing a chain of Smoke Grenades during Douyu PUBG Golden Legends and won the tournament, the trend of throwing a Smoke Grenade before ascending to the land would not have caught on.

With this interruption, the four players at sea at the back started swimming to the shore around different locations.

They copied him too and threw Smoke Grenades before they landed.

Soon, smokescreens started popping out one after the other at Sosnovka Island's beach around the West Bridge.

Those players who were guarding the boats had courageously driven two of the three boats under the bridge straight towards the smokescreen.

As the squads started to ascend from the sea, the viewers imagined that the Gatling gun would spew blue flames but it did not even spit a single spark.

The beach was so quiet that the few squads were cautious facing each other.

Meanwhile, the bridge was in total havoc!

As the blue circle started shrinking in all directions, the players at the other end of the bridge had no choice but to attack.

This included squad IG and Royad.

The two squads broke through IFTY's defense at the start of the bridge as they drove past them. They engaged in an intense battle with two other squads as they reached the middle of the bridge. It was so intense that a Kill Notification would appear every second.

Naturally, there were players who tried to speed through the bridge as well but they had been interrupted by 4AM at the bridgehead in Sosnovka Island.

The entire bridge was being completely roasted.

In comparison to what was happening on the bridge, the situation below the bridge was extremely peaceful.

Except for Li Muqiu's end.

He immediately headed into the smokescreen the instant he threw his Smoke Grenade.

However, he heard someone coming out from the boat as he was consuming a first aid kit.

'You guys are really squeezing the life out of me!'

As Li Muqiu complained in his heart, he held his AK tightly and was prepared to teach his enemy a harsh lesson.

He, as Se7en's entry-fragger, had never been afraid of fighting a close-range battle inside a smokescreen in Asia. He would never back down even if he was up against the so-called Asia's Number One Shotgun, SexyPIG.

However, a shot from the 98K pierced through the smokescreen that instant the enemy ascended out of the water.

Li Muqiu was shocked as blood erupted from his body!

He had determined the enemy's location by ear!

It was a no scope!

Seeing his health plunging down to a critical level after pulling it up to a safe level with his first aid kit, Li Muqiu did not hesitate and ran away from the attacker.

Li Muqiu would never act out of emotion in a tournament where his squad's qualification was on the line.

There was no cover on the beach and he would be a living target the instant he walked out of the smokescreen. Even if the two players that had just ascended from the sea did not kill him, anyone nearby could have killed him with just a bullet if they saw him.

In this situation, Li Muqiu had no choice but to jump back into the sea.

In this patch, the sea was without a doubt a natural barrier and cover.

Once he had jumped back into the sea, Li Muqiu immediately realized who the enemy was.

Other than Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods, there was basically no one else who could push the art of sniping to such a level.

Or... Perhaps there was also that b*stard as well.

4AM was the first to ascend to shore and the incident earlier had indicated that they had eliminated the Japanese squad BDG. It would be impossible for them to be at sea.

Since Shen Zeyan and Kim Doohwan were enjoying their moment up above the bridge. It would be even less likely for them to come out of the sea...

Everything made sense!

Li Muqiu grit his teeth as his thought reached here!

It was him... No wonder he had been tailed for the entire day in the sea!

Meanwhile, in Bai Shaobin's perspective.

He opened fire as he determined the enemy's location by ear and was incredibly excited when he saw blood erupting in the smokescreen.

'Your life is mine!'

However, he was stunned the instant he heard someone jumping into the sea.

'You can't be serious!'

Bai Shaobin's eyes twitched the instant he ran out of the smokescreen and jumped into the water as he saw a figure in the sea.

'What a p*ssy!'

However, what he did not know was that there was currently a \"Rambo\" that lurked towards their side with an M249...