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431 Air To Ground Regional Strike!

 Squad KD was rubbing their hands at the bridgehead.

\"When the next Safe Zone spawns, Merald will flank anyone coming from the opposite end of the bridge.\" Pig Emperor Evermore commanded as he had a clear route in his mind. \"We'll hold off the enemies for the time being. Don't be quick to strike and let's gather all of them in the middle of the bridge.\"

\"What you're trying to say is... You want the enemies to fight among themselves?\" Style asked.

\"That's right.\"

Evermore nodded as he smiled confidently. \"It's very likely that the Safe Zone is moving towards Sosnovka Island. Hence, we'll just let them duke it out and we'll clean up the rest afterward.\"

The other three KD members were excited as they listened to Evermore.

They looked at the other end of the bridge and smiled as if they were waiting for a herd of unfortunate rabbits.

However, they heard a clank. Someone seemed to have thrown something from down below!

\"It's a grenade! Run!\" Style was the first to react as he screamed loudly.

The other three were stunned but they had run towards their cover hastily as well.


An ear-deafening explosion detonated as the area was engulfed in black smoke and countless sparks.

However, this Frag Grenade was not thrown accurately enough.

Out of the four squad KD members, only FordMustang who was just beside the rail guard could not evade in time. He was within the Frag Grenades' area of effect and was blasted away, clashing onto the rail guard and fell to the ground.

The instant FordMustang was knocked out, he did not shout at his teammate to come and save him immediately. Instead, he took the opportunity to help his teammate assess the situation below the bridge.

His face turned pale the instant he looked down!

\"A Ssi, run!\"

Although Pig Emperor and the other two did not know the overall situation, they immediately turned around and ran away the instant they heard how anxious FordMustang was.

Meanwhile, as Aluka had thrown another Frag Grenade to figure out the situation above, Liu Zilang, GodV, and Cpt arched their back and threw Frag Grenades as well.

\"Clank! Clank! Clank!\"


Another ear-deafening blast could be heard.

What followed tightly afterward was three explosions the instant the three Frag Grenades landed on the ground!

Still, Evermore and the other two managed to get out of the bomb range due to his teammate's report, so they were not injured at all.

On the commentary platform, Su Changming shook his head. \"Sigh. It's a little bit unfortunate for 4AM. Squad KD will definitely have their way since they did not...\"

There was another explosion on the bridge before he finished speaking!

There was a bright light and smoke spread about the area.

The three KD players were impacted by the shockwave of a Frag Grenade that exploded in the middle of the air and they were blasted away in all directions.

\"4AM-Vic killed KD-Evermore with Frag Grenade!\"

\"4AM-Vic killed KD-Style with Frag Grenade!\"

\"4AM-Vic killed KD-Merald with Frag Grenade!\"

It was a triple kill!

The Korean squad KD was flabbergasted.

'A Ssi Ba... How... How is this possible!\"

They were extremely happy when they had evaded the last two Frag Grenades. They had even planned to return the favor as well.

However, they did not expect a Frag Grenade to fall from the sky and take all three of them to the afterlife.

'What kind of bullsh*t is this?'

Truthfully, it was not just squad KD that felt that it was bullsh*t. The viewers in the venue and live stream could not accept this fact as well...

When the lot was throwing Frag Grenades below the bridge, it was acceptable that Aluka had managed to bring a player down as the enemy was caught off guard.

However, the enemy was able to evade GodV and Cpt's Frag Grenades with ease. Hence, how was it possible that Vic's Frag Grenade was able to kill all three of them simultaneously!?

The caster seemed to have noticed the audience's confusion and immediately replayed the scene earlier.

In the big screen, the audience in the stadium could clearly see that GodV and Cpt's Frag Grenades traveled from underneath the bridge to the top of the bridge.

Basically, a word could be used to describe their throw.


However, Liu Zilang threw his Frag Grenade high up into the sky, hitting the top of the bridge before falling from high above.

Since Liu Zilang's Frag Grenade exploded in the middle of the air, it was considered a strike to the ground from above. This meant that all obstacles were completely nullified as it blasted the entire area!

This was the reason why Liu Zilang was able to kill all three of them with just a single blast.

It looked simple to execute but the mechanics to it was rather complex.

\"666. What a way to show off his predictive skill!\"

\"Holysh*t, there's so much to it when it comes to throwing a Frag Grenade! Vic really does take note of these little details.\"

\"This really blew my socks off! What a stunt! Does anyone want to know more about this technique?\"

\"Vic is still the best when it comes to this. I'm sure the entire squad KD is devastated right now.\"

\"Yes. KD has been camping on the bridge since the second Safe Zone appeared and they seemed to be up to something big. Who would've thought that Vic would destroy their entire scheme with just a Frag Grenade.\"

The viewers in the venue burst into laughter as they watched the game.

After all, those who had played PUBG before had camped at the bridge at least once. The viewers in the live stream and stadium were extremely delighted when squad KD was ambushed instead while they camped at the bridge!

Only one sentence could describe them - they deserved it!


After clearing off the threats at the bridgehead, GodV let out a sigh of relief.

However, his expression turned for the worse as he looked at the sea. \"Oh no. those at sea are about to go ashore!\"

Cpt butted in. \"What should we do? Should we attack them.\"

\"It's too late.\" Liu Zilang looked at the Safe Zone as he raised his eyebrow and pondered. \"The next blue circle is going to shrink soon and there's a high chance that the enemies would run over the bridge. We must occupy this bridgehead and it would be a waste to do all the work for them.\"

\"What should we do?\" Aluka asked.

Liu Zilang cleared his throat before he continued. \"How about this. The three of you will guard the bridge while I cover it from below. Let's take care of each other.\"

\"Are you able to defend on your own?\" GodV sounded worried.

There were at least five to six players in the sea and two of them were already near the shore.

Liu Zilang would have to fight four enemies with just his two fists once all of the enemies had landed.

Liu Zilang raised his M249 and laughed upon hearing GodV's words. \"It's fine. I can still run if I can't defeat them.\"

The three did not say anything further when they saw Liu Zilang's confidence and insistence and immediately headed towards the bridgehead.

Liu Zilang was right. They had to be quick in order to occupy the area.

It would be too late if those players at the other side of the bridgehead had rushed into the Safe Zone.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang laid prone on the grassy slope below the bridge as he took out his M249.

As he watched the two enemies get out of the water. He squinted his eyes!

\"Da da da!\"

Shots were fired towards the beach as the M249's muzzle flashed intensely!

'Do you want to know more about this Gatling gun's capabilities of spitting fire?'