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430 Liu Zilangs Clairvoyance!

 The two swiftly came to loot their crates once the enemies in the fishing village were dealt with.

After Liu Zilang had landed a headshot at Kendesu, he found a huge weapon in Kendesu's crate when the latter was blasted towards the former.

It was an M249!

He had never used this weapon before. After pondering for a moment, he decided to swap his M16 for it.

Although he was not an entry-fragger, he was able to increase his squad's firepower with it. Furthermore, GodV had gotten used to using the AKM in the tournament whereas Aluka and Cpt were reluctant to replace it with their fully customized M4.

Liu Zilang M16's had not been customized in any way so he did not feel sad when he decided to throw it away.

The fourth Safe Zone was about to spawn and the previous Safe Zones seemed to have eyes on the West Bridge as this location had been inside the Safe Zone from the very beginning.

However, half of the bridge was no longer in the Safe Zone by the time the fourth Safe Zone appeared. Furthermore, it seemed that the Safe Zone was moving towards the mainland.

Hence, the players at the bridgehead in the mainland no longer had to worry about it anymore.

Li Muqiu, Bai Shaobin and the rest in the sea below the bridge started becoming cautious as well.

When half of the Safe Zone was covered by the sea and the other was covered by the land, the final circle would definitely move towards land.

This was common knowledge and it was also the system's algorithm.

If the next Safe Zone had completely shifted to the land, those who were in the water would be at an extreme disadvantage.

Hence, it would be best for them to get ashore as soon as possible.

Those who fell behind would definitely be attacked.

Therefore, the remaining few squads that were still in the sea were very eager to get ashore.

Although there were three boats underneath the bridge, none of them dared to get on the boat due to the bloody lesson earlier.

Hence, the safest thing to do was for them to swim back on their own.

Yet, none of them were dumb.

Whoever started swimming first would be on the defense as the last squad would hop into the boat and take over.

However, the wisdom of the people was endless.

The few squads had come to the same solution. The four-man squad would leave two people behind whereas the three-man squad would leave one person behind.

The remaining players would then swim to shore whereas the ones left behind would guard the boats and monitor the other players so that they could not drive the boat.

The boats would lose its effect when their squad members land.

That was because it would be pointless to drive the boat towards where the enemies were, no?

That would be committing suicide!

Hence, a bunch of people could be seen paddling hastily in the sea towards the shore.

The one who was currently in the lead was the lone wolf of the match, Li Muqiu.

Following closely behind was Bai Shaobin. Although his squad had two members left, Bai Shaobin had left Hou Dongfang behind to look after the boats together with the rest as he wanted to play safe.

He had been locking on Li Muqiu when he fought against three players simultaneously and immediately followed along when Li Muqiu made his move.

As for Li Muqiu, he obviously had realized Bai Shaobin tailing him in the sea after swimming for a distance.

However, he was not anxious at all.

He thought that the enemy was trying to take advantage of him as he was alone.

Li Muqiu scoffed as he pondered.

'Follow me if you want!'

'I'll beat you to a pulp when I get to shore!'


It seemed that Liu Zilang had thought a few steps ahead of everyone.

While everyone was fighting each other in the sea, 4AM did not have to worry about it since they had landed.

GodV looked at the situation in the sea and sighed. \"We're fortunate that Vic has brought us ashore earlier. We would be in trouble if we didn't.\"

\"Indeed.\" Aluka and Cpt agreed as well. \"What's our next move?\"

GodV threw his gaze towards Liu Zilang.

It was very apparent that Liu Zilang had taken over the command unconsciously from the two actions earlier.

This was a very common thing in tournaments.

Either just a title or the entire squad had to listen to the captain until the very end.

However, for a game such as PUBG, the captain of the squad was usually the one who was performing and with a clear head.

Naturally, the others had their roles to play as well, such as filling up the flaws in mistakes.

Thus far in this match, Liu Zilang's direction in the most crucial moment had given them a very good advantage.

They had killed thirteen players thus far and it was only fair that Liu Zilang took over the squad for the time being.

Liu Zilang looked at the map and marked it without giving much thought.

\"The bridgehead?\" GodV raised his eyebrow and asked.

Liu Zilang had marked the West Bridge's bridgehead in Sosnovka Island.

He then explained it to them. \"No matter where the Safe Zone is going to spawn later, this bridgehead is definitely going to be the most important place in this match. Whoever occupies this place shall have the higher ground and the initiative.\"

Aluka nodded his head as he pondered, but he seemed to be worried. \"It's very likely that... someone has occupied the area.\"

\"It's without a doubt that someone is there right now.\" Liu Zilang nodded. \"However, it's still fine for now. There will be more and more people flooding in when the blue circle starts shrinking.\"

GodV did not put much thought into it as he popped the question, \"How do you think we should take over this area?\"

\"I think it's doable if we sneak from behind,\" Cpt recommended.

Liu Zilang shook his head as he listened. \"The players at the bridgehead will definitely take note of their back as of now and we won't be able to ambush them even if we take the detour.\"

Liu Zilang started smirking as he spoke. \"If we can't move from the back, we can still move from below.\"


Aluka, GodV, and Cpt were confused when they heard Liu Zilang.

On the commentary platform.

\"There are 34 players left in the game. I didn't expect the pace of the four-man squad grand finale to be so quick.\"

\"Indeed. Not only is this game much more exciting than the previous ones, but the famous players in this match have shown their talent as well. No wonder everyone regards the four-man squad as the standard to assess a squad's strength.\"

\"That seems to be the case. There are simply too many inconsistent factors in Solos and Duos. No matter how strong a player is, one simple careless mistake could be lethal. Take contestant Kim for example. He had been run over by a vehicle whereas Vic is the first to die in the red zone. Who is to blame for these?\"

\"Yes. Let's get back to the match. We can see that the match can be best described as still water runs deep. Although the war has yet to emerge, anxiety has filled up the entire area.\"

\"Indeed. I think the war at the bridgehead at the mainland will be the most intense later. No one is willing to stay outside of the blue circle and absorb in the damage as it was simply too painful now.\"

Then, the caster shifted its attention towards the bridgehead in Sosnovka Island.

The crowd in the venue was looking at the Korean squad KD camping behind the abandoned vehicle at the bridgehead. Then, the camera shifted towards 4AM who had unknowingly arrived under the bridge.

'What's going on?'