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429 Attack The Horse Before Attacking The Rider!

 Meanwhile, 4AM was swimming discreetly towards the shore.

They were originally worried about getting bombarded with Frag Grenades when they were spotted by the squad at the fishing village.

However, Bai Shaobin and Shen Zeyan's attacks were a huge help to them.

Not only did it distract the enemies, but it had also caused them to revive a person as well. They did not even notice that a squad was approaching them quickly.

\"Let's split into two groups and don't approach them when we get ashore. We'll charge in when we spot them,\" Liu Zilang looked at the seemingly empty houses as he said cautiously, \"We'll get wiped out easily since we don't know their overall whereabouts.\"

The other three had no comment as they listened to Liu Zilang.

The benefit of splitting into two groups was that they could cover more bases. They were to notice any movements in a broader area and they would not be killed if they were knocked out by the enemies.

The four then split into two groups and started sneaking in from both the left and right side.

Meanwhile, Kendesu of BDG who had just been shot twice in the head was revived. He was currently moving about sneakily in the area.

He seemed to be trying to regain himself.

Just as he came out of the area, he had been discovered by Aluka and Cpt who were heading towards the area from the right side of the hill.

\"I see them! I saw them!\"

Aluka shouted.

Liu Zilang immediately responded, \"Stay put. Let my gaze handle this matter!\"

\"???\" Aluka was confused.

Then, all they heard was a loud bang!

Liu Zilang had headed to the top of the hill just beside the fishing village. He instantly scoped in according to Aluka's reported location.

He looked through the gaps between the leaves and saw a person's head without any helmet on.

He immediately took aim and opened fire!

\"4AM-Vic knocked out BDG-Kendesu by headshot with Kar98K!\"

\"Why is it me again?\"

Kendesu was devastated the instant he was knocked out again.

When all four of them were lined up earlier, he had been shot in the head twice by two 98Ks from the distance.

Now, he had been taken out again the instant he reappeared.

'Am I being cursed?'

\"Nice! Beautiful shot!\"

\"Indeed. 4AM's ambush had completely caught BDG off guard. Vic has perfectly executed what a sniper should do.\"

\"You're right. The caster has shown us Vic's perspective earlier. Truthfully I didn't expect Vic to be daring enough to open fire. This contestant's timing and ability to seize the opportunity never ceases to amaze me!\"

\"Now that BDG is one man down and Kendesu has fallen for the second time, what's your thought on this?\"

\"Oh! Aluka and Cpt have thrown Frag Grenades towards him!\"

On the big screen, the casters started getting excited on the commentary platform.

\"Clank clank!\"

The pins were pulled out as two Frag Grenades were thrown.


An ear-deafening blast reverberated. The dust and grass on the ground flew into the air, mixing together with the smoke and sparks from the grenades.

There was also someone who flew high up in the sky. He was the guy Liu Zilang took out earlier.

While Cpt and Aluka were tanking all the firepower, GodV had lurked to the back of the enemy while Liu Zilang ran at the top of the hill beside the fishing village!

If the four of them were to surround the enemy, the enemies were definitely doomed!

The entire battle lasted less than ten seconds.

The last player from BDG realized he no longer had the upper hand. With the very health he had left, he decided to stay alive and get a ranking for his squad.

Hence, he got out of the house, got onto a motorcycle and ran away!

GodV and the rest were still in the housing area whereas Liu Zilang was on the hill and had already heard the enemy leaving.


The roar of his 98K sounded very clear!

\"Did you hit him?\"

GodV and the rest ran out of the housing area.

Liu Zilang shrugged and said, \"I missed.\"

As he spoke, he had already pulled the bolt on his 98K and reloaded another 7.62mm ammo into the barrel.

Liu Zilang focused again. He took aim once more as the crossfire in his 8x Scope moved along with the motorcycle.

The big screen was showing the exact same scene as well as everyone in the live stream and venue watched on anxiously!


The familiar came out from the 98K once again. The muzzled flashed brightly as the magnum ammo was released from the muzzle!

Ms-Joy took in a deep breath as he spoke in a high pitch, \"This shot...\"

\"Ah! He missed!\" Sy said as he smacked his fist.

The crowd in the stadium sighed in disappointment.

However, someone in the stadium seemed to have screamed and everyone followed suit.

The three casters on the commentary platform widened their eyes with their jaws dropped as they looked at the big screen. The last BDG member who was escaping with his motorcycle leaned forward and fell out of the motorcycle!


He fell to the ground, bounced up, tumbled for a few rounds before he stayed on the ground with his body all twisted up.

\"BDG-Takomayo ran over himself with vehicle!\"

The viewers in the stadium burst into laughter as they recovered from their shock.

'Poor guy!'

He had evaded two shots from the 98K and just as he was about to escape alive, he fell down and died.

It was simply too much to look at!

\"Uhh... Ahem... Looks like our Japanese player needs to improve his driving.\" Ms-Joy held in his laughter as he spoke on the commentary platform. \"Doesn't Japan have a famous hill called Akina Hill[1]. He should go there and train when he's free so that he doesn't suffer what he just did in the future.\"

The crowd in the stadium burst into laughter the instant they heard Ms-Joy's tease.

However, Su Changming at the side voiced out with a strange look on his face. \"I think... this has nothing to do with his driving skill.\"

Ms-Joy was laughing as he thought Su Changming was saving his international friend from any embarrassment. \"If you don't blame his driving skill for falling over, are you going to blame gravity instead?\"

However, no one laughed even though he had just blurted out a dad joke.

Sy had realized there was more than it met the eye as his tone changed as well. \"Have a look at the screen.\"

\"The screen? What's wrong with the screen?\" Ms-Joy asked as he raised his head.

He was shocked.

On the big screen, he did not realize it when he watched it from the caster's perspective.

As the camera zoomed in, everyone realized something was amiss.

The motorcycle that had toppled over did not have any front tire. All that was left was the back tire!

'What the h*ll... Did it puncture when it hit something on the road?'

'That's very unlikely!'

There could be only one explanation...

The viewers in the live stream started spamming the bullet screen.

\"Holysh*t! Vic this b*stard... Did he do it on purpose?\"

\"What a doucheb*g if he really did it on purpose. I'm sure that Japanese player is extremely annoyed at the moment!\"

\"It's a coincidence! It has to be a coincidence! Our Ah Lang isn't that kind of a person!\"

\"GG. You sounded emotional. I didn't know Vic has a female fan.\"

\"Hey brother above me you're too biased. What if he's a gay fan?\"


[1] It's a place from the anime Initial D