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428 Dual-Sniping From A Thousand Miles Away, The Ultimate 1 Vs 3!

 In the fishing village east of the bridge.

The four players from the Japanese squad BDG had been driving, scouring the rural areas around Sosnovka Island.

They were currently hiding at the side of a house as they eyed cautiously upon the few boats at sea.

\"Someone will probably get into the boat later and we'll attack when that happens.\" The squad commander, Kendesu had his eyes at the bridge. He had even reminded the rest. \"Be careful of the snipers on the bridge.

\"No problem, I'll cover all of you,\" The sniper Rapiacita patted his chest and said confidently.

The rural areas in Sosnovka Island were unexpectedly loaded. After going through the entire island, all of them had a set of Level Three Equipment each and had even looted an airdrop as well.

Not only their equipment was instantly stacked up, but their confidence had skyrocketed through the roof as well.

\"Kondo-taichou[1], someone has boarded the boat,\" One of the members announced.

\"Attack!\" Captain Kondo looked extremely ecstatic as he waved his hand.

Then, a gunshot originating from the bridge sounded!

After Captain Kondo screamed to engage in battle, blood was drawn as he was shot in the head while he took out his M249 from his back and laid prone on the ground.

\"IG-Wolves knocked out BDG-Kendesu by headshot with Kar98K!\"

The viewers in the stadium gasped loudly the instant they saw the Kill Notification.

On the commentary platform, Sy clenched his fist tightly. \"Beautiful! Master Ze and Nighthawk's cooperation was perfect! Master Ze had taken out an entry-fragger with just a shot from eight hundred miles away!\"

The crowd burst into laughter as they watched Sy losing his cool.

It was common for snipers to have a set of eagle eyes. Hence, it would be a given that snipers as skilled as Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin had them as well.

They had already realized that there were movements at the fishing village from the very beginning but they had chosen to turn a blind eye on them.

Bai Shaobin could see someone lying prone on the floor at the fishing village as they stopped at sea. However, Shen Zeyan, on the other hand, could not see this clearly as he was in a stalemate against players from Royad at the bridgehead.

However, he did realize that the enemy had stopped moving.

Naturally, Shen Zeyan decided to fire a generous shot towards him.

However, his action had coincidentally synchronized with Bai Shaobin's as the latter had got on the boat and opened fire with his 98K as well.

When the two scoped in and saw the black Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet at the fishing village, they were only planning to fire a warning shot with their 98K.

However, both of them heard each other's gunshot the instant they pulled the trigger.

When the Kill Notification prompted, the two were startled as their lips curled up.

It made the tournament slightly more interesting when two players from different squads had the exact same thought.

However, Bao Shaobin's expression froze that instant and started smiling.

He then instantly jumped out of the boat and went into the sea again.

He jumped out not because of the three BDG players attacking him at the fishing village, but because someone had sneaked up into the boat with him and drew his weapon at the back of his head.

His head would have exploded if not for his quick reaction to jump into the sea the instant he heard someone drawing a weapon!

'F*ck this guy!'

He grit his teeth as he thought, 'It's fine to not be thankful to me for clearing the threats at the fishing village, but where are your ethics by trying to ambush me from behind?'

He pondered as another player had approached the boat.

'This is literally preying on a predator which is preying on another prey!'

'Kill him!'

Bai Shaobin was over the moon as he stared angrily at the man drawing his weapon earlier.

He watched the man at sea hopping into the boat!

However, the player who was already on the boat was extremely cautious.

He was so cautious of his surroundings that he knew exactly how many kelpies there were in the water.

However, those who boarded the boat first had the advantage of firing their weapons with the exception that they had to be wary of the people by the shore.

That was because when a player had just boarded the boat from the sea, his weapon would not be in his hand and the animation of him drawing his weapon was very obvious.

This animation was neither quick nor slow.

However, in an FPS game, it was long enough to be lethal.

After Bai Shaobin sniped the enemy on the land with his 98K, he did not have the time to scope out and change his weapon at all. He would not have been forced to jump into the sea so easily by the enemies if he was not vulnerable to ambushes by these people at sea.

Hence, the player on the boat was not too nervous when he heard movements in the sea as he immediately took out his pistol!

\"Oh my God! Guru Qiu is the only lone wolf around the three boats. Will he be brave enough to get onto the boat?\"

\"Oh! The guy currently on the boat is from the Japanese squad TD. His teammate is approaching him and it looks like he wants to help him out. Guru Qiu is way too reckless!\"

Li Muqiu appeared on the boat as soon as the casters finished speaking!

\"Da da da!\"

Squad TD's entry-fragger, SIkill on the boat raised his weapon the instant Li Muqiu got into the boat. He aimed at Li Muqiu's head and fired rapidly at him.

However, Li Muqiu's first reaction the instant he got onto the boat was to take out his weapon.

Still, he took out his pistol, P18C at his waist instead of the rifle behind his back!

Although it was relatively faster to take out a pistol, it was too late for him.

Li Muqiu immediately switched his seat the moment he pulled out his weapon and instantaneously moved behind the enemy from his side.

He raised his P18C and jammed his weapon into SIkill's mouth the instant the latter turned his head around to look at the former!


\"Bang bang bang!\"

The fully automatic P18C rattled rapidly as Li Muqiu opened fire at the enemy's mouth, killing him in an instant!

\"Se7en-Lech knocked out TD-SIkill by headshot with P18C!\"

SIkill's teammate, Rorichan had hopped into the boat the instant he was knocked out.

Li Muqiu immediately turned around and drained all of the remaining P18C's bullet the instant the enemy took out his weapon!

\"Se7en-Lech knocked out TD-Rorichan by headshot with P18C!\"

The audience in the stadium gasped shockingly when this exciting and extreme scene appeared right before their eyes.

However, it was not over yet!

TD had three players in the water!

They had split up in the water so that they could back each other up.

The last player realized that he was not able to reach the boat in time when two of his teammates had gotten in. Hence, he decided to go to the other boat. He immediately took his weapon out and fired at Li Muqiu from the side!

Li Muqiu noticed a movement from the edge of his sight. He instantly switched his seat again and took out the AK from his back the instant the gunshot rang!

He had a shoot-off with the last standing member of squad TD!

In the most critical moment, Li Muqiu landed a headshot and took the enemy out of the match.

As his health was critically low, he jumped back into the sea without any hesitation!

\"Se7en-Lech killed TD-Arc with AKM!\"

He killed an entire squad all by himself!

In a blink of an eye, Li Muqiu had taken out three enemies with his extreme reflex!

Bai Shaobin was incredibly happy when he watched everything unfolding right before his very eyes in the sea!

\"Haha... You deserve it!'

'How dare you steal my boat!'

However, he noticed another Kill Notification on the top right of his screen afterward.

Bai Shaobin could not help but twitch his lips as he looked extremely annoyed...


[1] Taichou means captain in Japanese and since it's a conversation between two Japanese, it sounds more authentic for his teammate to address him as taichou in this case