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427 The West Bridges Bloodbath And The Tug Of War In The Sea Part 3

 How could it not be familiar?

It was the exact same scene in Georgopol!

The only difference was that Liu Zilang did not expect anyone to jump down from the bridge.

However, they immediately boarded their boats the instant the first enemy had dropped into the sea.

\"Da da da!\"

They got into their boats, switched their seats, pulled up their weapons... And opened fire in unison!

Hence, the second player that was jumping off the bridge was stunned the instant he jumped!

He had successfully achieved the difficult stunt dive of \"turning into a crate while entering water\".

The third player came next... the fourth and then fifth!

All of them did not seem to be from the same squad!

Liu Zilang and his squad were extremely curious how intense the battle had to be in order for those people to jump off the bridge one after another.

However, the other players were not idiots.

The gunshots were initially too chaotic on the bridge that they were unable to determine the origin of the gunshots. Hence, they had chosen to jump down into the sea which was relatively safer...

However, they soon realized that it was not any safer in the sea.

'What's 4AM's deal?'

The three casters on the commentary platform were stunned when they saw the scene through the caster's perspective!

\"Oh my God, 4AM's not showing any mercy at all! They've taken out four players!\"

\"Indeed! In addition to the players they killed earlier, 4AM has killed ten players thus far!\"

\"You really can't help but be impressed with them. Just look at the other squads, they have to go through h*ll just to get four kills. Not to mention that's far away from ten kills. Just look at 4AM, their headcount is literally blessed from heaven.\"

\"Hehe, it's not heaven, it's the bridge! I think 4AM has proven to us just how important a squad's intention and placement is in this game.\"

As the casters and the viewers in the venue were in awe... Liu Zilang and his squad had started playing hide and seek with the enemy that they did not manage to kill.

The player was literally sticking to them as he kept swimming around them. He did not dare dive down and escape as he was afraid of having four Frag Grenades land beside him before he was able to escape.

If he were to stick with Liu Zilang's squad, Liu Zilang and his squad would have to worry about friendly fire. Hence, they could do anything to him.

It would not be a problem on land.

However, their teammates would die immediately if they were injured.

The four could not do a single thing toward that player who was paddling skillfully in the water.

The guy was way too cunning!

Liu Zilang helplessly looked at the enemy swim around his boat and raised his eyebrows skeptically. He recalled the few people he had killed earlier.

Previously when the enemies jumped down the bridge one after another, they had to aim at the second enemy immediately after killing the first one. They did not have the luxury to look at the Kill Notifications that appeared at the top right corner of their screens.

When he recalled the instant he killed the second enemy, the latter seemed to be a team Se7en member...

Liu Zilang's expression looked rather strange as he pondered on.

'Is it really him?'

Inside the sea, Li Muqiu was extremely frustrated as he kept swimming around.

They were the earliest to arrive at the bridge in the match, and they were planning to ambush everyone by the bridge.

However, the Safe Zone had spawned on the other side...

Although the bridge was still within the Safe Zone, no one was willing to rush through the bridge anymore.

Things had become worse as many players came to occupy the bridge. The entire place had literally turned into a bandit lair.

Li Muqiu and his Se7en members fought a tough war. Although they had killed a few players, two of their members had been knocked out in the process.

He was planning to revive all of them. However, a UAZ rushed into the bridgehead out of the blue and killed his teammates before they began aiming their weapons at them.

The remaining team Se7en members decided to be gentlemen and did not risk jumping down from the bridge.

However, as Li Muqiu was climbing over the rail guard, he had a bad feeling of what was to come when he saw three boats underneath him firing happily at four players who had jumped before him.

Everything had led him to his current situation.

His squad's sniper had been fired into a pulp in the middle of the air as he had followed him and jumped off before Li Muqiu was able to stop him...

Since there was a barrier above and below the bridge, his message did not reach his teammate in time.

The squads which were being oppressed were inspired by Li Muqiu's squad when the latter jumped down from the bridge. They thought that it was a peaceful paradise below the bridge...

However, they all died one after another when 4AM hopped onto their boats.

None of them survived.

Li Muqiu was extremely frustrated as he looked at the three boats above his head.

If he did not know the squad below the bridge was 4AM, he might have risked it and found an opportunity to hop onto one of the boats. He would then ambush them with his skill alone and avenge his teammates.

However, Li Muqiu felt a shiver down his spine as he recalled a certain someone when he realized that his opponent was 4AM...

He knew full well how quick-witted Liu Zilang and the other three were.

Although Li Muqiu was incredibly confident in the game, he was not overly confident that he would get himself into trouble.

Hence, he had deduced that he would not be able to find a window of opportunity under such circumstances.

He decided to wait it out...

He was waiting for people to jump into the sea and create havoc there.

Soon, the truth revealed that Li Muqiu's patience had paid off.

The match was completely filled with league players and none of them were idiots. The squads in the north who had yet crossed the bridge decided to smoke up the area and head into the sea even though they did not have any boats.

There were an additional three squads that joined the fun within half a minute.

Among those people, two of them were players that had been ambushed by 4AM when they followed 4AM to Severny and the Shooting Range. There were also Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang who had been traveling south the entire time.

The lot was planning to swim across the sea directly to the other side of land.

However, they swam toward Liu Zilang when they saw Liu Zilang and his squad swimming beside their three boats directly beneath the bridge.

\"F*ck, what are those people up to?\"

Aluka was shocked as he saw a huge black patch swimming toward them.

\"They're probably trying to steal our boats.\" GodV guessed before popping a question, \"What do you think? Should we get on our boats and bomb them to death?\"

Liu Zilang looked toward shore as he listened to GodV. \"I think we're being targeted and we'll be easily taken out if we hop on now.\"

He saw a bunch of players appear out of the blue at the village on the island east of the West Bridge. They were obviously aiming at them.

Hence, they would be easy live targets if they were to board their boats.

Not to mention, they would be in trouble if they were to be shot while they held onto a Frag Grenade in their boats.

Liu ZIlang decided after pondering for a while. \"Let's give it to them.\"

\"What about us?\" Cpt asked.

\"We'll go to shore.\" Liu Zilang looked at the fishing village.