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426 The West Bridges Bloodbath And The Tug Of War In The Sea Part 2


The gunshot was loud and clear as a magnum bullet pierced through the air!

The sound of a helmet shattering and blood oozing out from it could be heard as a Kill Notification appeared on the top right corner of the screen.

\"Royad-Azeael knocked out Kiz-Maying by headshot with M24!\"

It was as if it was a signal.

The instant the M24 sounded, gunshots started spreading out across the bridge as well.

On the commentary platform, the three casters commented on the situation at the bridge.

\"Oh my God! Royad's ambush is lethal. KiZ doesn't have the chance to fight back.\"

\"Oh! Another one has fallen. Royad has split up into groups of 2 as they open fire from left and right!\"

\"Indeed. It looks like they fully understand how complicated the situation is at the bridge and they're trying to kill all of their enemies as quickly as possible.\"

\"Wait a minute! Vehicles are approaching! There are more than one of them!\"

\"Oh! They're squad IFTY and IG from Downtown. They've finally found vehicles and have gotten out of the blue circle.\"

\"That's right. The two squads seemed to have healed up at the edge of the Safe Zone and they look much better now. They're planning to...\"

As the casters were speaking, the entire stadium reverberated with the sound of an engine!

The big screen at the back of the stage was showing the caster's perspective. Everyone could see an orange-red sedan at the bridgehead as two UAZ followed it from behind!

\"Da da da!\"

Players would occasionally peek from the car window and fire each other. It was very obvious that they were not from the same squad.

Their sudden appearance had disrupted Royad's advancement toward KiZ. Hence, IFTY who was in the orange-red sedan began heading straight toward the two Royad players at lightning speed.

Inside the game, there was no such thing as giving way to pedestrians.

Furthermore, the pedestrians had weapons on them!

IFTY was heading toward them as two players peeked out from the window, turned around and then opened fire at the two Royad players on the road.

Royad was not able to stand on the road to return fire. Hence, they had no choice but to evade to the side immediately.

Since they were willing to make way for the car, IFTY did not pursue further and headed straight toward the bridgehead to find cover before stopping.

They soon realized the dangers lurking at the bridge. It would be no different from committing suicide if they were to head there.

Since Royad's advancement had been interrupted, they looked at the two UAZs annoyingly from behind.

How could they swallow it in without putting a fight?

The four raised their weapons and fired at IG as they vented out all their frustration on them.

Since Royad had retreated to the side of the road, IG would be underestimating their enemy's skills and intellect if they were to mimic IFTY to run over their enemies.


The friction between tires and the road sounded loudly.

It was then followed by a click!

IG drifted both their UAZs simultaneously. The rear of their vehicles crashed into each other, forming a horizontal cover before the four players swiftly got down from the other side of the UAZs.

Shen Zeyan took out the 98K from behind his back and raised it up!

However, his expression changed slightly the instant he scoped in because he saw someone aiming at him through his 8x Scope!

Shen Zeyan reacted immediately.

He did not open fire. Instead, he tilted his head to the side before flicking his mouse and opening fire!



Two gunshots reverberated throughout the battlefield simultaneously!

One sounded clear while the other sounded crispy!

A battle between snipers was always decided in a split second.

Although Shen Zeyan was quick to tilt his head, he had given Kim Doohwan enough time to react.

The sniper bullet released from his 98K was evaded by Kim Doohwan as he had crouched down.

From another perspective, it was also because Shen Zeyan tilted his head so quickly that he managed to evade Kim Doohwan's attack with his M24!

The viewers in the live stream and venue inhaled deeply as they watched the exciting battle. Their reaction speeds were incredibly quick!

\"Holysh*t... This is what a real snipe off should be! It makes my heart beat quickly!\"

\"They're Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods! Do you think their title is just for show?\"

\"It would be incredibly exciting if Nighthawk was there too.\"

While the laymen watched for excitement, the experts watched for technicality.

On the commentary platform, Sy took a deep breath as he looked extremely shocked. \"Master Ze's reaction was simply too awesome!\"

\"Oh! What do you mean?\" Ms-Joy sounded rather confused.

He knew very well that Sy's view on each player was objective since he was a sniper as well.

From the surface, both Shen Zeyan and Kim Doohwan had evaded each other's attacks after instant-sniping. They should have been evenly matched.

However, Sy only praised Shen Zeyan.

It was strange.

However, Su Changming seemed to have caught on as he said in awe, \"Looks like Zeyan is getting better at maintaining his cool. That's something hard to achieve!\"

\"Hehe, looks like Su Changming has realized it as well.\" Sy stopped placing the viewers in the dark as he continued, \"Although the both of them are wearing Level Three Spetsnaz Helmets, there isn't much difference between using a 98K or an M24 as they both require two hits to kill an enemy.\"

\"However, all of you have seen Master Ze's health. He has just gotten out from the blue circle and he isn't at full health. If he had chosen to have a snipe off with Azeael, he might have lost. Hence, that head tilt played an incredibly important role.\"

Sy continued speaking, \"The difference between these top snipers are in these small details. Many of them know how to kill but they do not know when to stop.\"

\"Honestly speaking, if it was someone else, including me, in his shoes, their first reaction would without a doubt be to take a hit first before deciding their next move. However, Master Ze has decided to defend first before striking back.\"

Ms-Joy started to understand what Sy was saying as he listened.

He then concluded, \"This means that although it looks like they're evenly matched, it's a fact that Kim Doohwan has failed to kill his opponent in a sure-kill situation. Hence, I guess you can say that he has lost in terms of skill?\"

Sy knew that it would be a waste of time to explain it to Ms-Joy or those who had missed the point as he started laughing. \"You can view it that way I guess but you almost got it.\"

Then, the caster shifted the camera to the center of the bridge.

Inside the game, they had started attacking each other as IFTY joined the party.

Some squads realized that they did not have a chance and decided to come up with a plan after smoking up the area.

They had... chosen to jump down from the bridge out of instinct!

As the audience in the stadium watched the players jump over the rail guard and off the bridge, they saw 4AM in the sea. They rubbed their eyes as they found the situation rather familiar...