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425 The West Bridges Bloodbath And The Tug Of War In The Sea Part 1

 When one was knocked out on a boat or in the sea, one would drown and immediately turned into a crate.

It was basically common knowledge.

However, GodV was kneeling on the bow of the boat as Liu Zilang sailed it.

It was not just the crowd in the venue that was shocked, the viewers in the live stream were so shocked by it that the bullet screen was heavily bombarded!


\"What the f*ck... Are you serious? Is that even possible?\"

\"Is this game limiting my imagination?\"

\"Why didn't he fall into the sea? Is this another unique situation in the game?\"

\"He moved the instant his teammate was knocked out. I'm impressed!\"

\"Have you guys heard of the lifeboat?\"

\"2333. Lifeboat sounds good.\"

Su Changming smiled wryly as he shook his head on the commentary platform. \"It's hard to believe that GodV didn't fall into the sea!\"

Sy smiled as he listened to Su Changming's comment. \"I've encountered this exact situation before where the driver doesn't fall into the sea once he's knocked out. Instead, he crawls on the bow of the boat. Hehe, this game can be rather tricky sometimes.\"

\"Indeed, but we've to say that contestant Kim's sniping is very accurate. His shot earlier was remarkable!\" Ms-Joy waved his hands as he finished speaking. \"However, God doesn't want GodV to die just yet. It can't be helped.\"

\"I don't think that's the case.\" Sy started shaking his head.

\"There's one more thing that I haven't voiced out. When you're crawling at the bow of the boat, the System will determine wrongly that he's at the front of the boat.\"

\"It will declare that the player at the bow of the head has been run over by the boat once they land.\"

\"Oh, I didn't know about that. What you're saying is that there will be friendly fire if Vic drives the boat up to shore?\"

\"That's precisely the case.\" Sy nodded.

4AM's fans started feeling nervous as they clenched their fists when they heard what was being said on the commentary platform.

Meanwhile at the Ferry Pier.

\"A Ssi Ba?!\"

All four players from the Korean squad Royad widened their eyes as their jaws dropped. They looked like they were emotionally unstable.

Kim Doohwan who had poured all of his focus into that very shot thought that he would land a kill. He was completely flabbergasted.

Four words kept swimming about in his mind at that moment.

'How is that possible?'

Kim Doohwan regained his composure and recovered from the shock when he realized that it was 4AM!

He glared at the boats in the distance as he smiled. \"So it's you. That's interesting.\"

Brother Benz had regained his thoughts after that.

\"A Ssi! What a lucky guy.\" He placed a mark at the bridgehead. \"Let's go into the Safe Zone for now.\"

\"Oh right, we've revealed our locations now that we've opened fire. It's very likely that there are players at the bridgehead. Let's not head there directly and take a detour from the road.\"

Brother Benz's choice of location and command were similar to Kim Doohwan and his sniper. They were all incredibly impressive.

The lot started running toward the Safe Zone when they heard the order. Kim Doohwan was the only one that was looking at the sea as if he was waiting for something.

The Kill Notification that he was waiting for ultimately did not pop up.


Meanwhile, in the undulating sea.

Liu Zilang slowed down the boat as he arrived at a relatively safe place under the bridge.

However, he did not drive it up to shore.

The reason was simple. It was because a huge part of the sea was still within the Safe Zone and he had no plans to get onto land that early.

After Liu Zilang parked the boat at the side of the shore, he got down from the boat and smoked up the area before he turned around swiftly and jumped up to the bow.

Both Aluka and Cpt had stopped their boats as well and ran into the smokescreen to heal up.

Although they had not been knocked out while sailing their boats, their healths were in the red.

League players such as squad Royad were incredibly good at attacking live targets. Their basic skills were off the charts.

When GodV was revived, he looked traumatized even though he did not die from the disaster. \"F*ck... That squad is really shady. They camped there just so they could ambush us.\"

\"What do you think? Should we go back and take our revenge?\" Aluka asked excitedly. \"It's highly likely that the next Safe Zone will spawn here. Why don't we head up to the bridge and ambush them in return.\"

\"It's still too early to say.\" Liu Zilang shook his head. \"Furthermore, someone may be camping at the bridge since the Safe Zone spawned here. We'll be easily spotted if we head up now and we'll all be dead then.\"

\"Vic is right, let's play safe for now.\"

GodV boarded the boat again once he had healed up. \"We're going to redeem ourselves in this match. Let's head into the sea and observe the situation for now.\"

Aluka knew his place as he did not throw a fit when he heard Liu Zilang and GodV's opinions.

One could see that their choice of location was incredibly cunning.

They were under the West Bridge where war could break out at any given moment. They seemed to be recreating the scene that happened in Georgopol.

However, the difference was that none of them were on a boat as they parked their boats in the middle of the sea. Instead, they took a dip in the sea beside their boats.

They placed themselves in a situation where they could enter their boats at any given moment but they were able to escape whenever they wanted as well.

The advantage of this was that they would be hidden and did not have to worry about becoming live targets while they were on their boats.

However, it looked rather skeptical for three boats to be parked underneath the middle of the bridge...

Time passed and the next Safe Zone spawned.

Aluka has misjudged the situation as the Safe Zone was no longer in Sosnovka Island. Instead, it had moved from Sosnovka Island to the bridge.

On the commentary platform.

\"We can see that the Safe Zone doesn't seem to be focusing on Sosnovka Island just as we expected!\"

\"That's right. I think the Safe Zone will ultimately cover the land and sea equally.\"

\"That means 4AM's position in the sea is rather complicated. No one will be able to attack them so long as they don't make a move.\"

\"Indeed. Meanwhile, the situation at the bridge is getting more and more intense. Have you guys noticed? There are at least five squads on the West bridge and at both ends of the bridgehead.\"

\"Yes. There are some sixty to seventy players left in the game but the majority of them have yet to cross the bridge. Now that they don't need to rush over the bridge, the West Bridge will be so packed with people that they're bound to attack one another.\"

That was a fact.

Although Su Changming had never favored anyone, he was able to see the big picture of the game.

The initiators of the upcoming war at the bridge was Kim Doohwan and his squad who had come from the Ferry Pier.