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424 Is This A Fake Sniper Rifle?

 As the gunshots on the bridge gradually subsided, it seemed like the two squads had no intention to continue the fight.

The squad below the bridge was disappointed since they could have benefited from the war.

\"Is the fight stopping? Are they such w*sses?\"

Aluka muttered as he looked at the two crates floating in the sea.

GodV crooked his mouth upon hearing Aluka's words.

'Now that we've done this, do you think the enemies will let us reap all the benefits while they keep fighting?'

Squad 4AM was getting more and more playful. Aluka would definitely not say such a cunning thing in the past.

GodV glanced at Liu Zilang and was rather annoyed.

Liu Zilang had jumped into the water and was swimming toward the crates...

Two crates for the four of them...

It was rather beneficial for them.

Soon, Liu Zilang had an additional 98K equipped with an 8x Scope behind his back. He had also swapped the SCAR-L in his hand for an M16 that he was used to.

The two swiftly cleaned up the crates and went back to their boats as the blue circle was fast approaching them.

They turned around and sailed along the shore before they traveled south.

Both IFTY and IG who were on the bridge heard the boats leaving. They turned around to look at the fleet in the sea with a complex feeling brewing inside them.

They looked at the long journey they would have ahead as both squads felt incredibly remorseful for flattening each other's tires during the conflict... They should not have done so from the very beginning!

On the commentary platform.

\"It's now a contest of luck between IFTY and IG. They'll have higher ground if they find a vehicle first but since there were others who landed in Downtown earlier, they have to keep moving forward if they wish to search for a vehicle.\"

\"Indeed, IFTY doesn't seem to have benefited from anything by camping at the bridge. It feels like they have given their benefits to others.\"

\"Hehe, I think Anarchy is the most unfortunate one here. They rushed over to the bridge from Uptown the moment they heard intense gunshots and thought they could benefit from it. However, not only did they not gain anything, they even sacrificed themselves.\"

\"Yes, the moral of the story in this game is that we shouldn't gain an advantage from any situation. However, squad 4AM... Tsk tsk, they're probably the biggest winner from that war!\"

\"This squad's strategy in this match is rather unique. They surprised Tyloo and took out two of their members earlier and now they have taken out an entire squad in a three-way battle. Frankly speaking, I'm curious how far 4AM can go in this match.\"

As the casters were talking on the platform, Liu Zilang and his squad were fast approaching Primorsk.

They had switched a few boats along the way and had three boats left.

They had no choice. Liu Zilang's boat which he switched halfway through the journey had run out of petrol by the time they arrived at Primorsk.

In order to prevent themselves from being stuck at sea at the most crucial moment, he had no choice but to sit in the same boat as GodV.

Although the first Safe Zone had spawned on Sosnovka Island in this match, the West Bridge was within the Safe Zone.

This meant that they could enter the Safe Zone directly once they arrived at the West Bridge.

The lot did not have any plans to get on land as of then. Instead, they planned to sail along the shore and enter the Safe Zone after they had passed the West Bridge.

However, as they were about to pass by the Ferry Pier which was west of the West Bridge, gunshots could be heard from the Ferry Pier!

\"Pew pew pew!\"

Bullets were raining toward them out of nowhere!

The lot did not have the time to react before sparks appeared on their boats.

\"F*cK! There's a squad attacking us from land!\"

\"Quickly! Let's create some distance from them!\"

\"Don't go in a straight line! Turn around and go in circles!\"



No matter how quick 4AM had come up with a countermeasure, they had taken bullets here and there. GodV had the least health among them as he had less than half of his max health points left.

\"F*ck... Am I going to die?\" GodV's voice started trembling.

\"It's fine, don't worry,\" Liu Zilang immediately comforted him. \"I'll risk my life to loot everything in your crate if you die. I won't leave a single thing for them.\"


GodV looked extremely irritated.

On the commentary platform.

\"How careless of 4AM. I believe they shouldn't enter the Safe Zone while they're near the shore.\"

\"Yes, they probably didn't expect any players to stay in a housing area outside the Safe Zone even though it's very close to it. I don't know what this squad is thinking as well.\"

\"Huh? That's Squad Royad! I was wondering why they haven't entered the Safe Zone yet. They were waiting for someone to ambush.\"

\"That seems very likely now that I think about it. There's a high probability that someone would choose to travel in the sea with this flight route. Who would have thought that Royad would hit the jackpot.\"

\"Although 4AM has taken a few hits, they're able to pull some distance away from their enemies. They were quick enough and didn't give Royad the chance to focus their fire. It would

depend on Royad's marksmanship and luck to try and knock them out.\"

At the Ferry Pier.

Kim Doohwan squinted as he held an M24 in his hand!

He scoped in with his 8x Scope.

He held his breath as he poured all of his focus into it.

Time passed by slowly...

After Brother Benz had fired a few shots, he realized that it was impossible for him to hit the enemies at such a distance.

He could not help but urge at the side, \"Attack them! Attack them quickly!\"

Kim Doohwan did not say a word as he took aim again with his M24 that was equipped with an 8x Scope at where the boat would pass by.

In the blink of an eye, he pulled the trigger!


The clear sound from the M24 was as powerful as thunder as it roared from the Ferry Pier!

The gun's muzzle flashed brightly as a bullet exploded out from it, traveling above the sea!

In the blink of an eye, blood was drawn on the leading boat's driver seat.


\"Beautifully done!\"

\"I knew you could do it!\"

The Royad players were extremely happy the instant they saw the blood splatter.

Although they had scoped in and opened fire as well, they did not need to guess to know who was the one who landed the shot since it was a bullet from the M24.

Just as they finished praising him, the smile on all four of Royad's members froze!

Meanwhile, the audience in Jianghai stadium gasped in shock loudly!

From the caster's perspective, GodV did not fall into the water the instant he was knocked out when he was driving the boat. Instead, he had fallen onto the bow of the boat.

Liu Zilang who had been sitting on the third seat immediately switched to the driver's seat as he carried GodV at the bow and continued sailing forward...