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422 A Real Man Doesnt Turn His Back Around To Look At An Explosion!

 Truthfully, it was not just IFTY.

The other two squads on the bridge had noticed the fleet in the sea as well but no one dated fire the first shot.

That was because they did not know what the squad in the sea was planning to do. Furthermore, they had their plates full fighting the enemies on land. They did not have the time to worry about the squad that was in the sea.

Hence, Liu Zilang and the other three kept sailing as they went under the bridge.

Meanwhile, the casters started speaking.

\"We can see that 4AM is now directly under the bridge. What are they up to?\"

\"I'm not sure, but the Korean squad Anarchy is fighting against IG at the moment!\"

\"What do you think? Oh! Master Ze has taken out a player from Anarchy. This is the advantage of having a top sniper in the squad!\"

\"Indeed! Although Anarchy's the one who initiated the fight, Master Ze's reaction speed is simply too amazing!\"

\"However, the situation looks dire for IG because IFTY has smoked the area and is coming closer toward them. IG is being pincered from the front and back!\"

\"IFTY has started throwing Frag Grenades. If they're able to knock out a few IG players, IFTY will definitely rush out of the smokescreen and head directly toward IG like a wolf!\"

Meanwhile, the battle on the bridge was incredibly intense.

\"F*cK! That squad flanking us at the bridge is heading toward us.\" CuoJue commanded swiftly, \"Ignore those behind us at the moment Cocoa. Master Ze alone is more than enough to hold them off, we'll take care of the squad by the bridge.\"

\"Be careful! Those b*stards are throwing Frag Grenades at us!\" CuoJue was in shock!

The three of them were shocked as they evaded to the side.


A Frag Grenade flew over the truck and landed on a barrel.

Shen Zeyan who was facing four Anarchy players beside the oil barrel scoped out and looked behind.

He then turned around without any hesitation, scoped in and instant-sniped.

He had taken out an enemy who had just revealed himself!


The Frag Grenade flashed and exploded!

Shen Zeyan did not take a single point of damage even though he did not move. This was because the oil barrel had obstructed the blast.

What was more exaggerating was that he did not flinch throughout the entire process...

The caster's camera had coincidentally captured everything and the female audience members in the venue cheered loudly!

\"Master Ze is so cool! Holysh*t, my heart can't stop throbbing!\"

\"Hehe... Perhaps this is what it means to be a man!\"

\"That's right! A real man never turns around to look at an explosion!\"

\"Fact! Master Ze is the definition of cool! I can't close my legs whenever I see him!\"

Meanwhile, inside the game, CuoJue who had screamed at Master Ze to be careful was shocked and immediately gave him a huge thumbs up. \"I'm utterly impressed! Master Ze is incredibly cool!\"

Cocoa smiled at the side. \"If you're as good as Master Ze, you'll have a wife fanbase as well.\"

\"Stop fooling around. Do you have any Frag Grenades?\" The commander CuoJue squinted as he said with a serious tone, \"It's not IG's style to not return fire after being attacked.\"

\"Boom boom boom!\"

Frag Grenades went off all over the bridge!

Both squads were going out against each other as Frag Grenades flew left and right. The bridge had turned into an artificial \"bombing zone\"!

Smoke spread everywhere as explosions could be seen flashing. Shen Zeyan used the oil barrels as cover and never turned around in fear even once.

He had his eyes on Anarchy the entire time. The four enemies did not dare reveal themselves while he held his Kar98K up!


\"A Ssi!\" SexyPIG scolded at Uptown's bridgehead.

He opened his mouth but did not say a word as he watched his sniper get shot in the head.

He knew that there was no point in scolding out loud since the skill difference between the two was too obvious. For a sniper who could kill a player with one shot, even a slight difference in skill could determine the outcome of the battle.

Anarchy's sniper, ESTH3R did not stand a chance against Shen Zeyan if he were to fight fairly against him!

He would die ten times out of ten challenges!

SexyPIG did not know what to do as he pondered.

His skill was tier-one in Asia and he was labeled as one of Asia's top five players by the media.

As an entry-fragger, he was skilled in close combat in narrow spaces.

If he were to go against Shen Zeyan in a snipe off, he would not perform better than ESTH3R.

However, if the situation kept on going, they would without a doubt suffer the most among the three squads on the bridge when the blue circle arrived. This was because they did not have a vehicle.

He could not let that happen at all cost!

SexyPIG gritted his teeth. \"We can't stay here. Prepare to smoke up and charge in!\"

The other three Anarchy members were incredibly angry as well as they had been oppressed by Shen Zeyan the previously.

It was only natural that they had no objections when they heard SexyPIG's suggestion.

The three of them took out Smoke Grenades and threw them forward.

\"Sh*t! Anarchy has chosen to smoke up the area as well. IG is in a very dire situation!\"

\"Yes. We saw from the very beginning that IFTY and Anarchy at both ends of the bridgeheads were waiting for either side to engage onto IG so that they could take advantage of the situation. However, IFTY's gank has caused Anarchy to charge into the battle!\"

\"Indeed. All three squads would suffer badly if this keeps on and they could lose a member at any moment. However, they have no other choice.\"

As the caster spoke, Anarchy's smokescreen started spreading. The four of them had come out of cover.

Then, there was a loud bang!

It sounded like something had fallen.

In the boat underneath the bridge.

GodV, Aluka, and Cpt looked up at the bridge. They were all very disappointed that they could not join the war as they did not have the time to pick up any grenades in Severny.

The reason they were under the bridge was that they were waiting for the blue circle to arrive. They were hoping the players would jump off the bridge when it was too much for them to handle...

However, Liu Zilang at the side threw something up.

GodV saw this and asked, \"What did you just throw...\"

\"Molotov Cocktail.\"

Liu Zilang smiled. \"I picked it up from one of the two crates at the Shooting Range. I still have one more, do you guys want to have a go at it?\"

\"Uhm, it's fine. Enjoy your game.\"

Aluka shook his head. \"There'll be a pool of fire if you throw it up and all they need to do is to avoid it. Will it really work?\"

\"I don't know, I'm just trying it out.\" Liu Zilang laughed. \"This thing takes up space in my backpack anyway so I'll take it as clearing up space in my backpack.\"

He then threw the second Cocktail Molotov up.

As the three waited patiently for someone to jump down from the bridge, a Kill Notification appeared at the top right corner of their screens.

\"4AM-Vic knocked out Anarchy-SexyPIG with Cocktail Molotov!\"

4AM which was under the bridge was stunned when they saw the notification!