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421 Youve Been Surrounded!

 \"They really have abandoned him, how cruel!\"

Liu Zilang raised his VSS and took out the enemy that he had knocked out earlier as the latter was throwing items on the ground one after the other. He seemed to be trying to hide all of his resources from Liu Zilang.

The lot then distributed the loot among themselves and they seemed to be quite loaded.

The four rushed back to Severny as they realized they had yet finished scouring that place. However, the match's first Safe Zone spawned by the time they arrived back at Severny!

The circle was at the Sosnovka Military Base!

On the commentary platform.

\"Hehe, it looks like this match's Safe Zone isn't favoring 4AM. It has spawned south of the map, on Sosnovka Island. This is a typical punishing Safe Zone for them.\"

\"This is an interesting Safe Zone. Most of the players are situated north of the map. When the first blue circle starts shrinking, the majority of the players will have to start migrating. This will cause a major conflict to break out.\"

\"Indeed. The further away they are to the Safe Zone, the more disadvantageous it is for them. After all, they have to go through more housing areas and there's a high chance that they'll encounter other squads running away from the blue circle.\"

\"Correct, I think it's similar to rushing levels in other games as well. Those who are closer to Sosnovka Island will have fewer levels to pass and those who are in the north will have to go through more levels to reach the Safe Zone.\"

Inside the game, 4AM looked at each other in the eye.

\"Alright, I'll go search for a vehicle while the rest of you search the dining area,\" GodV was the first to suggest. \"We'll meet at the entrance of the city.\"

\"No problem,\" Liu Zilang replied. \"I'll head to the church, let's hurry up everyone.\"

Aluka and Cpt had both reported where they were going in order to increase their scouring efficiency.

The lot then started making their move.

As Liu Zilang and the other two finished searching their own respective areas, GodV had yet responded and did not return at all.

GodV then vented out hopelessly, \"Holysh*t. There's not a single vehicle in Severny!\"

They were utterly speechless when they heard GodV's words.

It was tough that the Safe Zone had spawned at Sosnovka Island but they had to deal with the fact that there were no vehicles in Severny?

'This system's rigged!'

Fortunately, when one has a will, there is a way. Aluka smacked himself in his head. \"I remember seeing two boats by the shore when I was gliding here.\"

\"There are boats?\" GodV was startled and he was hesitant. \"I think the boats are too slow.\"

\"It's safe,\" Aluka said. \"Look at the circle. I'm sure there are at least fifty or sixty players migrating. We might not reach the bridgehead if we drive there.\"

\"Aluka is right.\" Liu Zilang nodded. \"Let's go and take the boat.\"

Although GodV preferred driving a car, he could not find one anywhere. Hence he had no choice but to meet up with Liu Zilang and the rest at the shore.

The four of them got down into the sea and rode the two boats.

They cruised along the shore as they traveled west and spotted another boat when they passed by Zharki.

The sea was relatively safe. Hence, Liu Zilang stopped the boat so that GodV could board the other boat. As they passed by Zharki and traveled down south, they spotted another boat right before them.

\"Whatever, let's drive them all.\" GodV laughed. \"Let's scare them when we land.\"

Hence, the four of them formed a fleet and drove all four boats southward.

The viewers in the live stream and venue were shocked when the caster pointed the camera at them!

\"People might mistake them as the legion fleet of the Mongolian navy! I'm utterly speechless!\"

\"It's the Mongolian navy at its best. The buddy above me is over-exaggerating!\"

\"Hahaha. Is 4AM going to start a navy era?\"

\"It's here it's here! GodV's navy is now online. We'll prove it once again that the earth is round!\"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang sailed at the front while the other three boats followed him from behind.

When they were in between Georgopol's Downtown and Uptown, they heard gunshots being fired intensely at the bridge. It seemed that two squads had been caught in conflict.

The first blue circle had started shrinking from the sea. Not only was its speed slow but it also did not deal much damage as well. Hence, the lot was not in a rush as they stopped their boats and looked at Georgopol.

\"What do you say? Should we go and check it out?\"

\"I'm fine with anything. Let's go check it out, we might be able to snatch a fair share for ourselves.\"

The four turned around and headed straight into the river between north and south Georgopol.

On the commentary platform.

\"IG has been flanked by IFTY at the South of Georgopol while they were crossing the bridge.\"

\"Indeed. The two squads have flattened each other's tires. I think they're not going to stop until one of them drops dead!\"

\"That seems to be the case, but the problem is that there are other players in Uptown as well. IG seemed to have planned to ignore the squad in Uptown and drive across the sea through the bridge as they ran away from the blue circle. However, they didn't expect to encounter IFTY there.\"

\"Yes, the squad in Uptown is Anarchy from Korea. If this keeps on, IG will be pincered from both sides. The situation is going against them as of now.\"

\"Indeed, Anarchy is without a doubt a powerful squad. It's definitely a bad thing to be pincered by those two squads.\"

\"Oh! Wait a minute! Someone's coming from the sea. It's 4AM! Are they not running away from the blue circle? Are they going to join the party at such a moment?\"

Inside the game, the players on the bridge had obviously spotted the four boats cruising slowly toward them in a line. This gave off an oppressive sensation that they had been surrounded!

Everyone who saw it twitched their eyes.

'What the h*ll is this?'

IFTY's SOSO who was flanking at the bridge could not help but voice out, \"Which squad is that? Isn't that a little bit too arrogant?\"

A+ scoped in and inhaled deeply. \"Each boat has a person in it. They should be a four-man squad.\"

\"What do you say? Shall we attack them?\" VK turned around and looked at A+.

A+ shook his head. \"What's most important to us now is to kill the squad before us. The four boats in the sea at the moment are not a threat to us so we don't need to fight back.\"

\"Yes, I think big brother is right.\" TKZhun nodded in agreement. \"The squad in Downtown seems to have arrived at the bridgehead as well. We'll smoke up the area and ambush them from behind if they decide to attack.\"

Just as IFTY was discussing their strategy, the four boats in the sea did not stop moving as they kept cruising toward the bridge connecting Uptown and Downtown.