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420 Ten Bullets In A Line And The Deep Affection Between Brothers!

 'Being playful eh?'

Bai Shaobin raised his eyebrow as he pouted.

He did not scope out after he pulled the trigger. Instead, he squinted.

He thought he saw himself land a headshot as blood started erupting out like he had hit a watermelon.

However, Bao Shaobin's pupils shrunk and he widened his eyes in disbelief!

Liu Zilang had unexpectedly tilted his head for the fourth time as he stood up and looked at Bai Shaobin in the eye.

Bai Shaobin wanted to predict Liu Zilang's movement after the latter stood up for the third time. However, the bullet he fired had only grazed past his ear.

The viewers in the venue and live stream were shocked and almost burst into laughter!

\"66666, that head tilting is epic!\"

\"I'm sure you didn't see that coming! I know how to tilt my head!\"

\"Puahah! I almost peed myself. Vic's really cunning!\"

\"Nighthawk: F*cking h*ll! Can you treat this match more seriously!\"

Inside the game, Bao Shaobin looked incredibly annoyed and he seemed to be on the verge of punching someone.

However, Bai Shaobin was shocked when he saw a Kill Notification pop up on the top right of his screen!

Aluka by the wooden house in the Shooting Range had been revived and he had taken out Tyloo's suicide bomber since he did not seem to be useful in any way.

\"F*ck. That b*stard was just baiting me!\" Bai Shaobin's heart sunk as he immediately ordered the remaining man lurking in the Shooting Range, \"Er Gou, retreat. Don't even think of continuing the fight!\"

Hou Dongfang was stunned as he asked hesitantly, \"Are we not going to fight them?\"

\"Why should we fight against them. It's three against four.\" Bai Shaobin shook his head. \"There's no need for us to fight them. Let's retreat for now.\"

Hou Dongfang had no choice but to swallow his words upon hearing Bai Shaobin speak.

Er Gou who had been lurking in the Shooting Range the entire time was very tempted to ambush them after hearing Bao Shaobin's order. However, he had no choice but to retreat frustratingly after he thought about the consequences.

Bai Shaobin turned around. He gritted his teeth at the railing south of the Shooting Range as he recalled his encounter with Liu Zilang over the past two days...

His mind froze as he lowered his head and retreated.

\"Huh? Are they leaving just like that?\" Su Changming was startled as he spoke on the commentary platform. \"Looks like Tyloo has chosen retreat strategically.\"

The viewers in the live stream and venue burst into laughter when they heard him.

It was obvious that they retreated because they were scared but Boss Su said that it was a strategic retreat. Bai Shaolin himself might feel bad if he heard his words.

Ms-Joy was shocked. \"Huh? Vic seems to have realized something. Oh! He's spotted Tyloo's Er Gou. Will he have a chance here?\"

\"Tyloo's Er Gou has left the Shooting Range and is currently climbing up the hill.

\"The distance is rather far and Vic only has ten bullets since he doesn't have an Extended Mag.\" As a part-time league sniper, Sy had analyzed the situation in an instant.

He shook his head as he continued his analysis. \"I don't think I need to explain further for everyone to understand. The VSS's bullet speed is very slow. Although it has a suppressor to conceal its gunshot, the enemy would be alerted regardless if Vic hit his target the instant he opens fire. It would be extremely difficult to land any more shots after the first one.\"

\"Furthermore, Er Gou would disappear from his line of sight the instant he descends the hill. Unless...\"

The viewers in the live stream and venue gasped in awe as Sy spoke!

He raised his head up. His eyes widened and his jaws dropped in disbelief.

On the big screen, the VSS was being fired at an incredibly fast pace.

With its single-shot mode, Liu Zilang fired ten shots at an extremely fast speed and with frightening precision at Er Gou's back who was running on the hill far away!

The second bullet had left the magazine before the first bullet had reached his target!

Sy was in utter shock as his voice started to tremble.

\"Ten bullets in a line?\"

Before Er Gou was able to react and evade after being hit by the first bullet, the remaining nine bullets rained onto his back!

Er Gou's body became soft and his head fell to the ground as he was running up the hill!

\"4AM-Vic knocked out Tyloo-TwoDog with VSS!\"

The viewers in the live stream and venue were shocked!

\"Holys... Oh my god!\"

Sy was so shocked that he had almost spewed out vulgarities. He then continued narrating excitedly, \"Amazing, Vic has pushed the VSS's skill ceiling to a new height! In order to fire ten shots at such a distance at the same location and under single shot mode, one must be at least single for ten years in order to achieve such a feat!\"

\"Uhh... I think I understand what you're trying to say. All ten bullets must have pierced through the air simultaneously the instant he opened fire.\" Ms-Joy was curious as he continued, \"However if I remember correctly, the VSS should have an automatic mode. Wouldn't it be less taxing for him to just switch to automatic mode?\"

\"Recoil control,\" Su Changming at the side said two words.

He then continued to explain, \"If he were to fire in automatic mode, the VSS's recoil would be too great to control at such a distance. It would be impossible for him to aim accurately. However, in single-shot mode, he's able to make minor adjustments after each shot.\"

\"Boss Su is right.\" Sy nodded in agreement. \"Although the calibration needed is very slight when firing at such a speed in single-shot mode, it's very crucial. If he were to do nothing to it, he might be able to align the first three shots to the head but the remaining shots would no longer be in the same line.\"

The viewers in the live stream and venue gasped as they heard him.

Although they were able to grasp how quick Liu Zilang's attack was, they could not imagine how delicate the entire process was.

\"I refuse to believe it! If it's really what the caster has just explained, is this guy really human?\"

\"Hehe, have you heard of Douyu's human implant hack?

\"GG! Ten shots to the same location! That name sounds really cool! Coach, I wish to learn this!\"

\"Coach: You always want to learn everything!\"


Meanwhile, in the game, Er Gou was shocked when he was knocked out.


'Isn't that a trash-tier water gun?'

'What's with this attack that's able to kill me without giving me the chance to evade at all?'

Er Gou did not have much time to think as he turned around to see that 4AM was catching up to him. \"Captain Bai, it's too late for me! Go on without me!\"

Er Gou looked at the minimap the instant he finished speaking before he was taken out!

On the minimap, he watched his two teammates' markings leave further and further away from him.

From the beginning until the end, the two markings had never turned around to look back. Not even once...