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419 Adventuring Crazily On The Verge Of Death!


'Come on. Scream!'

GodV, Aluka, and Cpt laughed as they sneaked toward the enemy.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang was covering them from a distance with his VSS. He was preventing the other enemies from advancing in the Shooting Range and at the Bunker.

\"We can see that 4AM is very cautious about the situation. They've split up into groups of 3 and 1. They won't be passive this way regardless of being on the offense or defense.\"

\"Indeed. However, I have a question. Is Vic able to pose as a threat with just a VSS? Although it's an automatic sniper rifle, there are reasons why very few people use it. Its attributes are simply too weak in all aspects.\"

\"Wait up! Look at Nighthawk! Wow... He has found a 98K the instant he touched down. Vic may have to be careful in approaching him.\"

The broadcast seemed to have read their minds as it showed on Bai Shaobin's screen on the bottom left corner. He had a 98K equipped with a 4x Scope in his hands as he and Hou Dongfang rushed to aid their teammates.

The viewers in the live stream and venue started getting anxious as Liu Zilang with a VSS had no knowledge of that at all. He did not know where Tyloo and the others were nor what sorts of weapons they possessed.

If Liu Zilang were to encounter Bao Shaobin, he would definitely be taken out of the game since he only had a Level One Motorcycle Helmet on his head.

The situation would be incredibly complex if both parties had a man down. 4AM might even turn into maggots instead of getting the chicken dinner.

Then, the caster shifted the view to GodV and the other two.

Tyloo's entry-fragger, Audi who was hiding inside the small house, heard footsteps entering the house. As a professional player, it was only expected that he was able to determine that there were at least three enemies without any external disturbance.

Audi was beyond horrified!

It was not impossible for him to face three enemies alone in such a narrow space while he camped behind the door.

Theoretically speaking, he had a chance to succeed.

However, Audi did not put much hope into it.

In a blink of an eye, he decided his next step and took out a Frag Grenade.


The Frag Grenade clicked as its pin was pulled out.

GodV heard this minor action with his sharp senses and warned the rest, \"Be careful, I think he's about to throw a grenade.\"

Then, Aluka took out a Pan that he had behind him and smiled excitedly. \"Throwing a Frag Grenade? Try me.\"

\"Stop fooling around. What if you miss it?\" Cpt and GodV immediately distanced themselves from Aluka.

\"It's fine, his teammates aren't here yet.\" Aluka laughed. \"You guys cover me and watch me do my thing. Oh right, please remember to submit your own highlights after the tournament.\"

The three twitched their lips when they heard what Aluka had blurted out. They felt that each and every one of them had gotten rather cunning ever since Liu Zilang had joined their squad.


The door of the small room was opened.

\"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!\"

Aluka started waving his Pan crazily the instant the door opened. He looked like he was practicing his table tennis technique as he waved about crazily.

However, what happened next shocked all three of them.

The enemy inside the room did not throw out a Frag Grenade. Instead, he ran out with the Frag Grenade in his hand.

'Buddies, have you seen someone holding a Frag Grenade before?'

Aluka was shocked as he waved his Pan crazily. 'Does anyone even throw a Frag Grenade that way?' He then sensed a very familiar smell from that man's body...

From the caster's perspective, one was holding a Pan just outside the door and the other was holding a Frag Grenade in his hand as they looked each other in the eye.

'F*ck! It's a suicide!'

A bright light flashed as the two were blasted away with smoke and sawdust.

\"Tyloo-Audi knocked out 4AM-Aluka with Frag Grenade!\"

\"Tyloo-Audi accidentally knocked out himself with Frag Grenade!\"

Audi, who had turned into a suicide bomber, realized that he had made a huge mistake the instant he fell to the ground. He was planning to bring all three of them down along with him with his Frag Grenade. That way, he would be able to buy enough time for his teammate to come even if the remaining enemy had come to take him out.

The enemy would definitely not have enough time to revive all of his teammates and his teammates might even clean up the rest of the mess for him.

It was obvious that what Audi had in mind was to sacrifice himself in exchange for the entire enemy squad.

However, he did not expect two of the enemies to distance themselves while the third one waved his Pan crazily at the entrance...

Truthfully, Audi was devastated the instant the door was opened. He could only complain within himself...'Is this guy mentally retarded?'

Meanwhile, Bai Shaobin who was rushing oversaw the Kill Notification that his teammate had fallen.

Although Bai Shaobin did not care how Audi had bombed himself to death, His heart skipped a beat the instant he saw the word 4AM!

'It's him!'

Naturally, he did not rush in as he arrived at the Shooting Range from the Bunker. Instead, he crouched down at the railings outside the Shooting Range and took out his 98K equipped with a 4x Scope to look around the area.

As an experienced professional player, he was able to accurately judge that the enemies would not rush in wholeheartedly to be taken out while they retreated. One of the enemies was definitely guarding the area. After all, they were 4AM.

He was right as he soon spotted Liu Zilang who was outside the Shooting Range.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Liu Zilang spotted Bai Shaobin sneaking in first.

However, just as Liu Zilang was about to take aim, Bao Shaobin stopped moving and looked at him as if they could read each other's mind.

'Since when... did this guy have become so instinctive,\" Liu Zilang muttered.

He hid behind the slope just outside the Shooting Range. He could not help but smirk as he looked at the calming scene in front of him.


Meanwhile, the caster had shifted his perspective to Bao Shaobin.

That was because the viewers in the live stream and venue, including the casters on the commentary platform, were very interested in the situation at hand. They were curious about what Bai Shaobin would do with his 98K as one of Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods.

What will his next action be?

Bai Shaobin did not want to think of it.

He looked extremely annoyed out of the blue.

That was because he could see the enemy hiding behind the slope starting to crouch down and stand up endlessly.

The viewers in the live stream were utterly speechless.

\"GG! Is Vic up to his usual gig again?\"

\"I'm super impressed with him dancing around freely in the face of death. This guy is really asking for it!\"

\"Nighthawk: F*ck you. I don't plan on killing you but you're making me losing face here!\"

\"Wait a minute! I have a feeling that Vic is going to die because of his playfulness.\"


From the caster's perspective, Bao Shaobin raised up his 98K and scoped in with his 4x Scope. He then took aim and opened fire before Liu Zilang was about to reveal himself.


The bullet flew out of the gun's muzzle and headed straight toward him!

It was an instant snipe and a predictive shot!