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418 Kill Them As Early As Possible!

 The roar gradually became weaker and slowly became mute.

Soon, the plane flew over PUBG island and disappeared into the horizon.

Through the caster's perspective, marks could be seen filling up the entire PUBG island on the map.

On the commentary platform.

\"We can see that the squads are concentrated in the middle of the island for this match. However, there are a lot of resources in this region and everyone will have the opportunity to grow. Hence, we don't have to worry about having any conflicts this early in the game.

\"That's right. Honestly, it's rare to see players going against each other the instant they land in a tournament. This only happens when they land in a very secluded place and they're required to search for a vehicle.\"

\"Se7en seems to be itching to kill everyone in this match since they have chosen to land in the Sosnovka Military Base. We can see that three squads have landed there. Both Squad VIPER of Vietnam and Thailand's MITH are regulars of the area. The latter squad evidently has taken a liking toward the place.\"

\"Hehe, that's understandable. They're a powerhouse so it's only natural that they love to act tough. There are two squads landing at Novorepnoye beside the Sosnovka Military Base. They are Squad SST, where Menhera-chan is in, and Singapore's 5Peaks. Since there can only be one tiger on a mountain, I think that they will fight each other eventually.\"

\"Indeed. Although the sky seemed to have been densely packed with squads earlier, they have all spread out across the map. Since there are players heading to Stalber which isthe furthest away from the flight route, there aren't any empty spots in the entire map.\"

\"Yes, but there's a disadvantage when all of the squads are spread out. When the first Safe Zone spawns at the edge of the map instead of spawning at the center, the greatest enemy for those players who had landed at the edge of the map would be the blue circle.\"


In a PUBG tournament match, the important things toward the players during the early phases of the game were their development and their landing location. Other than those two, it was important for them to gather intel of their surroundings as well.

Once the players knew what was going on around them, they would be able to decide what their next step would be. They would be easily taken out by other squads if they passed by a resourceful region.

Meanwhile in Severny.

There was a loud thud!

Aluka landed firmly with both his feet. He was the last one to land.

He entered a building as he reported quickly, \"There are two people at the Shooting Range and near the Bunker. They seem to be in the same squad. There's also a squad landing in the rural area south from here but they seem to have gone searching for a vehicle to Rozhok. There shouldn't be anyone left in the rural area other than them.\"

\"Is the squad in the Shooting Range scouring the area individually?\" GodV asked after he had nodded. \"Alright. They shouldn't come here too soon and we can spread out for the time being.\"

The reason for GodV's deduction was that if the enemy squad had plans to take over Severny, they would have scoured the Shooting Range as a full squad to obtain their \"beginner sets\". They would then sneak into Severny and give 4AM a run for their money while 4AM was searching for equipment.

However, it was obvious that the enemy had no plans to be that aggressive so early in the game.

After hearing GodV's words, Liu Zilang pondered for a moment before speaking up, \"I think... Perhaps this is our opportunity.\"

\"What do you mean?\"

GodV was confused but he vaguely understood what Liu Zilang was trying to say.

His instincts were right.

Liu ZIlang opened the map and marked the Shooting Range as he smirked. \"I bet the enemy wouldn't expect us to appear at the Shooting Range right now.\"

Aluka and Cpt were in deep thought as they heard him out.

It was a logical proposal.

Since there were players in both Soverny and the Shooting Range, and based on the time required to scour through all the resources between the two regions, it would be those players in the Shooting Range that would head toward Soverny to bring havoc. It was simply illogical to have players in Soverny bring havoc toward the players in the Shooting Range.

If the players in the Shooting Range did not invade Soverny by the time they had finished scouring the area, it meant that the players in the Shooting Range had headed elsewhere.

However, it was certain that Liu Zilang was suggesting something else entirely.

He wanted to kill the players as early as possible!

\"I think it's viable.\" GodV's gaze was brimming with excitement as he pondered. He then asked Cpt and Aluka, \"What do you guys think?\"

Cpt caressed the SCAR-L in his hand and nodded. \"I'm okay with it.\"

\"I haven't found a primary weapon yet.\" Aluka shrugged as he looked at the P1911 in his hand.

He was slow to land so he did not have enough time to scour through the region.

\"That's not a problem.\" Liu Zilang laughed. \"I have two weapons here. I'll give you my AK.\"

\"What will you be using then?\" GodV was curious.

\"I've just picked up a VSS,\" Liu Zilang replied. \"I got used to this weapon lately so I'll give the AK to Aluka.\"

\"No problem, let's hurry up.\"

Aluka immediately went after Liu Zilang and took the AK fom him.

The four of them then sneaked toward the Shooting Range.


At the Shooting Range beside Severny.

There were two players searching the area. The Shooting Range was not considered a big place but it had a lot of obstacles.

It would be fine if there were four players but it was slightly slower if only two players scoured the area.

\"We won't be able to head to Severny in time. It'll be great if we can take away a squad after scouring this area,\" the entre-fragger, Tyloo lowered his head and picked up a Cocktail Molotov as he muttered.

\"Stop complaining and clean up the area before anyone comes,\" the player who came together to the Shooting Range with him urged. \"Captain Bai said that we have to perform in this match. We're not in a rush at the moment so we'll decide our next move after the Safe Zone spawns.\"

The player was at the wooden house in the Shooting Range and when he raised his head up, he seemed to have spotted a figure standing just outside the railings.

PUBG was a highly realistic game. It was extremely shocking to spot someone when one did not expect one!

That guy was literally spooked out!

However, he reacted swiftly due to his instincts as a professional player. He immediately went inside the wooden house to hide as he screamed through his voice chat, \"Holysh*t! There's someone here at the Shooting Range!\"

\"Huh? Where?\"

The other player scouring the Shooting Range was shocked.

When Bao Shaobin heard them from the Bunker, he asked calmly, \"Don't panic! How many are there? You guys stay put, Monkey and I are heading your way.\"

\"I'm not sure if he has company but I've only seen one so far.\" the man who had hidden himself inside the house had calmed down.

However, footsteps could be heard coming from outside and it sounded like there was more than one person.

He started panicking again and said anxiously, \"They're coming! There's more than one of them!\"