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417 Asia Qualifiers Grand Final!

 Zhang Xiaotong froze again upon hearing his words.

She then stormed toward the bus as it arrived at the bus station.

\"Beep: Student card!\"

When the three of them were about to board the bus, Wang Qianqian whispered and laughed softly with her arms crossed in front of her. \"You look rather excited, yes?\"

\"Excited?\" Liu Zilang was confused. \"Why would I be excited?\"

Wang Qianqian shook her head and said with a smile on her face, \"Tsk tsk. You told her to ignore other people's opinions. Why do I feel like you're trying to encourage Xiaotong to break free from the usual convention?\"

Liu Zilang finally understood what she was saying by that point.

SharkChili had completely distorted his intentions. What was originally a profound and philosophical saying had become distorted.

\"Breaking through the shackles?\" Liu Zilang pouted as he looked at Wang Qianqian's back. \"I'll break your shackles!\"

Wang Qianqian turned around and gave him a big thumbs up as she said with a smile on her face, \"Bingo!\"

Liu Zilang was speechless...

After they reached home and had lunch together, Liu Zilang brought his family... No, Liu Zilang then brought all of them to the Stadium Jianghai.

Naturally, the reason the tournament was able to attract so much attention was mainly because of him.

Not only did the Asia Qualifier have the biggest prize pool and push a squad's teamwork to its limit but it also determined who would go to the World Invitational Tournament.

The atmosphere was truly different when they arrived at the venue.

Liu Zilang saw some fans holding up boards in the venue with \"Birth202\" written on it and so on. He did not know what it was for.

Liu Zilang only understood what it was half an hour before the tournament began as he saw a few youthful and energetic females dancing and singing on stage while the audience waved the boards.

The opening performance for the four-man squad tournament was performed by Hua Xia's girl group, Birth202...

The crowd cheered on even after the short opening performance had ended.

Then, extremely moving music and lighting matched the audience's cheer as contestants from all over Asia entered the venue to set up their gear.

Meanwhile, Su Changming, Ms-Joy, and Sy who had been casting for the past two days appeared on the commentary platform behind the stage.

\"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, Thank you for tuning in to PUBG's Asia Qualifier. I am Su Changming.\"

\"I'm Ms-Joy!\"

\"Hello, I'm Sy!\"

The three greeted the crowd and Su Changming smiled at the camera. \"Alright, this is our last day of the tournament and it's also our most anticipated day. The three matches today shall determine the squad that will represent Asia to compete in the World Invitational Tournament that will be hosted by California.\"

\"Indeed. I think the matches today will be even more intense than the matches that took place from two days ago. This is also the very first time these powerful squads from all over Asia will face each other head-on. I believe our squads from Hua Xia may have to stay on guard against the Korean squad Royad and KD since they're very strong.\"

\"Yes. I believe that today's matches will be much more different than the ones that have taken place previously, up to the extent of basic game mechanics. I feel obliged to remind everyone that players who have been playing Duos for the past two days will have to adjust their playstyle and habit today as they're very crucial.\"

\"You're right. Many contestants might get used to a certain playstyle, choosing certain locations in Duos and Solo. However, these habits have to be scraped off, and they have to return their usual habits in today's matches.\"

\"Yes. Perhaps some viewers may not understand what we're talking about so we'll give them an example. If two snipers are committed in a Solo game, no one will care about them if they decide to snipe at each other until the end of the game. However, in the four-man squad mode, the most forbidden taboo for a sniper is to have the thought of going against another sniper.\"

\"That's right. The main role of a sniper in a four-man squad is to stop the enemy from advancing and to cover the entry-fraggers so that they can rush in without any worry. Snipers are insurance, backup, and initiators that take out the enemy core members so that they will be in the lead. However, if they have the thought of fighting another sniper, they would have to play passive and adapt their strategies according to their enemy's movement.\"

\"Yes, if a sniper is unsure whether he can kill an enemy to pave way for his teammates, his teammates would end up dead if he were to keep shooting at the enemy sniper. PUBG isn't a fight between two squads.\"

\"Exactly. We've said a lot but that's just an example. Truthfully, today's matches will be a lot more different than of the matches from the past two days and there is a very high chance that an underdog will appear. This is because no matter how good a player is in Solo or Duos, that player alone isn't able to determine the outcome of a four-man squad match.

\"We've spoken a lot and our contestants have entered the game. Today's first match is about to begin.\"

As soon as Su Changming finished speaking, the director shifted the camera on the commentary platform to the game.


The plane could be seen roaring above the deep blue sea.

The flight route of the match began from the upper left corner of the map, Zharki. It passed by Uptown (TN: North Georgopol), Ruins, Pochinki and ultimately Novorepnoye on Sosnovka Island. The overall flight path was from northwest to southeast, and it was relatively centered on the map.

It was certain that a flight route such as this meant that resources would be equally spread out across the map. If nothing went wrong, the massive reduction of players in the early phase of the game could be avoided.

On the commentary platform.

\"We can see that there are players jumping above Zharki. Oh! It's IG. This squad seems to favor Zharki. I recall them landing here quite often in PUBG Goldens Legends.\"

\"Indeed. The plane is now above Uptown. Oh! Many people have decided to land here. I estimate there are at least six squads.\"

\"Yes, but that doesn't mean that they'll be heading to Uptown. We can now see that two to three squads have crossed the river and are heading toward Downtown. Hehe looks like they have distributed their territories evenly in the air.

\"Oh, it looks like a few players from 4AM have jumped as well. However, they have chosen to fly northeast and seem to be heading toward Severny the Shooting Range.\"

\"Most probably. Since that place is far from the flight route, it would be more than enough for them to build up in the early game if they are the only ones there.\"

\"Hold up, there seems to be more than a squad! We can see that Tyloo is heading there as well.\"

\"Oh! That seems to be true! Will the two squads from Hua Xia clash with each other the instant they land?\"

As the casters spoke, the audience watching below the stage started getting anxious as well!