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416 Break Through The Shackles Of Traditions!

 Naturally, the fight below the stage had caught Zhang Xiaotong's attention.

She stood there dumbfoundedly before realizing that it was Liu Zilang running around. The nervous girl could not help but burst into laughter.

After some time, Liu Zilang finally ran out of energy and stopped running around.

He raised his head and realized that everyone was laughing at him. Some were even photographing him.

Although the crowd had seen Kumamon tackle a person in big and small events, it was their first time seeing such a large-scale attack.

Was he not afraid that people would gang up on him since he was acting so arrogant?


Of course, Liu Zilang was afraid!

He was anxious but he calmed down as he surveyed his surroundings.

Fortunately, no one decided to tackle him in return.

If someone more excited were to approach him, he might have brought out a forty-meter long sword and mimicked him by placing his two hands by his waist after he had hit Liu Zilang.

Perhaps he had would let Liu Zilang run for the first thirty-nine meters...

However, he could not guarantee that those he had chased off earlier were not hiding among the crowd. They could be looking for an opportunity to strike back.

After all, anyone would have felt unjust if they were attacked by a bear out of nowhere.

Liu Zilang no longer dared take off the bear head. He was afraid of people remembering his face and ambushing him when he was on the way to the toilet...

That would be the end of him!

Liu Zilang waved at Zhang Xiaotong, Misaka Mikoto and Wang Qianqian who were on the stage with his bear paw before turning around and running away. He was running back to where University of Jianghai's anime society was as he wanted to return the bear costume as soon as possible.

That area was occupied by Jianghai University. Hence, no one would be daring enough to enter the place. Although the guys inside did not seem to like him, he would gladly return there.

He was fine with it as long as his senior was there.

Although Liu Zilang was not able to surprise Misaka Mikoto with him cosplaying as Kumamon, he was satisfied with all the pranks he had pulled.

Not to mention, he was still a gentleman in bearskin. [1]Since he had helped Zhang Xiaotong solve a little trouble, he did get something out of it.

After Liu Zilang returned the Kumamon costume, he came out of the place completely refreshed.

He looked around as he stood at the entrance. However, since he did not have any detective training, he was unable to notice anyone suspicious lurking around.

On the other hand, he was not that worried since the difference between the current him and Kumamon was large.

Liu Zilang did not realize how fun it was to cosplay as Kumamon!

He had transformed into a gangster bear and could harass anyone without having to worry about people fighting back. He felt incredibly great from it.

If he were to turn into a social bear that would go around taking pictures with the ladies, would that not be better?

Then, Liu Zilang recalled Qin Xuanxuan as a Pikachu.

He raised his eyebrow slightly as he realized that is was about more than pulling pranks...


Zhang Xiaotong had come down from the stage with Misaka Mikoto. They had left to change their attire by the time Liu Zilang returned.

He and Wang Qianqian waited for some time before the two walked out from the changing rooms.

Zhang Xiaotong behaved rather awkwardly when she saw Liu Zilang as she kept looking down at her toes.

However, she raised her head when she was beside Liu Zilang. She did not want to look weak in front of him.

Liu ZIlang laughed in his mind as he caved in and said, \"Hey Xiaotong, just ignore them if you ever encounter that kind of situation again.

\"You must live for yourself and ignore other people's opinion of you.\"

She listened without saying a word.

Liu Zilang looked at her as if she was his kind disciple before continuing, \"Oh right, Who did you cosplay as. I heard those below the stage shout Kasugano Sora and you do remind me of a certain character.\"

Zhang Xiaotong who was at that time walking beside Misaka Mikoto froze instantly when she heard his words.

Her face turned incredibly red.

Meanwhile, Misaka Mikoto who was by her side starting laughing.

\"Stop laughing! It's your fault!\" Zhang Xiaotong raised her hands and started slapping Misaka Mikoto's back.

Misaka Mikoto held in her laughter and glanced discreetly as Liu Zilang before speaking normally, \"I think Xiaotong is great in cosplaying. You look identical to the actual Kasugano Sora.\"

\"You...\" Zhang Xiaotong seemed to have recalled something as her face became flushed the instant she heard Misaka Mikoto's words. She could not utter a single word in reply.

Evidently. she acted like this when she was nervous.

However, Liu Ziang and Wang Qianqian were totally in the dark as their childhood consisted of The Powerpuff Girls and B-Robo Kabutack. Since they were not that interested in anime, it was only natural that they did not understand what they were saying.

Liu Zilang gasped after walking for a few more steps.

He finally recalled what Xiaotong was cosplaying as earlier. He remembered he was suspected as a hentai [2]after recommending her a few animes, hence he decided to do research online that night.

He vaguely recalled pictures similar to those, which was why it looked very familiar to him.

Liu Zilang's expression became rather weird.

Zhang Xiaotong was on the verge of burying her head in the ground the instant Liu Zilang reacted audibly...

Her body was so stiff that she had to put in a lot of effort just to move.

Misaka Mikoto started laughing again and Wang Qianqian kept looking at the three of them alternatingly as she walked courteously. She seemed to be in deep thought.

Hence, the four of them carried this awkward atmosphere with them as they walked all the way to the bus stop.

Zhang Xiaotong who had her head down the entire time could no longer hold it in anymore.

She gathered her courage, raised her head and looked at Liu Zilang in his eyes. \"You... You... must not think much of it!\"

\"Huh!\" Liu Zilang was startled. \"What do you mean?\"

Zhang Xiaotong froze as she was embarrassed and angry at the same time. She then replied with her eyes closed, \"No! You're not allowed to! I don't care, you're not allowed to think too much of this!\"

She then stared furiously at Misaka Mikoto who was laughing at her.

Liu Zilang starting laughing out loud as it was rare for him to see Zhang Xiaotong lose her cool.

He finally saw the big picture. The reason Zhang Xiaotong was cosplaying as Kasugano Sora was most likely Misaka Mikoto's doing.

Hence, she was angry and embarrassed because she was worried about Liu Zilang thinking ill of her.

Liu Zilang squinted and smiled. \"Look at you. I told you not to care about other people's opinions. Have you forgotten about it?\"


[1] A wordplay from the chinese raw where gentleman is written as bear's strength. You may omit the bear's skin from the sentence and they'd mean the same thing.

[2] Hentai means pervert in Japanese