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415 The Flying Kick Has Returned!

 A girl and a bear were standing together in public.

The crowd was lively and nice toward Misaka Mikoto but they became unfriendly when they saw Liu Zilang.

'It's just a bear...'

'Why is his status higher than ours?'

However, Liu Zilang had no intention of taking advantage of his idiotic disciple. When Misaka Mikoto tiptoed and pinched his bear ear, the edge of his lips twitched as he pushed her away with his bear paws. \"Stop fooling around, where's Xiaotong?\"

Misaka Mikoto was completely startled.

However, her eyes were quickly filled with excitement the instance she heard Liu Zilang's voice. She immediately hugged Liu Zilang and said, \"Shifu! It's you!\"

The crowd was stunned!

Although they did not hear what Misaka Mikoto had said, they could clearly see her hugging the bear.

The crowd was furious!

'You're a bear... However, you're not behaving like one.'

'How can we let this pass!'

However, Liu Zilang did not think much of this as he pulled Misaka Mikoto out of the crowd.

Evidently, the crowd would not give up that easily since they had set their eyes on her. Hence, they kept tailing the two from the back as the two walked away.

Liu Zilang was getting impatient when he realized they were being tailed.

After taking a few steps, he stopped, turned around and looked at the crowd.

Liu Zilang looked rather horrifying when he wore the Kumamon costume. Hence, it was eerily threatening to the crowd the instant he turned around.

The crowd was shocked!

Liu Zilang then gestured himself trying to pull up his sleeves as he headed toward the crowd following him.

There was a man with glasses. He was following them from behind with a camera. He was stunned when he saw Liu Zilang coming toward him out of the blue.

He looked to his left and right as the crowd opened up a path and looked at him. It was as if they were waiting for an exciting show.

The spectacled man was not a fool as well as he immediately made a run for it the instant he realized the Kumamon was heading toward him with bad intentions.

Before he started running for his life, he had turned around, cupped his mouth and shouted at Misaka Mikoto who was standing behind Liu Zilang, \"Menhera-chan! Aishiteru!\"

Liu Zilang's eyes started twitching.

The situation did not seem right at all. It felt like he was the bully that was occupying his girlfriend...

However, Liu Zilang stopped caring as he continued his act and chased after the man just like an eagle preying on a chick.

It was the only time he could go all out since everyone was loving it. He would not be able to keep up with the act under normal circumstances even though the crowd did not mind it...

Soon, the crowd behind them dispersed.

One reason was that Kumamon was notorious for being a gangster. Another reason was that the crowd had realized that Misaka Mikoto and the guy in the bear costume knew each other. They thought that the two had something else to do and had stopped bothering them.

They were able to figure out that they knew each other because that idiotic discple Misaka Mikoto started cheering for Liu Zilang after having stood still for a while...

Liu Zilang was incredibly annoyed!

'Shifu I am so tired and it's all because of you.'

Wang Qianqian on the other hand scoffed as she watched Liu Zilang pull his stunt. When he stopped chasing after the guy, she said that he was as aggressive as when he was younger.

Liu Zilang placed his hands by his waist upon hearing her words.

He was not acting, and he was truly tired.

He trembled continuously as he tried to catch his breath. \"I'm at my limit. My waist is at its limit.\"

Wang Qianqian smiled at him and did not utter a single word.

Misaka Mikoto then guided the two toward the performance stage where Zhang Xiaotong was.

Liu Zilang was stunned the instant he saw Zhang Xiaotong.

Zhang Xiaotong was on the stage with a full white dress. She had long silver-white hair with two black butterfly hairpins and a black doll in her hand. Although she stood in the corner, she had attracted countless people's attention below the stage.

However, the girl seemed to know how to protect herself as she wore a mask like she usually did in her stream.

Liu Zilang was startled below the stage as he rubbed his chin. He had taken off his Kumamon's head and hid it by his arms in order to avoid attracting any attention.

Liu Zilang found Zhang Xiaotong's getup rather familiar but he could not recall where he had seen it before.

Misaka Mikoto turned her head around to look at Liu Zilang discreetly as she started to snicker at him.

Liu Zilang heard her laughter and gave her a weird look as he wanted to ask what she was laughing at.

As he turned his head around, he and Zhang Xiaotong made eye contact.

Zhang Xiaotong's face turned red in an instant as she turned her head away awkwardly and harrumphed softly.

This was a small habit of hers due to her arrogance. However, Zhang Xiaotong seemed to have forgotten that even though she was standing at the corner of the stage, she was the main star of the stage. Each of her actions were being watched by countless people below her.

When they saw Zhang Xiaotong's gesture, the crowd became excited as they started cheering.

\"Wow! Oh my god! That's so realistic!\"

\"My little heart can't stand this! Kasugano Sora I love you!\"

\"Why is Kasugano Sora wearing a mask? Can you please take off your mask.\"

\"That's right! Kasugano Sora please take off your mask! We don't care how you look like, we'll still love you!\"

\"I concur! Kasugano Sora please take off your mask!\"

The crowd below the stage started requesting Zhang Xiaotong to take off her mask.

Zhang Xiaotong who had been standing quietly at the corner did not expect that to happen. She looked rather anxious. Her gaze kept swiveling around the crowd as if she was searching for something...

She then lowered her head and did not say a single word as she pinched the bunny doll's ears.

Since she did not wish to do so and no one would force their way on her, the crowd below the stage started to calm down.

However, the world was a very big place and it was filled with all sorts of people.

There were a few men below the stage shouting vulgarities at her when they realized that Zhang Xiaotong had ignored them.

Liu Zilang was furious when he saw everything from the side!

'F*cking h*ll...

'How dare you bully my sister!'

He immediately wore his Kumamon costume, ran toward them and gave them a taste of his bear paw.

He recalled Qin Xuanxuan's Pikachu kick in his mind and started running toward the man who had teased her the most near the exhibition stage. Liu Zilang gave him a kick on the butt and they both fell to the ground.

'A flying kick?'

The crowd was startled but they soon burst into laughter!

It seemed that it was a common occurence for the annoying bear to attack people at the exhibition. Perhaps there was someone recording all of it nearby.

Those who were attacked by Kumamon thought so as well.

Hence, they looked around cautiously before they covered their faces and ran off. They were afraid of being the star of an online prank video...