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414 Am I Not Cute At All?

 He would have said it himself if he knew what it was.

The ladies surrounding him started giving him weird smiles upon hearing his words. They seemed to have been aware of Qin Xuanxuan's prank.

Qin Xuanxuan had the talent for them. Her short hair made her look rather heroic. Although she was rather petite, she was able to cosplay many female characters.

However, she loved cosplaying as Pikachu. Since she had forced Liu Zilang to be Kumamon, what else could it be other than a prank?

Liu Zilang was there to accompany Zhang Xiaotong. Naturally, his first reaction was to object the instant he heard that he would be cosplaying as Kumamon.

However, after giving it a second thought, he was curious about what Misaka Mikoto and Zhang Xiaotong's reactions would be if he were to appear before them as Kumamon.

Would they be shocked by it?

Liu Zilang was getting excited as he pondered.

Liu Zilang might not have noticed it but from a certain perspective, he and Qin Xuanxuan had the same taste when it came to pranks.

Meanwhile, Wang Qianqian who had been stopped at the entrance unleashed her power and persuaded the young man that she was looking for someone.

As she entered the room, a tall, round, fully-black Kumamon with two red dots on its cheeks appeared before her.

Both of them made eye contact for a brief moment.

However, Wang Qianqian tilted her head and looked inside. She seemed to be searching for traces of Liu Zilang.

Evidently. the bear standing in front of her was Liu Zilang.

When he realized Wang Qianqian had ignored him, he could not help but raise his bear paw and slap Wang Qianqian's head from the back.

Then, he placed his hands by his waist and let out a laugh.

'SharkChili, I'm sure you didn't expect this at all!'

'I, Cobrander has returned!'

Wang Qianqian was looking around and had let down her guard against the harmless Kumamon beside her.

She turned her head and looked at Liu Zilang who had his arms by his waist after being slapped at the back of her head.

The entire atmosphere froze!

One had to admit that Wang Qianqian was quick to catch on.

Naturally, that excluded the chicken dinner from the previous night.

She raised her eyebrow, tip-toed and took off Liu Zilang's headwear.

Liu Zilang crooked his lips as he could see daylight again. He asked frustratingly, \"How did you know it was me?\"

Wang Qianqian waved her hand at Liu Zilang and snickered. \"It's only natural that I would know, I followed you here.\"

Liu Zilang looked better and felt relieved.

He thought he had revealed himself in some way and it would be awkward if Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto were to expose him instantly when he walked up to them.

Wang Qianqian then started looking around again.

\"Who are you looking for?'

Liu Zilang put on the bear head again and asked with a husky voice.

\"Where's that girl who pulled you here earlier?\" Wang Qianqian's hands were still in front of her chest as she asked.

\"Oh, you mean my senior?\" Liu Zilang responded casually. \"I think she's preparing...\"

Before he finished talking, a cute, big-sized Pikachu walked out.

Liu Zilang was stunned and immediately pointed toward it with his bear finger. \"There.\"

Wang Qianqian looked to where he was pointing and her jaws dropped. She screamed in excitement, \"Wow! That's a very cute Pikachu!\"

Liu Zilang crooked his lips upon hearing Wang Qianqian's words.

He wanted to know why she did not react the moment she saw him. 'Am I not cute at all?'

Qin Xuanxuan the Pikachu was in the dark when she saw Wang Qianqian standing beside Liu Zilang.

She did not expect Liu Zilang to know such an elegant girl and thought that Liu Zilang was a shut-in gamer.

However, the two did have something in common. Both of them were very good at holding a conversation and socializing as they started talking to each after as if they had known each other for a long time.

Qin Xuanxuan was worried that Liu Zilang would sneak around, and she planned to bring him up to the stage together where the members of the University of Jianghai's anime club gathered.

However, she realized that she had misunderstood Liu Zilang when she heard Wang Qianqian explanation and stopped forcing him.

Liu Zilang felt the need to return the favor since he had borrowed their costume.

However, he was extremely happy when he heard that he did not need to head up to the stage.

He did not want to stand around and be surrounded by everyone. Perhaps some people would walk up to him and request for a photo...

However, Liu Zilang did not pursue further since Qin Xuanxuan had said so. He thanked her and started loitering around the exhibition with Wang Qianqian so that they could find Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto.

Wang Qianqian did not feel anything at first when she walked beside Liu Zilang. However, she could not help but distance herself from him as she felt awkward with the amount of attention she was getting from the crowd. All she had to do was say that she did not know him out loud.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang did not expect this douchey bear to be so popular as someone had stopped him for a photo while they were walking around.

As a popular figure, Liu Zilang had to bend his waist and strike a pose even though he was very tempted to kick them away.

Whatever. He decided to suffer as that person was a girl...

Liu Zilang turned around after he was done with the photo and saw Misaka Mikoto underneath the stage.

However, Misaka Mikoto had undergone a total make-over by then.

She was wearing a loose, maple-leaf-colored kimono that was paired with a pair of cat earrings and a red threaded bell on her bare ankle. She looked extremely adorable.

A crowd was gathering around her. The people in the exhibition seemed to have recognized her as Menhera-chan who had come to Jianghai for the tournament.

It was quite dangerous for someone as famous as Misaka Mikoto to be recognized under the stage. After all, there were all sorts of people in the cosplay exhibition and something could go wrong at any moment.

Hence, Liu Zilang hastened his steps as he pushed the crowd away and headed straight for her.

The crowd was initially annoyed when someone was pushing them from behind but they had nothing to say when they realized it was a Kumamon pushing them.

'Who would go against Kumamon?'

'Are there not enough videos online showing that *sshole bear chasing people everywhere in the exhibition?'

None of them wished to be in the headlines of the exhibition without their realization.

After Liu Zilang had squirmed into the crowd, he did not pull Misaka Mikoto away directly. Instead, he stood there and stared at her.

He thought that his stupid disciple would be shocked by it!

However, Misaka Mikoto stared at Liu Zilang for a few seconds before she tiptoed and caressed his bear head. Then, she laughed innocently and said, \"Kawaii!\"

Liu Zilang was speechless...

'Why does the script... never seem to go with what I imagine!'