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413 Is It My Fault For Being Handsome?

 Liu Zilang moved his body slightly to the front after the vehicle halted as they reached their designated stop.

He turned around to look at Zhang Xiaotong. Her head was tilting and moving towards the window. She was on the verge of hitting her head on the window.

He immediately reached out his hand and held her head.


As Liu Zilang was too quick with his hand, the slap was incredibly loud.

Commuters on the bus turned their heads around curiously as they heard the slap.

Zhang Xiaotong was awake due to the slap as well!

She looked at Liu Zilang with her half-asleep gaze before looking at the hand that was holding her head.

Her face turned red and immediately turned away.

\"You're welcome.\" Liu Zilang let out a gentleman-like smile. He had unleashed his hidden talent.

Although Zhang Xiaotong was in deep asleep earlier, she could hear the loud slap as well!

As she connected all the dots in her head after she recalled Liu Zilang's hand was on her face, she immediately turned around and stared at Liu Zilang furiously. She had even revealed her two tiny fangs as well.


When they alighted the bus, Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto got excited as they muttered between themselves and walked at the front.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang and Wang Qianqian were following them at the back.

\"You never told me you've such a cute sister.\" Wang Qianqian crossed her arm as she told him casually.

Liu Zilang glanced at her. \"Don't act oblivious. A smart person like you must have guessed it already.\"

A cat had caught Wang Qianqian's tongue.

'Does this guy even know how to keep a conversation going?'

Wang Qianqian skipped all of her small talks and immediately went to her point as she excitedly discussed with Liu Zilang about her plan on raising him as a Douyu celebrity.

While Liu Zilang was nodding in agreement, he was very frustrated...'Why don't you go adopt a virtual pet if you like to raise something so much!'

Their ultimate destination was one of Jianghai's convention centers. Although the venue looked slightly smaller than the Firefly ACG Festival, it was still bustling with people.

Zhang Xiaotong took out her phone and talked to someone outside for a brief moment before a woman older than her by a few years came out. She greeted Liu Zilang and the rest before taking those two for their make-up excitedly as she seemed to have waited for them for quite some time.

As Liu Zilang had never involved himself with anime, he was curious about cosplay and wanted to tag along.

However, he soon realized that all of the people inside were girls with all sorts of weird attire and hairstyles...

As a man, he was embarrassed to enter even if he was extremely curious.

When Wang Qianqian realized this, she smiled and walked past Liu Zilang.

Liu Zilang twitched his lips as he looked at her.

However, she could not help but laugh out loud.

Wang Qianqian was stopped by the staff as she tried to enter. The staff said that it was the make-up room and it was temporarily off-limits.

Wang Qianqian had no choice but to walk out frustratingly...

Liu Zilang was laughing at the entrance before someone patted him on the shoulder from behind out of the blue.

He turned around and realized that it was a very elegant short-haired girl. She was the senior Qin Xuanxuan he had met in Firefly ACG Festival last time.

Liu Zilang then subconsciously recalled the soft Pikachu...

'It's so small!'

He was amazed.

What he was amazed by was obviously the anime community in Jianghai. He did not expect to encounter Qin Xuanxuan twice.

Qin Xuanxuan was surprised to meet Liu Zilang here as well. However, she recalled Liu Zilang's incident at the festival last time when she saw him smiling like an idiot right in front of the cosmetic dressing room...

She raised her head and judged Liu Zilang. She shook her head in disapproval in her mind as she felt the need to do her duty as his senior and as a responsible citizen.

She could no longer let him fall any further!

Hence, Qin Xuanxuan grabbed Liu Zilang, turned around and left.

Wang Qianqian at the back was still trying to hide away from Liu Zilang's laughter but she was startled when she saw everything happening at the entrance.

'What the h*ll?'

'Is it possible to kidnap an adult child at the festival?'

'Something's not right... This looks more like a wife catching her husband cheating red-handed!'

Wang Qianqian's urge to gossip ignited as she tailed them quietly from behind.

Liu Zilang was confused as he was pulled into an activity room at the cosplay exhibition by Qin Xuanxuan. It looked like it was the University of Jianghai's anime society's room based on the sign hanging by the door.

The guys and girls looked at him curiously as he entered the room. They were curious about why their president come back with a handsome man.

However, some of them found Liu Zilang familiar, as if they had seen him somewhere before.

Two girls then walked towards them excitedly; their eyes were filled with emotions as they looked at Liu Zilang. \"Wow... President, where did you find such a handsome man. Is he participating in our cosplay as well?\"

\"I...\" Just as Liu Zilang was about to open his mouth, Qin Xuanxuan turned around, looked at him and said happily, \"Of course! Let me introduce him to all of you. This is our university's freshman.\"

\"Oh! I remember now! He's the Chicken King Vic!\" Someone shouted in the room.

Liu Zilang was extremely irritated upon hearing his words.

'What kind of nickname is that!'

Another girl was caressing her chin as she analyzed Liu Zilang and said, \"Young man Vic is quite good eh. I think you can cosplay some very handsome characters.\"

The ladies within the vicinity became interested as well as they started discussing among themselves.

\"How about Gintoki Sakata[1]?\"

\"I think Kenshin Himura[2] suits him well.\"

\"What about Lelouch[3]?\"


The girls surrounding him kept suggesting characters Liu Zilang had never heard of and he was overwhelmed by this warm welcome.

When the name Kenshin Himura was suggested, Liu Zilang saw a man, who had a cross as a scar on his face, get startled not far away from him. He then angrily took off the red wig and walked out of the area.

He had even stared at Liu Zilang angrily before leaving.

As a man, Liu Zilang knew very well that it was a gaze that said, 'So what you're handsome!'

'Wait a minute... I've angered you because I'm handsome!'

'Hey, you better explain this before you leave!'

While Liu Zilang was frustrated over this, Qin Xuanxuan who had her arms crossed in front of her chest smirked. \"There's no need to discuss further, Vic already has a character in mind.\"

The ladies discussing noisily around became silent as they stared at Liu Zilang curiously.

Liu Zilang was stunned too...'Who will I be?'

Qin Xuanxuan then looked at Liu Zilang with an elusive smile. \"Have you forgotten? Kumamon!'


Liu Zilang froze when he heard it.

He had heard of this before. It was a bear that looked rather perverted and would often be a punching bag in the crowd.

'Wait a minute... can this even be considered as cosplaying?'


[1] A fictional character in the anime Gin Tama

[2] A fictional character and protagonist in Rurouni Kenshin

[3] A fictional character from Code Geass