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412 Their First Intimate Encounter

 Liu Zilang was extremely frustrated after he finished the game.

Yet, he smiled as he watched the viewers that were queueing to the balcony in the stream.

Agony and bliss were truly subjects of relativity!

'Oh, that's right!'

'There's Wang Qianqian!'

However, Liu Zilang did not add oil into the fire this time. He did not want to be beaten to a pulp on the bed just like when he was young. Liu Zilang had to keep his dignity intact, no?

He then played a few more games together with Shroud and the gang. Getting the chicken dinner was still very simple as it was not challenging at all.

Due to Liu Zilang's unconventional performance in the game along with Shroud and Guru G's reputation giving him the boost, his popularity in Twitch increased steadily and had over ten thousand subscribers on his first day.

This was considered a great achievement for those who were leaning more towards numbers on Twitch. Wang Qianqian had even prepared a topic related to \"Black Masked Captain\" and Liu Zilang would receive even more attention in Twitch then.

On the second day, the four-man squad category for Asia's Qualifier would commence in the afternoon.

Liu Zilang who was still adjusting his bio clock woke up early in the morning as he warmed up his body in his living room's balcony. He basked in the sun as he heard something behind him.

It was Zhang Xiaotong opening the door.

This girl was in her brown koala pajamas and she seemed to have struggled to wake up. There were even a few cowlicks on her forehead and she looked extremely funny.

She stared confusingly at Liu Zilang who was stretching at the balcony before he turned around and headed towards the toilet.

Misaka Mikoto soon woke up as well.

This idiotic disciple was incredibly energetic as she immediately bowed down and greeted Liu Zilang with a cheerful \"Ohayou\" before pitter-pattering straight to the bathroom.

Liu Zilang was curious as he watched the two heading in one after the other.

He was awake early in the morning because he wanted to adjust his bio clock, but why were these two up so early?

The reason would soon be revealed.

Zhang Xiaotong was going to a cosplay exhibition and Misaka Mikoto who was born from where this trend came from wanted to tag along as well. This was the reason why they were up early in the morning.

Perhaps Wang Qianqian had lost too many fishballs last night and had slept early because she was already up as well.

When the four of them were having their breakfast together, Misaka Mikoto invited Liu Zilang to the exhibition.

\"Shifu... You should come and join us!\"

Liu Zilang hesitated for a moment as he realized Zhang Xiaotong was glancing at him every once in a while.

He smiled as he realized this girl wanted him to tag along as well but did not have the courage to ask him out.

Liu Zilang thought for a moment. He had nothing better to do in the morning and was planning to prank Zhang Xiaotong by being hesitant.

Wang Qianqian who was eating her porridge at the side put down her bowl and patted him on the shoulder before saying out loud, \"That's great! Let's go together!\"

'What the f*ck... No one wants to go with you!'

Misaka Mikoto was startled as well before she put on a smile on her face and nodded excitedly. \"Let's go let's go!\"

Zhang Xiaotong on the other hand pouted. She did not seem satisfied about it but she did not voice out as well.

What was originally a two-people journey had suddenly turned into a four-people journey.

Liu Zilang planned to hail a cab when they got out but Zhang Xiaotong wanted to take public transport instead.

This girl sure knew how to save money. She would become a good support for her family in the future.

The lot waited for a while by the bus stop. A bus arrived and it seemed to be filled with people.

The bus stopped and the lot boarded it. It was then Liu Zilang realized that there were only three empty seats and his lips twitched.


As a gentleman, he had no choice but to stand up.

Fortunately, the person beside Zhang Xiaotong stood up and left at the next station, vacating the seat for the rest.

Liu Zilang immediately occupied it before the next wave of commuters got in.

Zhang Xiaotong did not expect Liu Zilang to sit beside her. Since the two had never been this close between each other before, her body stiffened and her face turned red.

Liu Zilang did not realize it at all.

He let out a sigh of relief as he watched the wave of commuters boarding the bus.

He might have to stand up for the entire journey if he was slow to act. Although it was not far away, the journey was still approximately an hour long.

They were sitting so close together that their bodies were in contact with each other. Liu Zilang felt awkward, so he decided to break the ice. \"By the way, what's in that big bag that you and Misaka Mikoto are carrying?\"

Zhang Xiaotong whose body was rather stiff the entire time lowered her tiny head and muttered. \"It's... for my cosplay.\"

\"Ah? You're cosplaying too?\" Liu Zilang was startled as he thought Zhang Xiaotong was going there just to look at the exhibition.

\"Yes, both Misaka Mikoto and I will,\" Zhang Xiaotong said.

Liu Zilang was very interested in it now as he kept on smiling. \"What are you two cosplaying as?\"

Zhang Xiaotong's face turned red as she turned her head away and let out a soft harrumphed. \"I'm not telling you.\"

Liu Zilang was at a loss for words...

The two did not talk much after that. It was not that Liu Zilang could not find a topic to talk about, but Zhang Xiaotong fell asleep after a short while.

Liu Zilang could not help but to recall how many hours had she slept last night.

'Why is she so sleepy?'

After ten minutes, Zhang Xiaotong's head fell onto Liu Zilang's shoulder.

Liu Zilang became stiff as he felt the weight on his shoulder.

Although they had been living under the same roof for a long time, they had never touched each other before, including resting her head on his shoulder.

Liu Zilang's moved his head to the side slowly and glanced at her.

He looked at Zhang Xiaotong's tilted head and he could even smell the aroma on her that had yet to dissipate after her shower.

A few other fragrances hit him afterward and these aromas mixed together, giving off the smell of a lady...

He diverted his attention elsewhere and smiled as he watched everything that passed by the bus.

It was then Wang Qianqian sitting behind him realized the scene and pouted her lips. \"Hmpf. D*mned sister complex.\"

\"Nani?\" Misaka Mikoto beside her asked curiously.

Wang Qianqian turned her head around and said with a serious tone. \"Your Shifu is not a good man. You've to distance yourself from him!\"

\"Oh.\" Misaka Mikoto did not refute her claim. However, when Wang Qianqian turned her head away, she muttered softly in Japanese, \"You're the bad person.\"

Meanwhile, on Liu Zilang's end, his body felt stiff at the beginning as he was not used to the entire thing. However, as time passed, Liu Zilang realized that his shoulder was literally getting stiff...

'Why is this girl's head so heavy!'

Hence, Liu Zilang moved his hand, so that her head would tilt to the other side...