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411 I’m Fine, Just Let Me Cry for a Month!

 In PUBG, there was a saying that \"Under the shotgun, all are equal\"!

However, in reality, true equality comes in the form of \"Divine Justice\" that was about to occur right now!

If a player gets hit by that, it did not matter if they were a pro player or a noob, a bourgeoisie or a hobo, all will die under God's wrath.

Outside the Power Grid, just as Liu Zilang was pondering over whether he should find somewhere to take cover, someone started coming out of the Power Grid.

At this moment, the two of them were no doubt thinking of the same thing.

They both had the same plans - run off and take cover.

However, when their eyes met, they both knew that this cover would not be an option anymore!

At this point, there was no need for words.

As the first guy who ran out of the Power Grid was recovering from the shock, the four-man VSS firing squad started to fire, instantly knocking that player out.

\"Ph! SH*T!\" That guy cursed out loud before warning his squadmates. \"Careful! A car just pulled up ahead!\"

Obviously, when Liu Zilang and company reached the place, they had already heard his Pickup coming over. Though, since the Power Grid was so big, they could not ascertain in time whether the car stopped or not.

However, now they had their confirmation.

Liu Zilang was confirmed to have stopped his car. This group even stopped the car right in front of their place, barging in to attack them!

'Is this a raid?!'

As the downed player's squadmates threw a smoke out, he crawled over whilst his squadmates started to fire.

Still, they needed to be able to provide suppressing fire for it to actually work!

One of the players with a Level-three helmet had scoped into his Kar98k. Before he even managed to aim, a weird-looking gun suddenly appeared in his 8x scope, aimed right for him.


As the crisp gunshot rang out, it sounded no different from a person suddenly biting on a carrot stick.

Then, that player's brains also turned into a carrot, as blood suddenly spurted out of his head.

The moment his vision wobbled up due to getting shot in the head, that person suddenly reacted. He was absolutely wide-eyed.

'Was that a f*cking... Win94?'

Although the Win94 was the exclusive sniper made specifically for Miramar, its functionality was actually quite limited. To most players, this sniper was just like a handgun - it was something that one would only use when they just dropped and have not found any weapons yet.

However, this was already the fourth circle, why the hell was there still a person running around with a Win84?

'Are these guys really that newb?'

As that thought flashed in his mind, before the player could even go back into cover, a second bullet followed up with the Win94 attack!


This time, it was an even weirder gunshot.

Then, the precise instant the player tried to get back into cover, blood splattered out of his head once more, causing him to just drop down on the floor.

\"Vic123 knocked out Czpro by headshot with R45!\"

Seeing this kill notification, that person was absolutely shaken up...

'First, it was the Win94; now it was an R45 revolver. Is this really the fourth circle?

'Did I accidentally fall through space-time and warp back to the start of the round?'

However, when Shroud and ChocoTaco also entered the fray with their VSS in hand, their opponents finally understood that they had just poked the bear!

Just within the moment, the other team's defense instantly crumbled.

The kill feed on the top-right corner was filled once more.

\"F*ck this... This is really just too easy for them, even the mobs in a raid dungeon shouldn't have to be treated like this!\"

\"I was wrong, I was really wrong! This isn't a PuG Left 4 Dead PvE session, this is a motherf*cking large-scale Left 4 Dead MMO with 96 players as the zombies!\"

\"Brother Wei has only been gone for ten minutes and I already miss him. They were so close to saving the world.\"

Just as the live stream viewers were expressing their frustrations, a loud \"boom\" could be heard. The flaming balls of fire had come down from above without a single warning!


Amidst the black smoke, sparks and flames flew all over the place!

The next moment, the entire area was instantly bombarded all over!

However, this was not the important part. The important part was that Shroud had been hit by the divine wrath as he was charging into Power Grid.

'It's here! IT'S HERE! Justice may be late! BUT IT IS NEVER ABSENT!\"

\"Oh yeah! After the mass genocide these guys pulled, they are finally being punished for their sins!\"

Seeing this scene, Liu Zilang and company just looked at each other in the eye helplessly. The area that Shroud was knocked out was completely exposed, there was not any cover he could get under.

Who would even dare to revive someone in this situation?

\"HELP! HELP ME!\" Shroud begged as he knelt on the ground with his arms around him.

\"Bro, just hold on a bit longer.\"

\"That's right, I feel like now's not the right time to save you.\"

Guru G and ChocoTaco just coughed wryly, as they just declined the offer.

Seeing Shroud's helpless appearance, Liu Zilang thought back to the start of the game when the two were riding on the small motorcycle. Remembering the fun times the two had together, his heart softened up.

He gritted his teeth as he shouted while walking over, \"Bro, if I save you now, we'll be brothers for life. If I get in any trouble in the future, you gotta back me up, got it?\"

\"Yeah! Sure!\" Shroud immediately nodded.

When the live stream viewers saw the former \"NA's Number One Entry-Fragger\" being swindled into becoming Liu Zilang's \"blood brother\", they could not help but agonize over how unusual and merciless life was!

However, the moment Liu Zilang walked over, whilst Grimmmz and ChocoTaco were still looking on from afar, the two were suddenly engulfed with another ball of flames.


As the sparks and the smoke cleared, Shroud had now turned into a crate, whereas it was now Liu Zilang's turn to kneel on the ground. He was shocked as his eyes twitched.

'What the f*ck... Is it really a sin to do a good deed?

'What happened to karma?!'

He had obviously forgotten all the heinous deeds he had tried to do over the course of this entire game...

However, when the live stream viewers saw that, they were briefly stunned before they started to spam the chat with cheers!

In actuality, there were quite a lot of people following in Wang Qianqian's footsteps, betting \"no\" on Liu Zilang's bet \"Can I get top frag in this game?\".

At this point, Liu Zilang was leading the squad in kills, with Guru G and the others not being able to overtake him, However, if Liu Zilang was subdued by the heavens, the results may not be the same anymore.

With that in mind, Wang Qianqian's eyes filled with hope for her fishballs!

'As expected, a girl's gotta be more aggressive.'

As she crossed her long legs, she elegantly started stretching her fingers.

'Isn't this... My comeback?'

In the game, seeing Shroud and Liu Zilang getting hit by this \"Divine Retribution\", Guru G and ChocoTaco were both stunned.

'Did we massacre too many innocents? Did we incur God's wrath?'

As the two were hesitating, a loud \"boom\" suddenly rang beside Grimmmz's ear!

As he turned around, he was suddenly shocked!

ChocoTaco, who was standing barely a short distance away from him, had also somehow died ablaze.

'Is this a f*cking homing attack?'

Seeing that, Grimmmz hurriedly rushed to the car, hoping to find some cover first and coming back to save them later.

These heavenly flames were too evil!

He could not guarantee that he would not be the next victim.

The live stream viewers all started to cheer Grimmmz on. Some of the more ill-intentioned viewers even hoping that he does not turn back. They wanted him to carry the entire community's hopes and get that chicken dinner solo...

However, in the next moment, as Grimmmz was driving off with the Pickup, barely before he escaped the clutches of the evil Red Circle, a loud \"boom\" was heard.

A huge ball of fire instantly descended from the sky, crashing straight onto the Pickup.


As everything erupted into flames, the vehicle was shrouded with black smoke!

The suddenly exploding Pickup truck looked if its butt caught on fire, shooting into the air instantly!

In the open desert, only the frame of the car that was burnt to a crisp was left outside the Red Zone.

This instance, Grimmmz suddenly came to a revelation.

'This land has really been cursed, if you wanted to go out, you'll also turn into a crate.'

If this was a movie, the movie title would most likely be called \"No Survivors\"...

However, at this moment, Liu Zilang's live stream viewers were instantly wide-eyed!

'That was the wrong script!!!'

The original plan was to have Grimmmz surviving through all of this. Then after casually killing a few more people, he would have easily caught up to Liu Zilang in terms of frags.

Then, SharkChili would be eating meat tonight, and they would be her guests.

However, now, after Liu Zilang's entire squad re-enacted \"No Survivors\" in the Red Zone, he was set in stone as the top frag of this game!

Instantly, Wang Qianqian who had lost all three pots suddenly looked like a Shark that got Chili in her eyes. She was just blindly staring at her computer screen.

'Isn't it only five million fishballs?

'I'm not heartbroken!

'Really, I'm not heartbroken at all!

'I'm fine, just let me cry for a month...'